30 of the Dumbest Things Parents Said to Teachers

‘It’s not what you think! I’ve got scabies!’
30 of the Dumbest Things Parents Said to Teachers

However stupid a child is, you can safely assume there’s an adult responsible for such stupidity. Case in point: One teacher recalled a story about their male student who cheated by stealing an essay that began with the sentence “As a 16-year-old girl.” When the kid’s mother found out about it, she scolded her son for “not even cheating right,” and asked him, “How are you going to get into college if you can’t cheat?” 

Other educators on Reddit have also told the tales of the dumbest things they’ve heard parents say, and a certain adage about apples and trees really comes to mind.

cheshire_brat . 7 7y My partner is a teacher and he once had a parent scratching obvious meth sores tell him It's not what you think! I've got scabies! like that was somehow better. ... 127
SecurityTheaterNews. 7y Had an Asian kid that was aceing EVERYTHING. Straight A's. I told his mother that I think he is a little bored. She puffed up and said I will go home and speak to him about that at once! ... 10k
msprings . . 7y We use a lot of British humor in our home. Maybe you just don't understand his humor! Said to me by a non-British parent, while the British parent looked mortified, during a conference for their misbehaving, quasi-bully lower elementary child in our American school. ... 70
MadHattress15 . 7y When talking to a parent regarding behavioral issues the parent said From 8-2, he's your problem, not mine ... 2.9k
cgknight1 · . 7y Me: Mr. Schultz your son is having problems with his reading development. Him: well I can't read and it's never done me any harm. Me: I see... And what is it you do Mr. Schultz? Him: Nothing, I've never had a job. ... 116
8lb_6oz_babyjesus . 7y I was in an IEP meeting. When the counselor asked the student what his post-high schools plans were, he proudly stated that he was interested in studying animal science. His mother angrily swung her head at him and said, Animal science?! Oh hell no, what about our plans for the NFL?! The student got embarrassed and said, Well, I need a back up plan, Mom... and she said, Not when you're as great of a player as you! The student was mediocre at best at football. ... 585
SecurityTheaterNews . . 7y Spanish class. Parent asked me to exempt her kid from speaking anything in Spanish. Said it made her daughter uncomfortable to say anything in Spanish. ... 4.3k
 . 7y Not a teacher.. But a class mates mother and father came in to my biology teacher furiously about the earth being flat and not round. Yup... A sophomore at a private school was raised to think the earth is flat. God bless America :,) ... 35
 . . 7y I once had a parent ask why their child wasn't able to speak English fluently after studying for severals months (the child was 4). They left the school over this. ... 53
elreysencillo . 7y Here's my favorite ridiculous parent story with a happy ending. Kid obviously forges signature of dad on a failed test. Teacher calls the kid out on it, dad comes in and insists that it is in fact his signature; his little prince can't get in trouble after all. Two weeks or so later the dad comes into school outraged that he hasn't been informed of the big project causing the lil' prince so much stress. But you have been informed, says the teacher, here's the slip I sent home for all the parents, and that's your signature,
medeacroy . 7y I had a parent tell me he cut his daughters hair in a short bob because they noticed her attitude gets bad when her hair gets too long. I had another parent tell me his kid was acting dumb for my benefit and that he is really smart at home. They still refuse to get him any tutoring. ... 729
LordAsdf. 7y 'My son didn't kick the door. Не closed it firmly with his foot. He's used to doing that'. Yeah, of course, I'm sure he does it at home. ... 458
ajchann123 . . 7y For the taxes we pay, we expect our teachers to get our kids into any college we want ... 6.1k
ktnoons . 7y My son will not play the Tuba. The tuba is a useless instrument. We don't live in New Orleans. ... 103
Swaglfar . 7y you're basically a babysitter right? Still reverberates in my mind. ... 114
Goff61 . 7y lessons. I kid you not It's not your job to teach my son ... 6.9k
shortkid826 . 7y Oh yeah, her behavior and aggression vary with the phases of the moon. (Publicly threatened to kill me over unplugging her phone charger) ... 1.1k
arhanv 7y My aunt's a teacher, and I remember her telling me about one strange parent encounter a year or so ago. She taught maybe the sixth or seventh grade. There was this one kid in her class severely underperforming, and even after numerous confrontations with him, he never worked in class or got his grades back up. My aunt had to call his mother down to the school, and sat down and tried to talk to her about it. She mentioned that she felt that he had the capacity to perform much better, but he didn't. Well... The mother
CPC325 . 7y Intellectual property is a real gray area in regard to blatant plagiarism ... 5.3k
thisisfun59 . . 7y Caitlyn doesn't feel like writing. She'll just say the answers to the work from now on. ... 313
paceyjay . 7y Yes, my child is misbehaving, throwing chairs, hitting other kids etc. but you took his paper airplane in 2nd grade and scrunched it up, so this is really your own doing. I think the best thing to do is for you to help him make a new paper airplane and apologize. Then I'm sure he'll behave. The kid was in 6th grade at this point. ... 1.9k
 7y This might not really count, but when I was a swim instructor, this parent was complaining about how her son wasn't improving in the swim lessons. It was true that sometimes I had trouble motivating him but I felt he was doing well. Apparently she also complained that I wasn't the only one teaching his lessons and that I got several substitutes. That was not true. I taught all of the lessons. So in the next lesson, I thought the kid was doing well again and improving. I even got him to swim short distances without assistance (he
schmoopsy11 . 7y A student was constantly disrupting class, not completing work, and scoring very poorly on all assessments. I contacted his father who was a TEACHER in our building asking if he had time to talk after numerous emails about grades and behavior. When we sat down and I told him what was going on (and asked what he thought I could do to help) he explained that when the pollen was high his son was very confrontational and could not complete his work. Не said there was nothing I could do and that this happens every year. ... 33
 7y Another One: Taught in an old, impoverished town. Father told me he would not allow his son to read poetry because it would make him gay. ... 2.5k
EIGuapo50 7y We have to let parents know several weeks before report cards go out if their son or daughter is in danger of getting an F or D. I send home grade printouts that need to come back to me with a parent signature for those in danger kids, just to make sure the parents have been informed and do I can document that they have been notified. Several years ago I sent one home with a student that was struggling snd she brought it back signed by her mom the next day. Great. Filed it away and sure
kittenishappy 7y I teach 3rd grade and I had a student who was really struggling with his inability to focus and follow instructions. When I mentioned my concerns to his mom she replied, Oh yes, we took him to the Dr. Не either has ADHD or hypertension. I'm not sure. ... 47
SamwiseTheOppressed . 7y At parents' evening: Don't worry about my daughter, she's thick. She only needs to cook and clean. How is my son doing? ... 6.7k
oiraves . 7y 'You need to respect my childs personal space, no one is allowed to dictate what happens to his body but him' Said after restraining him while he was punching another boy. Who gets to dictate what happens to the other boys body? ... 39
Rhartgall 7y Quarterly meeting at an alternative school with all the teachers and mom. Mom looks mid fifties and is wearing a tank top with no bra. One very saggy boob falls out through the arm hole on several occasions during the meeting. She says oops and pushes it back in. Toward the end said I don't know why she is always in getting redirects for boundaries. Junior high kids are supposed to be all over each other and the school is too hot - that's why her clothes are so small or full of holes. Not all the therapy in the
BBN4life . 7y Had a star athlete who was being recruited by Ivy League schools failing my English class. On top of his general poor academic performance, I also caught him cheating on a homework assignment which he vehemently denied. His mom scheduled a meeting with an administrator and proceeded to berate me and to accuse me of discriminating against student athletes (I was the Pep Club sponsor at the time). Then she said her son would never cheat. I pulled out his homework and proceeded to read one of his answers, I, as a 16 year old girl,... Mom


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