19 of the Funniest Ways People Slacked Off at Work

19 of the Funniest Ways People Slacked Off at Work

If Slackers taught us anything, it’s that we should all stop working and start living. Unfortunately, we can’t stop working, which means we have to settle for the next best thing: fucking off on company time. There are old reliable methods of milking the clock: extra long bathroom breaks, walking slowly to and from the coffee machine… you get the picture. But some people take their slacking seriously, and have come up with truly inventive ways to pass the time during their shifts. From making a pool table entirely out of electrical tape to “pulling a Costanza,” these are some of the funniest ways Redditors have slacked off while on the job. 

TMIguy . 12y I'd say that the oddest thing we did at one of my old jobs was make a pool table out of a large desk by marking the holes with electrical tape. Then we set up rolls of electrical tape like pool balls and played some 8 ball. It wasn't easy or good, but it was time consuming which is what we needed at the time. Also, I hung a poster of a nice beach view and then fashoned some curtains to hang over it, so that it looked (a little bit like) looking out a window (which

tziel . 12y back in the day I worked at blockbuster, and it was just my manager and I working and there were no customers for over an hour and a half. Не excused himself to go pick up some tacos and I was left alone in the store. Needless to say, I made a garbage bag toga. As soon as I finished, I turned around to see the only customer of the day, staring at me. Не asked if the manager was in and all I could do was look down at the toga, back to him and say

theven 12y When I was 15 and working at Dairy Queen, we used to go into the freezer when the store was slow and eat the hard chocolate coated marshmallows they used in the Rocky Road Blizzard. Then we would fire up a cigarette and hot box it in the freezer. None of us smoked very much back then so we would get high as shit on the nicotine and hyped up from all the sugar. Then we'd make a triple cheeseburger. Those were the days. ... 1

anaveragegent . 12y I used to pass time with other employee's at this old video store by playing on the intercom. The one time i decided it was my turn, i didn't know there was customers in the store. KSHH, attention all customers and staff... Testicles. that is all, KSHH. ... 1

Jelz . 1y Fidget with office supplies. I twist paperclips into weird little sculptures, tear of pieces of tape and put them on the desk or my fingers, tons of other weird things. Of course the all time classic is pretend the staple remover is a dinosaur and attack things with it. ... 5

Nude_Cactus OP . 9y Well sometimes at subway, when one of my coworkers in the front is dealing with a customer, I sometimes drop a bunch of dishes on purpose and scream as loud as I can just to make my coworker really embarrassed when they try to explain to the customer what the noise was. ... 2

Arby3k . 12y I work at a retail store. How does one have an epic day at work? 1. Find a box big enough for you to fit in 2. Find co-working willing to cart you around in said box 3. Use boom-box to play theme from Metal gear solid 4. Go to random departments and jump outta box yelling obscenities. 5.????? 6. Profit. :D

mintyfreshbreadth . 12y Worked in food service as a kid I was very bored and I would regularly - make a forts out of boxes behind the counter and would attempt to do transactions behind my box fort ... 5

admiraljohn . 12y When I was in high school I worked at McDonalds and had been tasked with cleaning the stainless steel throughout the store. I wasn't too pleased with the job so while my manager (who was bald) was sitting at his desk I walked up behind him, sprayed the cleaner on his bald spot, wiped it and ran like hell. ... 17

hotfeet100 . 9y I work at a pharmacy, and you know those prescription vials your medication comes in? On the slowest of slow days (a rarity) we occasionally hold competitions to see how high we can stack them. ... 4

Samurai_IX . . 2y Sometimes I play violent shitting sounds when I go to the bathroom loud as hell when I hear someone else walk in ... 2

MashTactics . 8y I figure out how much money I'm making per second and start counting. ... 3

Rhode . . 12y Made a chess board in Excel and played with a buddy via email. ... 9

TangledPenis . 12y Pizza man! I rolled dough up into the shape of a penis and zipped it into my pants zipper and would casually flash co-workers by lifting my apron. That was just the first one that came to thought. I could go for days on this topic. ... 2

Pengusta . 3y I used to draw sad clowns on the back of receipt paper The sadder the better Edit: picture somewhere in the thread of what a sad clown and teen melancholy looks like ... 9.7k

chi_town_85 . 12y I work in an office attached to a factory. The entire senior staff was on a big trip, and since I had just started I wasn't invited. That meant the office section was completely empty for a week. What I did that week: *I played minecraft on a sweet 36 inch monitor. *I unbuttoned my pants and walked around barefoot *I pulled a Costanza and slept under my huge desk b/c it was warmer than my office. *I went through my bosses office looking for cool swag that he refused to give me. I obtained a sweet lighter, cigar

killboy 12y When I worked at a restaurant, we used to have Olympic competitions. Some of the events: The iron potato Take a raw potato, grasp it with two hands and try to break it in half in the least amount of time. The cantilever We had a three foot long floor scraper that you would hold out at arms length and see how many monkey-bowls you could support at the end. The Gauntlet Grab one full container of fryer oil in each hand and hoist them above your head, see how long you can hold them up there. Tong

misterrootbeer 2y I work grocery. When it gets slow, I try to draw others into low-key shenanigans. Here are some of my favorites: 1. Give everyone present in the department a new name. Use only that name for the rest of the night. 2. Recast the entire department as Muppets. The big debate was over management being Bert and Ernie or Statler and Waldorf (both managers have a great sense of humor). 3. We found a typo where canned pinto beans displayed as Pinto Ben on receipts. The character of Pinto Ben, an anthropomorphic pinto bean cowboy, was born. His

tide_reflects_sky 12y My restaurant is really big, and when I was still a busser I would play a game I called Marathon. It consisted of me walking briskly with a focused look on my face through the wait station, around the corner through the dining room, past the host stand and through the bar, up the back staircase and down the mezzanine, to the front stairway, past the host stand again and through the wait station where I would complete my loop. The goal was to see how many laps I could do without someone asking me for something. Mind
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