20 of the Wildest Things Movers Have Seen in Peoples’ Homes

For instance: A bedroom shrine to Jennifer Aniston
20 of the Wildest Things Movers Have Seen in Peoples’ Homes

As if hauling peoples’ heavy shit out of their homes wasn’t enough work, some movers have seen things that would truly take years of therapy to forget. What do you do, for example, when you walk into a home that has a bedroom shrine to Jennifer Aniston? While yes, people are free to decorate however they want, that’s also the kind of thing that should get you put on a government watchlist. 

In that vein, the movers of Reddit have opened up about the most bonkers things they’ve witnessed while trying to do their job, and there seem to be a lot of couches with extra special surprises in store. 

 - . 9y this one time I found a drawer with at least 20 used nails extension. ... 6
livingshangrila.. 9y A completely stiff, seman-covered sock under the livingroom couch. ... 213
Jamator01 . 9y A sofa that had a western brown snake next inside it. Luckily we noticed it before we lifted it. ... 49
wheelerman333 e 9y Me and my dad we're moving, we were cleaning out a house but same thing pretty much. Well anyways, we found dolls tied to street cones with candles around them, as well as 2 five gallon buckets if human excrement...gross and creepy ... 17
RoosterClan . . 9y An unopened tin can containing their relative's cremated ashes behind a radiator. Their reaction? Oh, hey I've been looking all over for that! 394
izakk133 . . 5y My sisters were house movers, and one day they were moving this big expensive house out in the country. They go into the garage and the owner is essentially using a bright orange Lamborghini Aventador as a shoe rack. ... 168
Sorasyn 5y Weirdest? Definitely the house with a basement full of dildos. Dildos of all shapes, sizes and colors. I was not on this job personally, but photos of that place made the rounds at work for almost a week. Bonus weirdest: The kinky fuzzy cuffs still attached to the customers bed on moving day. Worst? A nice, single lady who had to put the dogs outside because, and I quote, They don't like men. The smell that hit me when I walked in was repulsive. Dog piss was everywhere. The carpet reeked of it, and you could just feel
Samoatoa29 . 2y A customer had me move a box that stunk like human remains. Told me not to open it. I opened it. It was a bunch of jars full of rats. Why? Idk, he fired me. End of story ... 12
McVeeth . 5y One lady had the word Jesus written on everything with what looked like permanent marker. I mean everything. The walls, the furniture, all the decor had the word Jesus on it. Couldn't get out of that house fast enough. ... 1.8k
 . 5y I had a neighbor pay me to help her move out of her house once because she was heading into a nursing home. This little old lady who was at least 70 had 6 boxes full of homemade straw dolls. When I asked her about it she said she made dolls of people she used to know so they would keep her company. ... 8
marvinwaitforit . . 5y I work in mortgages and see lots of appraisals. I once saw a bedroom which was a shrine to Jennifer Aniston. There was a wall of framed photos of her in various poses. Candles (like yankee candles not religious ones) and a kneeler like a Catholic Church. So weird. ... 3k
lemonedpenguin . . 5y Mummified pet chameleon. My friend's chameleon died few years back before the move, so he put the body in a box but forgot to bury it and put it away. That explains why his room smelled terrible one time I visited him in summer. So that's what death smells like. ... 9
 5y Worked moving one summer. We were pulling a guy's entire life out of a giant mansion and one of the items was the glass top to a dining room table that must have been 15' long. It got crated up and moved outside and leaned up against the truck. Some how, it got knocked over and we were all sure we were totally fucked and it would be shattered when we opened it up. The guy pretended to be SUPER pissed at us until we finally unloaded it at the destination and yelled at us to open it
astronaught1 5y Moved a couple in their 60's who had 3 cats and 2 large African Grey parrots. All of these animals roamed freely in the house, and every surface in the house was coated in a thick layer of dust, birdshit and cat hair. I would estimate that the house hadn't been cleaned at all in about 5 years or more. The bedposts were caked in about a half inch of birdshit which ran from top to bottom, I assume the birds perched on top of the bedposts at night and shit all down along them. The smell was
BernieSander 5y I did this for a summer a number of years ago, and there was house one in particular that will always stand out. Family of four. Normal looking people. 2 story single family home, no basement. Thought to myself thank God, an easy gig today. Oh no. No no, I was very wrong. We walk in and lots of stuff is already in boxes (thanks!) and were told to head to the kids rooms first. 12 year old kid who likes rocks. REALLY likes rocks. Like, is obsessed with rocks. There are rocks EVERYWHERE in his room. Big
No_penguinsinalaska 5y I worked as a mover for a few summers in college, and the worst one was this family of 4 that was moving from one unit in a complex to another unit in the same complex. My boss told me it should be a relatively easy move because the stuff wasn't going far and no stairs. We show up and walk into the apartment and it was a complete mess. The carpet was stained dark brown, the paint was peeling off the walls, there's crayon drawings all over the walls, and it smelt like absolute shit. It looked
jafo ОР e 2y My wife once moved and when they unpacked they found the movers had carefully wrapped up and packed easter eggs that had been missed during the hunt months earlier. I like to think they were thinking to themselves that'll be a nice surprise for them. ... 3
Ongar . 1y I helped my old boss move once. She had a wide variety of crazy shit. She had a bed of nails converted into a coffee table, she had a wardrobe filled with fake skeletons, she had a big bondage thing of straps and harnesses that was bolted into the ceiling. She was apparently very different outside of the office.... ... 2
 . 5y Was a mover for about 4 years.. seniors have the weird shit. Moved one who had over $10 000 in 100 dollar bills between his mattress and box spring. Gave me a $100 tip lol. Also moved some seniors who had a giant real- life taxidermied giraffe from Africa in their home. I didn't actually see it because it was all crated up but it was neat. Lots of Viagra pills under beds. Sex toys. Most people were good about it and packed that stuff themselves but not always. ... 263
Icy_Chemical_1426 . . 2y -А lady had a room full of over 200 hamsters I've seen some weird things too... Hamsters were not caged, it was their room to do whatever. ... 1
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