33 Funny Things People Have Done to Avoid a Minor Inconvenience

‘Walked a mile and a half to avoid having to parallel park’
33 Funny Things People Have Done to Avoid a Minor Inconvenience

Whether it’s laziness or social anxiety cranked all the way up to 11, sometimes you just have to do something in a super-convoluted way that makes zero sense when you closely examine your actions. Redditors know this well — especially the guy who set up a Rube Goldberg machine to turn off the light switch from his bed. Like, sure, I guess it’s helpful, but the time spent creating the contraption still adds up to far more time than it takes to get up and turn off the lights. 

To that end, other Redditors have revealed the long, hard roads they’ve taken instead of just Doing the Thing, and some of these are almost impressive if you don’t think about them for longer than 10 seconds.

taco_tuesdays . 8y When my friend was in high school and living at home, her room was right next to her sisters. One day, the sister texted my friend, asking her to come to her room. My friend had been out at the time and replied as such. A few hours later, my friend got home and, headed to her own room, stopped by her sister's room to see what she wanted. Turns out the sister had wanted something on her dresser by the door across the room, and out of laziness hadn't gotten out of bed to get it
The_Epoch . 8y My brother had a great introvert moment... drive to coffee shop. Stranger walks in and asks for help jumping their car. To avoid awkward social interaction my brother says he walked. Gets coffee. Goes outside to find needy stranger parked next to his car. To avoid possible conflict. My brother walks 20 minutes home. ... 834
 . 8y A friend of mine was at a party sitting on the couch watching football when someone came in through the front door behind him. Wanting to know who it was, but apparently not enough to sit up and turn, he activated the mirror on his phone and held it up like a lazy man's couch periscope. ... 243
drunkwithmycats . 8y My ex roommate and I got in pretty nasty fight about something stupid. Next day, my bf and I are in his truck which is parked right in front of the house I share with said roommate. Windows to the truck are pretty tinted so no one could see us in there unless they really looked. We see her pull up into the driveway. She gets out of her car and completely bypasses the front door and walks to the side of the house where she proceeded to climb through her window. She thinking I was inside, climbed
 . 8y A previous job was across town from home. There was a reasonably straight line to get there in 12 minutes in average traffic. But I hate traffic. So I went out of my way to circumnavigate the city. The long way took 30 minutes, but it was 30 minutes of feeling free. ... 73
MWolman1981 . 8y Medium sized wolf spider on drivers side door, fuck it, I wanted to go through the passenger door and climb over the console anyways. ... 339
 . 8y I walked for 40 minutes to avoid waiting 20 minutes for a 10 minute bus trip. ... 27
ILL_Show_Myself_Out .  8y I didn't want to get down from my top bunk to pee, so I grabbed my blender from a nearby bookshelf and filled it up. After it was full, it was too heavy to put back, so I balanced it precariously on the side of the bed. I knocked it off in my sleep, and the next morning I forgot and jumped down into a pile of piss covered glass. ... 2.3k
robotbigfoot . 8 8y My cousin lives in a shed in his mom's yard, and has two dogs. The yard is covered in that red rubber bark ground cover. Не spraypaints the dog shit the same color as the bark instead of picking it up. I hate that side of my family. ... 1.7k
freckles42 . 8y At least once a month I'll end up baking my own bread rather than run across the street to the grocery store. Bread takes about 3 hours from start to finish. I could be back from the store in 15 minutes if I hit all the lights wrong. However, homemade bread is delicious and does not require pants, so the trade-off seems worth it. ... 280
 . 8y I owed my lawyer major $ after a protracted divorce, and I was paying him off in installments. One morning I walked to the post office to mail him a check for another installment on what I owed him. This involved walking right past his office, which I didn't want to go into personally because I'm socially awkward and I felt like everyone there knew how bad my finances were and I was ashamed. (Fortunately things have got better since then.) ... 1.2k
buckus69 . . 8y This is not the farthest by a longshot, but sometimes I'll be on the couch, and the remote for the FireTV is like three feet away, so l'll whip out my phone and use the FireTV app on that. Then the volume is too high and I'll have to get up to get the TV remote anyways. What a life... ... 125
psychedelic-machine . 8y In sophomore year of college, I was too lazy to go to the grocery store or cook, so I ended up using using those free Wendys Halloween coupon books to live off Junior Frosty's for nearly every meal for about two months. ... 800
saki604 . 8y I used to take the back door to work, which is well around the block, because of a very aggressive pigeon that would coo loudly and fly at my face. To my knowledge I've never done anything to anger him, to this day I believe it's a race thing. Fuck you, fascist pigeon.
Gnork . 8y It's not necessarily the farthest people go, but I see it often. People who circle parking lots looking for a spot closest to the store, so much so that we could have already been inside if they had just parked in a farther spot. It's a parking lot not the Sahara desert! ... 4.9k
R2CEE2 . 8y I said goodbye to a friend and she started to walk the direction I desperately needed to go, so I took the entire different loop from campus (a good mile) just to avoid the awkward. .. 575
Widget_ . 8y My cousins go to an orthodontist about 100km away to save about $50 a visit. But they go every few weeks and their entire family misses days of school. ... 197
Swoleger • 8y changing a whole sentence because I can't spell 1 word ... 2.5k
Dr_King_Schultz . 8y I wait in the bathroom stall until there's no one else in the bathroom, or someone enters another stall. The longest I've waited was around 5 minutes because 2 guys decided to have a conversation. ... 1.6k
McdMaint5 . 8y My good friend once drove 35 minutes away to get gas that was 12 cents cheaper ... 1.5k
Otter_with_a_helmet . . 8y I went downtown today and I walked a mile and a half to avoid having to parallel park. ... 1.9k
TheCrowbar9584 . 8y My cousin eats full meals on paper towels to avoid doing the dishes, I've seen him eat things like ice cream and spaghetti. ... 4.8k
LAT3LY . . 8y My roommate and I will drive to get food, and if the drive- thru line is too long, he'll drive 10+ minutes across town to the other place, which usually has a line just as long. Not joking. ... 410
jwil191 . 8y My college roommate was taking a final in the computer lab when he decided he needed more time to study. Не got up slide his finger down his mouth and started puking all over the floor. Mind you this in front of a few hundred people and a good bit of people we knew. Не goes go the guy and gets two extra days to take his test. I come home to him wrapped around a bong and a beer in his hand so excited to tell me how he got of taking EDCI 1000 final (education
aaronby3rly . . 8y More times than I care to admit, I've given Old Navy about $60 bucks to avoid doing laundry. ... 166
SteveMartinIsACat . 8y There is this teacher I used to have (nice guy tbh). I never worked that hard and he was always shouting at me and helping me etc. When I bump into him in school he always asks how I am doing and stops me for an awkward talk about my studies, which is nice but as I said awkward. I sometimes walk the whole way around the school to avoid bumping into him, even though I end up late to class. ... 2.3k
drsuperfly . 8y When I was in high school I used to run track. After school sometimes I would run 6 miles, get back to school and wait for my parents to come pick me up. Sometimes it would be a few hours. Then I would ride home a half mile away. I never understood myself why I wouldn't just walk home. ... 833
 . 8y I created a keyboard shortcut instead of learning how to correctly spell definitely, now I just type xdef and it spells the word. I always spelled it wrong and autocorrect/spell check never fixed it and I got tired of googling it every time I needed the word ... 46
VoidInferno . 8y My brother set up a Rube Goldberg machine that would flick the light switch to his room from his bed a few feet away. ... 2.2k
 . 8y My lamp is a few feet away from my bed, but the outlet is right next to my bed, so I just unplug the lamp when I want to go to sleep. ... 1.1k
 . 8y A friend of mine threw a football at a light switch to try and turn it off. Не missed and broke a mirror ... 1.1k
avocatoes . 8y My tv is at the foot of my bed and if I can't read the descriptions on Netflix, I take a picture with my phone and zoom in, instead of getting up or squinting. ... 3.7k
zzz1z1z1zzz 0 8y My grandfather was adamantly opposed to paying tolls on roads. Bridge, road, whatever it was, he would find a way around. I once saw him drive nearly 2 hours out of his way to avoid paying a $4 toll to go over a bridge. It was a bit ridiculous, and he definitely spent more on gas than he would have to just lay the darn toll. ... 58


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