22 Hilariously Stupid Things That Bosses Caught Their Employees Doing

A guy shoved a lit cigarette down his pants
22 Hilariously Stupid Things That Bosses Caught Their Employees Doing

While the boss is away, the employees will “accidentally” smoke crack. That’s how the saying goes, right? Without sitting and debating the logistics of accidentally smoking crack, we’ve all done a little slacking when we didn’t have anyone in charge breathing down our necks. Unfortunately, some of us get caught

Speaking of getting caught red-handed, the bosses of Reddit have punched the clock to reveal the funniest things they caught their dumbest employees doing, and boy do we have a lot of respect for the assistant manager who crashed the entire server while watching porn at work.

Solenal . . 7y We have an employee that types google on the bing search bar of his browser, then hits the first result (google.com) and proceeds to google gmail, every time he wants to check his e-mail ... 702
 . 7y We hired a receptionist who, two weeks after starting work, decided to print off about 150 (colour) Christmas cards, using company paper and ink, and the expensive new printer. She honestly didn't seem to think she was doing anything wrong and threatened to sue when she was fired because it's illegal to fire people at Christmastime. She was laughed at and never heard from again. ... 429
man_mayo . . 7y I work with a woman who will use a calculator to come up with the figures she needs. She will then take all those numbers and manually input them into an Excel document rather than just doing everything in Excel. ... 322
Cholahamster . . 7y I've caught staff microwaving metal before, smoking blunts in the office surrounded by food stock and my personal favourite 'accidentally' smoking crack before work ... 273
sgthulka99 . 7 7y There is a woman where I work that opens a PDF, prints it, scans it, then forwards it to a coworker. ... 931
k2leternal 5y Guy stole lottery tickets but his way of doing it was exposing the barcode that the terminal scans to see if it's a winner, if it wasn't a winner he put it back. If it was a winner, he cashed it out and filed it away with HIS paperwork. Now it sounds kind of clever but we do lottery counts every morning, not to mention the fact that people who buy lottery would immediately notice if the barcode was already exposed. When I saw this, I immediately check the camera and saw him from multiple angles doing this.
Zeke219 . 6y Had a server drink out of the customer's Dr.Pepper and Coke to see which was which....in front of them... ... 8k
gilligan54 . 7 7y First mgmt job I had taken over a convenience store. I came in my second day to a worker's comp complaint. I reviewed the video and saw the night cashier standing in front of the giant safe beneath the front counter. She gets into a sort of ninja position, takes a step forward and knees the safe as hard she can and then drops to the ground. She did not win the case. ... 31
racord360 . . 6y I had an employee lock another employee in a closet one time. The person that was trapped called the police from inside the closet. It was quite an HR nightmare. ... 11.9k
 . 5y I was an assistant supervisor on a construction site. There is a strict no-smoking policy. I caught a guy with a cigarette talking to another guy and to keep me from seeing it, he shoves the lit cigarette down his trousers because I can't legally ask him to drop his pants. Не went home an hour later limping. ... 82
seafffoam . 5y I have tattoos. She asked me if I wanted to see her kitchen magician Tweety Bird located on her cooter. She made it a few weeks because that's not the grossest thing to happen in that restaurant. ... 750
StefwithanF 6y 2 employees hooked up on camera, then tried to delete the footage Employee brought a gun to work & kept it in his work area Assistant mgr watched porn on a work computer, crashed the whole property system Bartender walked a barfly out to her car; stayed for half an hour to get serviced 2 employees stole food from freezer, had cookout & invited staff, including an asst mgr ... 529
Scrappy_Larue • 1 7y The weirdest thing is happening here. I've been watching that clock for the last hour, and it hasn't moved. I explained to the employee that the battery had died. Не was not in a time warp. ... 802
Aglarond . 5y We had a guy in a restaurant I managed that scratched his ass in front of the health inspector. Needless to say that was his last day. ... 181
recklessconsumption 7y Employee filled in for the guy who drove our boss around. Takes our boss to a meeting and is supposed to wait outside. Boss gets a call that his car is double parked and running. Employee left the car in that condition and walked back to the office. ... 58
HeKnee 7y Employee walking around barefooted while helping customers in the lobby (not a big deal, we were a relatively easy going office). Employee has to run down to the basement for some equipment and comes back up to the lobby. Apparently he stepped on a staple in the basement and started bleeding on the white tile floor of the lobby while he walked around. Customers pointed it out to him and he says, oh, no problem. Employee grabs a tissue from lobby desk, spits on it and starts to clean up blood in front of customers... Yes, he cleaned
Lost_my_other_pswrd . 7y Guy couldn't find the replacement bags for the vacuum. So he took the one he was using, shook it out all over the floor, put it back in and then vacuumed it back up. Did that about three times without realizing he was in a perpetual loop of stupidity. ... 79
pratorian 6y I had an assistant manager who would short the till every single day $3.64, it was always the same amount and we could never prove it was him... even though it clearly lined up with only his shifts. Day or night. Until one day he came back from lunch at Taco Bell in our parking lot, and my other assistant saw his lunch and thought to herself that looks good! And walked across the street on her break and ordered the same thing. Her total? $3.64! She immediately came back and told me, I pulled all the drawers
KJuggles . 7 7y Не was on camera, and could see himself ON CAMERA because the monitor was right there... he put on gloves and opened the safe to steal money. Не was the AGM so he had the safe code, and I don't know why he was concerned about fingerprints when he was literally being recorded. ... 200
knight1096 . 7 7y Bank manager here - I was looking on the cameras to see who kept leaving the vault door wide open. One of my employees was in the vault room alone and started practicing his golf swing for about two minutes with an extremely serious look on his face. ... 144
yeasthomebrew . . 7y I asked another manager why I had not seen the night shift guy in the operations room. Не said he got fired for sleeping on the job. I said That can't be that serious, I'm sure lots of night shift guys nod off now and then. No, he said, he was caught sleeping on the floor, in a sleeping bag...with his girlfriend. Both nude. ... 111
MachineGunTeacher . 6y New guy, around 20 yrs old or so, called in sick saying he thinks he had a stroke. Since he lived across the street from the store where we worked, we all then stood and watched through the store's glass door as he packed up his truck with beach gear and drove off with his girlfriend. Fired the next day. ... 9.6k
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