22 Pranks That Backfired Horribly

Do NOT substitute Jell-O for Kool Aid
22 Pranks That Backfired Horribly

The perfect prank takes lots of dedication and attention to detail. One incorrect estimation can result in your entire plan backfiring. Take, for instance, the guy who decided to scare the hell out of his parents by doing the ol’ “red Kool Aid coming out of the showerhead” gag. His first thought was likely, “Sweet, I’m going to scare my parents,” which, frankly, is a bonus in practically any situation. However, the little prankster didn’t have Kool Aid and opted for Jell-O. Major error. The Jell-O congealed in the pipes and ended up costing his parents $625 to fix. Ouch! (Although, if you really think about it, isn’t a financial blow the most devastating prank of all?)

These are the kinds of blunders that Redditors have owned up to, and if you’re a budding jokester, please learn from their mistakes.

YaDrunkBitch . 3y When we were younger, my brother tied my feet to the handle at the bottom of the garage door, because he wanted to go raid my room. As he went inside, he accidentally hit the automatic button for the garage and I ended up hanging upside down until my dad saved me. ... 165
StarrFawkes . . 3y Played truth or dare once, Steve dared me to pee on someone at the party when they least expect it. Three years later I peed on Steve. Не was less then pleased. ... 305
 . 3y My mom's cousin had a friend pull out her chair when she went to sit down at her wedding. The impact paralyzed her. ... 387
Jtenka . 3y My friend was arrested for stealing a hospital chair. The receptionist didn't see the funny side when he tried to point out the 'please take a seat' sign. ... 440
Hisdivineshadow69 . 11y Put a burning muscle cream on the inner rim toilet seat. Instead of my intended victim, my mother came home early. Somehow she got the cream onto the toilet paper, then onto a sensitive part of a ladies anatomy. Overall, prank did not go as intended and i got my ass beat. ... 71
 . 11y I slept over my friends house once. He's into the while illuminati thing, so I was gonna take a picture of him sleeping, put their sign on it, and mail it to him to freak him out. I took the picture and... The flash goes off. Не wakes up and is now 100% convinced I am gay and have a crush on him ... 32
TerpinOne . 3y When I was younger my mom was out on a walk with her friends and my dad thought it would be funny to pelt them with water balloons when they came around the corner. As soon as they rounded the bend, we ran out with our water balloons and my dad tripped and fell and broke his foot, his leg, and his arm. ... 264
Obsessed_With_Corgis . Зу I tried to do the red koolaide in shower head prank on my parents back when I was 15 on April fools day. I didn't have any koolaide, so I thought red jello powder would be the same. Who knew that jello still congeals even when you don't refrigerate it? I didn't, and ended up causing $625 in repairs to the shower and water pipe system... ... 156
 . Зу A friend of mine participated in a senior prank at high school. They put soap in the fountain and, since it was off at the time, saw no immediate effects. Dismayed by their prank being lame, they ended up smashing some signposts and doing a bit of other minor vandalism to the school lot. They were expelled and not allowed to walk because cameras caught them. The next day the fountain was erupting with sudsy water, when it finally turned on for the day. ... 176
000000 . 11y When I was in high school my dad bought his first Mac (mid 90's). Не was very protective of it. I discovered the joys of ResEdit and made a very official dialog box that popped up at start-up saying his system was corrupt. I went out that night and completely forgot about it. I return a few hours later and he is pissed off. Не spent the entire night troubleshooting his corrupt system. Не starts yelling at me asking what I did to break his computer. Не did not find any humor in my practical joke. ...
dndamnsam . 3y Like five or six years ago, in October, my dad just so happened to have a space wallpaper on his phone. I just so happened to have notice his passcode and I may or may not have gone into the settings and inverted the colors. Не probably spent about three hours on the phone with tech support trying to get it fixed while also insinuating it was a Halloween virus because of the orange and black that his screen turned into. Basically the poor girl on the phone got an undeserved earful. ... 110
irrelevant_usernam3.33 One of my friends used to get bullied on the school bus. Не was big for a sixth grader and the kid who picked on him was a scrawny little 3rd grader who liked to piss him off, knowing he'd never do much about it. So one day, we decided to help him out. Several of his friends spread rumors that he'd snapped and was going to beat the little bully kid up. The kid was so scared that he opened the emergency exit and jumped off the moving bus to get away. Не knocked out 4 teeth and
 Зу As a prank (or a dare), some kids opened a pasture gate on a local farm, thinking it would be fun to scare the herd of 80+ cows. It worked. The cows stampeded out the gate and started charging through the back yards of the surrounding residential neighborhood, trampling people's gardens, knocking down fences, and ripping clothes off the line as they went. It took the combined police force and fire dept. staff to get the cows back into the pasture. ... 216
superspacecadet2. Зу The Class of 2005 at my high school wanted to leave their name somewhere. Unfortunately, one moron brought bleach and they group poured out class of 2005 with bleach on the carpet. Administration had to replace the whole carpet, costing (I think) $5k, all of those involved were arrested for vandalism, and their class flag was permanently removed from the cafeteria. ... 101
ChefGinger 11y I was pulling a prank on my now ex husband and started putting a bit of sugar in his food so it would taste slightly sweet and act like I had no idea what he was talking about when he asked. After a week of this, I left a half empty bottle of antifreeze on my kitchen counter along with measuring cups and his lunch for the day. Не freaked out, called the cops and I was taken down to the police station from work and investigated. No, we didn't divorce for that reason, but it was still
 3y Girl I lived with cooked pizza. Places on plate in slices. Says 'help yourself' and leaves the room. We get another plate, slide entire pizza onto it, leave original plate with just crumbs, and hide the entire pizza in the cupboard. She comes back. Sees empty plate. Gets angry. We all laugh. She then has a fucking epileptic fit from the stress and bangs her head on the countertop. Hooray for pranks (Would like to point out that we didn't know she was epileptic, and neither did she at this point. This was how she found out) ...
proggieus 11y When i was in my early twenties i had friend who had his arm ripped off in a work accident. They reattached it but he didn't really have a lot of function in that arm. we are all partying one night when my friend passes out, So we break out the sharpies and start drawing on him. Being the good guys that we are we all agree not to write on his bad arm. The next morning he wakes up pissed because he now had no way to wash it off of his good arm. In our drunken
kashasa_ - . 3y My dad thought that it would be funny if he sprayed my mom with alcohol after yoga (btw she hates alcohol) Не was walking into a liquor store with three-year-old me on his shoulders. My dad walks through the doorway and all he hears is a terrifying crack and finds out that there is no me in his shoulders. My nose was broken, and I got a concussion. After that I get nauseous and sometimes lose consciousness when I smell liquor, smoke, gas, and exhaust gas. Twelve years later I still can't get over the fear of low
dakaroni 11y At my house, we have carpeted stairs. Waking up early on April Fool's day, my seven-year old self had a great idea-- Put saran wrap on the stairs, so that when my sister comes downstairs, she slips and falls and we all have a good laugh. I get plastic wrap on about three stairs and remember that I left some stuff upstairs in my room, so I make my way back upstairs. I slip and bash my face against one of the stairs and slide my way back down, getting rugburn on my stomach as I slide down
trowawayyyyy 11y So when I was about 14 I was going to prank my sister in the bathroom by hiding in the cupboard under the sink (it was large) and make scary noises while she was in the shower. Obviously not well thought out, but I was bored. I knew she was showering soon so I got under there and shut the doors and waited. To my horror, my mom came in and took a long piss, and then opened the cupboard doors for some reason and found me curled up in the cabinet. I exited hastily with a burning
Independent-Seesaw-1 . Зу I grew up in a large old house with a balcony on the second floor. My older brother and his mates would often jump off the balcony for fun and land in the bushes below, thinking they were such daredevils. A friend of mine came over and we were hanging out on the balcony. I'm afraid of heights but told her the story of how my brother and his mates jumped off. She said let's do it! and I was like yeah.... ok! Kind of sarcastically. Ok, 1... 2.... 3 hahaha we laughed, we'd pranked each other and
 11y Some friends and I were bumming around town trying to figure out what to do. We come across an Ax-man store . We see that their bouncy balls are on sale, 20 for a dollar. We decide to purchase 400 bouncy balls, because science. After an afternoon of throwing them all around town, off of things, etc; we get the bright idea to go to the Mall of America  and throw them off of the top floor. [On the four corners of the mall is
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