16 Very Weird Things Seen on the Side of the Road

‘That’s a body’
16 Very Weird Things Seen on the Side of the Road

Even in the most dangerous situations, you can’t help but inspect a strange sight on the side of the road. After all, on occasion, what you think you see ends up being something entirely different once you get a closer look. Take the Redditor who stopped their car in front of what they thought was a dead golden retriever. Imagine their surprise when that “dead dog” spread apart into a flock of 17 chickens that were just chilling before being rudely interrupted. 

Reddit’s most curious drivers have pumped their brakes and shared the strangest things they’ve seen roadside. Some of these stories will inspire you to put it in park when you see something on the shoulder, while others will inspire you to definitely not do that.

chris_courtland . 3y It was a box with a paper taped to the top that said RIP Someone's Poor Dead Kitty. I was in a college town so I figured it might be a prank, like someone was doing a Schrodinger's Cat bit. Nope, there sure was someone's dead cat in that box. ... 519
Limeyhi . Зу Saw what I thought was a big green-gray boulder, until it moved! Ended up pulling over to find it was a snapping turtle and moved it to the other side of the road, since it was facing that way and there was a creek on that side. Once I saw what I thought was an iguana, and it was. A life size plastic one. ... 12
kinda_a_rapist . : Зу Found my first gameboy on the side of the highway when I was 10. Parents wouldn't allow electronics but let me keep this one since I found it. Grew up to be an IT executive because I found the gameboy. It had Pokémon Red in it. I still have it, I still play Pokémon Red. ... 43
Kairiot . 3y Not my story, by my Mother's. She was driving home late on a brisk November night (like midnight or so) on backroads in Michigan. She sees an injured orange cat out of the corner of her eye while driving. She stops at a connivence store up the road, buys some gloves, overpriced kitty litter, food, and even gets a box from the cashier to put the cat in. She drives back to get the cat... and it was a smashed pumpkin. ... 72
Kotterman21 . Зу On my way home one night from picking up dinner and there was an object laying in the road. Didn't think anything of it but as I go to drive around it and make my turn I glance at said object and to my surprise it was a modern day battle tomahawk still in its sleeve. Stopped traffic to pick it up, still have it in the garage ... 18
binkpink Зу It was 2am on a farm road, we drove by and noticed something in the middle of the road. It looked like a golden retriever and i didnt want to turn around to see that I was right but my friend insisted we see what it was. We turn around, sit in the car and stare at it and realize its sorta moving? So we get out of the car and get closer and it slowly spreads apart into 17 chickens. They were just sitting in a cluster in the middle of the road. I think I still
Struana . Зу One dark night I was stopped at a red light and saw a weird movement near the railroad tracks. It looked like a 8-9 foot tall thin monster with arms out wide. Nearly shat myself in terror until it got closer to the corner where light shone on it. It was a tall man dressed in a black suit and top hat, riding a unicycle with his arms out for balance. ... 15
Tossed_Away_1776 . . 3y We thought it was a scared baby bunny, turns out it was a litter of baby bobcats after we stopped to investigate. We tore ass outta there like a hot damn. ... 415
dericulous . 3y I was riding my bike as a kid and there was a large trash bag on the side of the road in a residential type area. Got close but it looked lumpy in a weird way. I jokingly told my friends I was with, that's a body. We left it alone. Night time news confirmed it was, in fact, a dead body. There were a few weird murders in my neighborhood when I was a kid. ... 137
outragez_guy . Зу Driving slow, saw an object glimmer in the sun and went in for a closer look. Brand new pair of jeans. I wanted them, but I knew society would shun me, so I left them. Still think about them everyday. ... 39
OpheliaRainGalaxy . 3y My husband does things like this. Не once found a plastic monkey toy up a tree and insisted that it should come home with us. It lives on top of a tall bookcase now and is named Monkey Man. ... 621
 . Зу My father grew up in the Depression in lower Michigan. There was a lot of mob activity on Detroit, and sometimes they dumped their victims well out of town. One day, Dad and his younger brother were walking to school, when they passed a ditch with a body. The head was covered with a bucket. The bucket was full of bullet holes. ... 50
achar073 . 3y Stopped to look at a laptop bag in a parking lot once cause it was oddly out of place and who know maybe there was actually a computer in there... there was a giant human turd in it. ... 118
 . 3y It was a washer. Figured we'd bring it home and if it worked, score, free washer! It did work. Ran some bleach through it and had a free washer for several years. ... 11
LifetimeOfLemons . 3y Near my house by an intersection, guy dressed in leather and a huge trench coat was stabbing a skateboard with a weird sword. Around 10 on a Sunday night, nobody else around. ... 1.2k
Dyko . Зу The wife was driving when I asked her if we could turn around because I saw something on the side of the road that I was instantly sure was a rubber 1990s WWF Iron Sheik action figure. We turned around, and she slowed down as I opened the door and scooped up what was 100% a rubber 1990s WWF Iron Sheik action figure. Не now lives in the ceiling beams of the laundry room where he watches over the washer.


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