22 of the Funniest Meltdowns People Had at Work

‘The GM decided to quit by throwing his keys in the deep fryer’
22 of the Funniest Meltdowns People Had at Work

We’ve all had a day at work where we wanted to go nuts and break stuff Limp Bizkit-style, but a few brave soldiers have actually done it. And in special situations, you’ll get a twofer — like the couple who saw two movers come to blows mid-job, with one taking up a floor lamp as a weapon, which the other warded off with a birdbath. Seeing something like that has gotta be good luck, akin to seeing a pissed-off double rainbow. 

To that end, Redditors have mouthed off about the times they saw employees absolutely lose it in amusing ways.   

downvolt . 5y writing financial software in the 80s. The systems analyst sitting at her desk near me suddenly burst into tears and wailed it's all so pointless - money doesn't mean anything! ... 6k
stevieracine . 7y My wife and I were walking in downtown Chicago last summer and we saw 2 furniture movers get into a tiff. We slowed our pace to witness the bit of drama that escalated into one of the guys using a floor lamp like a baseball bat while the others weapon of choice was a fucking bird bath.
JimmyL2014 . 7y A guy just went batshit at one point when a manager spoke to him for taking time off of the phone after a hard call - this is in a telemarketing company. The dude lost his shit, screamed out the manager, and left. Then he went on a popular forum, and spilled all the company bullshit. We had press and crap trying to ask us questions.
godlessaudio . . 7y Used to work at Ruby Tuesday and the newly promoted GM decided to quit by throwing his keys in the deep fryer. ... 762
 7y This crazy lady they hired as a cashier didn't take getting fired too well. After they fired her, she told the owner to fuck off and proceeded to ram his truck with her car as she left... And it's funny because it barely dented the owner's bumper, but her car got really fucked up. I don't even think he pressed charges. ... 996
Yeah_Mr_Jesus . . 7y When I was in highschool, I was a busser at a kind of fancy steak place. Think Ruth's Chris but just a tad more casual. Anyway, this one kid who bussed with me was moving out of state and decided to not give a two weeks notice. The last day he was able to come in before he moved, he walked up to like 2 or 3 tables and just ripped the nastiest sounding farts I had ever heard. I accidentally walked in the back when the manger was firing him. Manager says why would you do
Leumas_ 7y Worked in a video store when there was such a thing. My co-worker showed up very, very high. Не was also about 6'3 and 140 pounds, so he stood out in a crowd to begin with. Anyway, he came in for a 4 hour shift, stood in the middle of our bank of checkout registers... and just ate chips. Like, 6 bags of chips back to back, and he ate them SLOW, and savored the shit out of each bite. The whole time he had zero facial expression, think of the dull stare of a chewing dairy cow.
Ecclesia_Andune 7y I worked in a shop as a cashier for a while and during a really busy rush period there's only me and this other woman on tills Anyway we're working away and suddenly there's a police officer and my manager watching and they point at the woman working with me. Then they promptly walk over and take her away. She didn't go easy though. She was doing the whole soverign citizen thing, shouting about rights she thought she had (like a lawyer being present at the arrest or whatever) then started crying about needing to get her son
nagyboh 7y I worked in a building with a cafeteria in it, we noticed that one of the everyday cashiers had stopped showing up to work and found out that she had passed away. My coworker asked who we were talking about and upon finding out, stood up from her desk, flung herself to the ground, and proceeded to roll back and forth crying as loud as she could. We all freaked out, we had customers on the phone we had to put on hold until we could get her to her feet and someone could escort her somewhere else
maddomesticscientist. 7y Pizza Hut manager asked one of the drivers to put on his uniform shirt. Driver flipped out and tried to set his shirt on fire in the lobby while screaming about oppression. Then he took off for some reason and drove to the airport where he jumped the fence leading to the tarmac. Got roughly arrested by the airport cops. We never saw him again. Turned out he had drank a bunch of Robitussin. ... 2.8k
melesana . 5y My boss was pretty tightly wrapped. One day I came into the restroom and there she was in a stall smearing her poop on the floor (I recognized her rings) and muttering. When she was finished, she cleaned up the worst of it off the floor, somehow got dressed with her icky hands, got washed, and went back to work. ... 1.1k
vegetablesamosas . 7 7y I was working in a fast food kitchen and we hired this shifty looking guy in his 50s named Chicago. His first day he started complaining because we kept him on only one task because he was new and still slow. Before we know it he was yelling, Yall just dont want me to shine. Yall just scared. Then, he just walked out muttering that this place was too dirty to work in ( we had just opened so the place was in no way dirty). ... 1.3k
angrywords 7y I work in hospitality. Our old head of housekeeping was a small Polish woman with a spitfire personality. She refused to hire minorities or heavier woman (even though some of the best cleaners we've ever had were one of those two). She worked 7 days a week at least 50 hours total. She was burning herself out hard core. She was very paranoid and always afraid someone was out to get her position. Well, one morning she got into it with one of our best housekeepers. She grabbed the woman's wrist and gave her an indian burn. Then
sweaty_obesity 7y I've posted this before, but it still makes me laugh. I wasn't the one that got fired, but I watched it happen. I was at Publix getting a sub when I hear this: Manager: What the hell are you doing?! You know I have to fire you for doing this again. Worker: What is the problem? I didn't do anything wrong. Manager: You are allowed to get something to eat on your break, not eat while you're packing food. Worker: So I had a couple chicken wings, it's not that big of a deal. Manager: THERE ARE 50
torku . 5y This guy in a restaurant kitchen got in a fist fight with a younger guy, punched him in the face, backed up, started shaking his face and doing the Scooby-Doo voice. Не was nuts. I broke it up and took the other guy out of the kitchen to separate them and came back ten minutes later and the crazy guy had perfectly cleaned his area - like freaking spotless - and clocked out early and never returned. Never seen or heard from him. Never picked up his last paycheck. Weirdest shit I've ever seen.
sohaliatalitha 7y There was a guy I used to work with. Не was the most boring, straight laced guy you could ever meet. Не was very into entomology and environmental presentation. Не used to do things like count the crayfish in a patch of creek at the weekend. Не spoke very quietly, and I often couldn't hear him even when I sat right next to him. We worked in a call centre, and he was renowned as one of the best agents you could get calling through. Не was so patient and gentle with even the dumbest sheep of customers.
Nathann4288 5y I worked at Taco Bell while in high school. One of my coworkers was this guy who was really friendly, but also really strange. Не was obsessed with being a straight edge kid and drew the Xs on his hands, and the whole nine yards. Не had a high pitched, but pleasant voice, and spoke in an overly polite manner. Anyway, he had put in his two weeks and on his last day he was working the front counter register. This lady walks up to order and he just stares at her. After a few seconds she says
MyNamelsRay 7y I work at a company with commissioned salesmen. Due to some market changes, commissions got slashed by a bunch of companies we represent. One of them, a major company for us, decided to announce this via e-mail on a Friday evening, after business hours. A 30-year veteran salesman was out at the bar, saw it, and drowned his sorrows for a few hours. Then, he decided to let the sender know how he really feels about the decision. As you might expect, he replied all, and sent his profanity filled, drunkenly composed rant to every competitor, salesman, and
RangerRickR 7y A manager that wasn't really my manager. When his bosses were gone, he would take 1-2 hour lunches. On the clock. We were allowed a 30 minute lunch off the clock. Не would sit in the management office and eat a little, read the paper. Just basically not working while the store got busy. It was fairly well known by the lower workers he did this, we just didn't say anything. One day a manager of equal power from a different department confronted him about it while he had been on lunch for over an hour. Не picked
airwalkerdnbmusic 7y While I was at college learning metalworking, our teacher got so pissed off with the complete lack of respect/ attention by his students that he stormed out of the engineering lab and got in his car then drove off, only to hit a lampost at nearly 30mph. Не got out of his car, pushed it off the lampost, which fell over and nearly took him out. Не drove off with steam coming out of the bonnet of his new Porsche. Meanwhile, he had left an Aluminium crucible on full heat which literally went into meltdown. Molten metal started
 5y When I was an intern we had a high priority project come through that my mentor was working on. Really fast turn around with many late nights, shitty coffee, and good beer. Anyway it was towards the end of the project and I was finishing bring up on the board at my bench when I heard him muttering quietly to himself. I looked up to see if he needed me and watched him absolutely POUND a computer monitor with his fist then grab it, smash it down on the floor before stomping on it screaming Theres no god
 7y was interning at a local ABC news station for awhile. one day, I was alone on the set sitting on one of those couches you always see anchors sitting on in morning shows (I was waiting for my boss to come down and tape something for his show.) enter the weatherman. he walks over to his desk, looks at something on the computer, stands up, slams his hand on the table and yells at the top of his lungs THIS IS so FUCKING OUT OF CONTROL! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? GOD DAMNIT!, then straightens up his tie,


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