15 Incredibly Embarrassing Times People Realized They Were Wrong

‘She was not pregnant…’
15 Incredibly Embarrassing Times People Realized They Were Wrong

The subreddit r/AmITheAsshole is devoted to the off-chance that someone isn’t the asshole in question. There are other situations, however, where the asshole is clear-cut. For example, the lifeguard who aggressively yelled at a young girl to grab both handles of a tube ride, and got increasingly impatient and flustered when she didn’t do so. Eventually, the girl shifted her body to show the lifeguard that she was missing her left arm, and literally couldn’t do what he was demanding. 

To that end, other Redditors have shared the stories that don’t require any debate to determine who the asshole is. They’re the assholes — they know it, and we know it, too!

themadprofessor . 12y A few weeks ago I was taking my wife to the airport and in the check-in queue there was an airline guy measuring peoples bags with one of those baskets they use. My wife has a pretty small bag that didn't fit by inches in the basket. Не told her she couldn't take it as carry on. I got really pissed at the guy and had some words with him because I've seen people take huuuuge bags as carry on and now this guy wouldn't let my wife take her small bag as carry on, because it
eugenius19 . 12y I was driving at night when a car starts honking and flashing his high beam at me. I don't recognize the car and I start getting pissed. Не keeps on doing this for two blocks. At the next red light, I get out my car and start yelling, What the #@% you high beaming me for you !@#)%#!. Не is an elderly man and I can tell I scared him. Не says,  You are driving with your lights off, and I wanted to tell you. Felt like the biggest a-hole, apologized, turn on my lights and
cssblondie . . 12y Accidentally cut guy off in traffic. Got flustered when I realized what I had done. Didn't know what to do, so gave him the finger. Не looked confused. ... 411
Google_Alert . 12y Actually, I was backing out of my parking spot at the grocery store today, and the guy waiting behind me started honking his horn. I figured the guy was being just being an impatient dick, so I rolled down the window and politely yelled at him to fuck off. It was at that point that I noticed the old lady who's car was a about a foot away from my vehicle and would have certainly backed in to me if the guy behind me hadn't honked to get her attention. I threw a sheepishly pathetic wave at the
foxhole_atheist. 12y I'm a (decent-looking) female and get more catcalls/ whistles/rude comments than I would like when I walk in the street. After a couple of these comments one day my mood was decidedly unpleasant. One construction guy yelled at me Hey there Miss! as I passed, I ignored him and kept walking but he kept yelling Hey! I'm talking to you etc. I finally turn around and GLARE at him and he says meekly You dropped your Metrocard. Oops. ... 482
monstercake 0 12y A couple days ago I was late to class so I was speed- walking down the sidewalk. A man approached me, waving his arms and telling me to hold on. I attempted to ignore him and keep walking, assuming it was one of the many solicitors we have around campus, but he was persistently pointing to an alley I was about to walk past and saying Wait just a second! Wait! I looked down the alley and a huge truck was coming right towards me. I stepped back immediately and the truck went past. Would've ruined your
 12y I saw this couple arguing outside of a restaurant and the guy was being pretty aggressive. She looked like she was about to cry and she was pregnant and obviously pretty emotional. I walk over and tell the guy to chill out, he shouldn't be yelling at her, she's pregnant. She was not pregnant... ... 10
purplewombferret . 12y Worked as a lifeguard at a waterslide park. On the tube ride, told a young girl, maybe 12, to grab both handles of the tube. She is sitting on her left arm, but grabs the right handle with right hand. I tell to grab the other handle as well. She shifts right arm to the left handle. Getting impatient, I say, No, grab BOTH handles! She looks up at me without saying a word, but shifts her left side to show me that her left arm is missing from the elbow down. Embarassed, I mumble, sorry and send her
 5y I am in charge of one section. I had a problem with the number 2 guy in another section. The guy got wound up about small details I just didnt give a fuck about, and I told him to fuck off multiple times. About 2 months ago I am notified he is coming to my section to work for me. The other people who work for me were worried about asshole coming over. I told everyone to chill out, lets see what happens. What happens is he is a highly organized dude that dives down in to extreme
 12y Happened to me, I was leaving Wal-Mart With My Rotty and Golden Retriever in the back of my Pickup (Camper shell and all) along with my daughter's Christmas bike. As I am pulling out of the 50 acre parking lot, this guy in a red firebird comes flying up like he wants to beat me to the stopsign(busy intersection), of course I gunned it and gave him my best 'shitty' look. Не whips around in front and stops and jumps out. I puckered..a little. Не came running up and asked me if I had a red dog that
SuperJezus OP 12y This is another driving related one which happened to me. My grandparents live in a retirement community which is pretty much filled with thousands of senior citizens; all of which drive horribly. I was driving towards my grandparents house approaching the gates of the community when I see a long line of cars driving 15 in a 40 zone. I honk them to speed up and they keep going slow. Finally when the road splits to two lanes I drive fast past them expecting to flick them off. Turns out it was a funeral procession. I told
workinappropriate. 12y I screamed NO and hit a guy who I thought was pickpocketing someone on the train, turned out it was a tourist grabbing the map from his travel companion's pocket. ... 559
 12y I was in city hall during the Tohoku Earthquake. I didn't think it was a really serious one, other than being really, really long... so I went downstairs to the tax floor to find out about some tax stuff. Nobody was giving me the time of the day and they wanted me to leave and come back another day / - - it was really pissing me off since I'd come a long way just to deal with this tax stuff. I made a bit of a fuss. Nothing major, but I was visibly frustrated. After I finally got someone
fret-less . 12y In elementary school, I got in a fight with a kid, because I thought he was mocking me, and then he shoved me. I shoved him back and we scuffled a bit, then he did some fucking mocking voice again, and then flipped me off. It turns out he was deaf and was trying to get my attention. Не did the Sorry sign, and I flipped him off because I thought he was being a cunt. I apologized a lot, but it's hard to get the point across when you only know the 2 signs his sister
redonculous 0 12y I kinda did something similar at school. A kid was taking the piss out of me from across the other side of the class. I couldn't do anything at the time as we were in class. I found him at break time, shouted at him and some how ended up poking him in the eye. Turns out it was his twin brother who had no idea what I was ranting about :/


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