31 Wildly Bad Decisions People Watched Someone Else Make

‘I watched a kid shoot himself in the foot… twice’
31 Wildly Bad Decisions People Watched Someone Else Make

Some of the greatest inventions were born out of someone being curious enough to wonder “what if?” and deciding to go for it. Alas, no such great mind will be revealed in the following stories. The guy who said “I wonder if I could knee myself in the head?” and then proceeded to do so, has nothing to show for his discovery but a very painful trick that most of us could also execute but choose not to — for obvious reasons. 

In the spirit of stupidity, Redditors have described the wildest poor decisions they’ve watched people make, and the roadkill-eater needs to explain himself.

RenegadeX28 . 6y Saw a rookie drinker at a house party mix snapple with a half a glass of Everclear thinking Everclear was a simple alcohol mixer. Twenty minutes later, projectile vomit everywhere.... ....in a redeeming moment...a few hours later, he drunkingly got up from his sleep and decided to haphazardly mop the kitchen and went back to sleep. ... 10.2k
Sorcatarius . 6y I know a guy who was supposedly recruited to be part of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra not even out of highschool. Saw his girlfriend dance with another guy at graduation and in a fit of drunken jealously punched a brick wall and shattered a dozen bones in his hand, never played an instrument again. ... 2.2k
TooCynicalToFunction . 6y Saw a guy eat roadkill as part of a dare. Hospitalized for three weeks for infection that led to vomiting that maxolon wouldn't work in that led to a hernia which led to sepsis. ... 851
DOORSARECOOLISTAKEN 6y I watched a kid shoot himself in the foot... Twice ... 2
RedZeppelin617 . 6y Some idiot I used to know was convinced pepper in the eye wasn't nearly as painful as people made it sound. We just watched him pour pepper in his open eyes and laughed when the screaming began ... 11.3k
mxptlx . . 6y Idiot friend badly shocked himself trying to light a cigarette with his taser electric arc stun gun. ... 5.5k
rottinguy . 8y Не dropped something into the fat fryer, and then reached in to get it. ... 950
GaryNOVA . . 6y I witnessed my friend kick a skunk in order to get it away from him. Bad decision. ... 8.5k
DanielBoone1734 0 5y Spend all of 401K on a glass bottom boat business, with a criminal business partner, and a 25-year-old boat. I hope it makes a great movie someday. ... 3.9k
BilboT3aBagginz 6y Once in middle school, while we were changing after gym class this one kid decided to steal my axe body spray out of my locker. Не was completely naked and ran away when I confronted him. As he got to the other side of the locker bay he hopped up on the bench and, as if to taunt me, sprayed the axe body spray directly into the tip of his penis. Definitely did not seem pleasant. ... 2.7k
PsychedelicGoat42 . 6y I sprayed pepper spray into my mouth once. Because I was curious. ... 3
DarqMog . 6y A drunk friend thought he could catch the safe half of a broken beer bottle he'd thrown about 20 feet in the air. A trip to the hospital and 15 stitches in his palm later he realized he could not. ... 2
AtrocityXhibition . 6 6y My dad was showing me his guns and he brought out his Winchester 120 ranger, loaded it, and then calmly said I forgot how to unload it. We now have a sizable hole in our front door and I have like 30 shotgun pellet marks on the passenger side of my car. ... 3
KillKimber . . 6y While over at his house, one of my best friends decided on a whim to snort cayenne pepper, for science. It went about as well as you could expect. ... 1.1k
 . 6y A guy I knew in the military made enough money during a deployment to pay off his student debt. Bought a car instead. ... 2.6k
PhillySkunk . 6y A very accident prone friend of mine got a motorcycle... you can draw your own conclusion for end result. ... 1
nayyyf15 . . 6y Saw a guy attempt to funnel a bottle of about 45% vodka. Не actually got downed a fairdinkum amount of it but then vomited and went to hospital. ... 1.9k
sefe86 . 6y Watched my drunk friend try to hand stand on a parking meter and broke his foot. ... 2
Maplestori . 6y Deciding to use utter brute force to rip a snack wrapper when there's a 'tear here' sign right under his nose ... 974
INeedtobeDetained . 1 162d An American flag next a Confederate flag. They were opposite sides of the same war ... Reply 5k
 . 6y My friend threw her mug of coffee onto the bed instead of the TV remote. ... 4
ImBeccles . 8y My dad put his dinner on the couch and when he came back he sat on it. ... 798
dark_pssnger . 8y Former prosecutor here. Had a solid case against a guy charged with aggravated murder. Не had a very good lawyer who advised him to take a reasonable plea. Не declined, fired his lawyer, and decided to represent himself in the trial. It was like watching someone get slowly run over by a train. ... 256
Pachown . 6y Working in a kitchen with deep fryers a new girl tried to shut off the boiling oil at the end of the night with the DRAIN valve. She opened the valve and jumped away as boiling oil consumed our kitchen floor as if lava. ... 2
Christine20too . 6y One of my teachers at school had a fake degree. Не cheated on his wife and she told the school and they fired him. ... 3
 . 8y I wonder if I could knee myself in the head Не could. ... 680
novaonthespectrum 6y My older brother was stuck in a rainstorm on his way home from work. Не decided to drive his car through flood water because he saw other people doing it. Не didn't have a car anymore after that night. ... 3
Humanfylth . 5y I knew a guy who took out a $5000 loan and bought clothes and other useless merch. Не then proceeded to take out ANOTHER loan for similar reasons. When asked why, he said he thought it was free money.
Strokedoutbear . 2y In my hometown there was an independent fast food and homemade ice cream place, long established and run by close friends. It was a goldmine. They decided to sell and retire. New owners immediately changed everything. Painted it a wild color, removed some attractions on the grounds, changed the 60 year old menu and switched to commercially made ice cream. They lasted 8 months. ... 13.6k
jeff_the_nurse . . 6y The man in front of me at a gas station a couple of years ago was asked if he wanted any lottery tickets, and he said no. I bought the one he would have gotten, and it netted me $5,000. ... 2
OhTheHueManatee 2y I worked for a video store during the time Finding Nemo came out on DVD. The video store I worked for got a huge fishtank put inside. It was so big they had to shrink the game rental section. The tank had clown fish in it. The tank was also locked and we couldn't feed the fish or clean it. This was supposed to be done by someone who I never saw come in. So the tank ended up filled with a bunch of dead Nemos in a nasty as fuck tank. Needless to say parents were very


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