15 of the Funniest Easter Pranks People Have Pulled

15 of the Funniest Easter Pranks People Have Pulled

There’s nothing in the Bible that says pranking children is bad, so a holiday involving eggs and a mythical bunny is the perfect time to test the waters of what a kid can handle. Redditors suggest simple pranks — for instance, supergluing the eggs in their hiding spots — that you can use as a starter. After that, maybe work your way up to more diabolical plots, like filling Cadbury eggs with mayo. 

Either way, these are the funniest ways Redditors have tricked children on Easter, and hopefully these kids will carry on the tradition when they reach adulthood.

joeri1505 . 6y hiding beautifully painted raw eggs. ... 3

SafiyaNygaard . 6y Get all the kids to search for eggs that don't exist. ... 162

sintaur . 6y Our extended family always does an egg toss. I'm bringing a boiled egg for my team. ... 53

Crabcakekid . 6y Fill plastic eggs with the insides of a real egg ... 180

Stellamortis • . 6y Super glue easter eggs in random places for kids to find. Have fun trying to pry those industrial-strength-glued eggs from the bushes with your puny baby hands. ... 29

 . 6y Put vegetables in the plastic eggs to disappoint children ... 307

PlummetAsISing 6y All the jelly beans are black licorice. ... 8

Madlight1994. 6y Put all the Easter eggs just high enough that none of the kids can reach them. Then watch them suffer. ... 4

lilredridingstiles . . 6y Take a Cadbury egg, carefully split it in two at the seam, scoop out the filling, and replace it with mayo or Crisco or something. Then press it back together and use a warm knife to smooth the seam back together, wrap back up, and wait ... 105

 . 6y every easter my family makes a cake in this vintage mold shaped like a lamb. this year i think i'm gonna make it a red velvet cake. ... 33

addledwino . 5y I have 5 nieces (ages 3-9) and we're doing an egg hunt tomorrow. I'm thinking of putting fake spiders in some eggs. They'll lose their shit. I can't wait. ... 3

Superstitiousidiot23 ОР в 6y I am personally planning on coating a raw egg in chocolate and giving it to my brother. His reaction to chomping down on the shell and goop will be hilarious! 92

dinosaregaylikeme . 6y My nephew comes over to my husband and I house. We own a lot of land and a spooky old house with many hiding places. We hid about 500 plastic eggs around our house. Takes about all day for him to find all of them. This easter we are only hiding 498 eggs. ... 3

iLikeRunningButts . 6y Make my 6 year old niece genuinely believe that bunnies lay eggs. ... 43

NUGS, NOT DRUGS Theresa-_-one. . 6y Get grapes. Cover them in chocolate, and wrap them in foil. They look like mini chocolate eggs. ... 2


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