32 Impressive Ways People Cheated on Tests

‘I had built-in headphones in my beanie’
32 Impressive Ways People Cheated on Tests

Despite the popular saying, cheaters do win sometimes, and their methods are occasionally so good that they very much deserve that W. For example, one Redditor was impressed with a girl who cheated on a test by writing the answers in her cleavage. She was not only utilizing her resources, but doing so in a way that no one could call her out for. Honestly, anyone that inventive has surpassed the need for a college education; instead, people should be paying her to teach a course on cheating. 

In that vein, others Redditors have chimed in with the most ingenious ways they’ve seen people creatively bypass having to study, and women are really leading the pack here.

Monty423 . . 4y a friend of mine had gotten a hold of the test sheet before hand and had written the answers on toilet roll. halfway through he asked to go and an invigilator accompanied him. except he went into the wrong stall ... 231
CaptainSkull2030 . 4y In a listening language-test, the smart guy would cough if the correct answer was A, scratch his ear for C, fiddle his pencil for D and most brilliantly: do nothing if the answer was В. ... 3k
alexcafe 4y Our high school had a uniform, which was pleated skirts for girls. I knew someone who would put strips of paper in the hidden part of the pleats. It wasn't too obvious to check and no one was going to ask her to unfold her skirt. I also knew someone who had their friend distract the teacher so that he could sneak into the classroom, put the CD for the test bank in the computer, and memorize the answers to the final. Не got over a 90% on the 100 question test, which makes me believe he was
ViioletIndigo . 4y In middle school we had a test where we had to fill in the names of the countries and stuff on a blank map. My friend drew the entire map on her arm to cheat and I thought it was so ridiculously funny. ... 65
strider3187 . 4y seen a girl write formulas on her cleavage and look down at it during a test. professors can't really look but she showed us later. .. 975
olafthebent. 4y I scratched formulas onto a clear ruler so that if you laid it on the desk you could read the shadow but if I lifted the ruler it just looked scratched up ... 99
 . 4y Friend of mine would wear white nylons and a knee length skirt. She'd hide a cheat sheet under her nylons. It's genius honestly, no professor is gonna ask a female student to lift up their skirt. - 237
cazique . 4y As a teacher I had a totally different person try to take an oral English test in place of one of my students. It was obvious because I knew all the students (despite having ~200 students that semester and stereotype of white people thinking all Asians look similar), and I definitely knew the students who had enough English to argue politics. The exam was fun, we had a good conversation, and the student got the only F in the class. ... 1.7k
chavezd1457 . 4y I broke my finger and had a wooden splint, created a cheat sheet on it to look at during a test ... 101
kodaiko_650 . 4y Had a friend try to learn Braille so he could cheat in Spanish... he soon realized it was just easier to study Spanish than learn Braille, plus he had no real way of actually generating Braille cheat sheets. ... 2.1k
Bestbellydancer . . 4y Wrote out most of the syllabus on toilet paper and wrapped it around my thigh. I'd fill out the test and if there was any area I struggled with, I'd just go to the toilet and recap. It was all colour coded to make it easier. After I was done I would flush the evidence. ... 23
kuadhual . 4y Geography, the teacher was quite old with a very thick glass. One of my friend simply wrote and draw random things on the blackboard, then erased it to made it looks like a dirty blackboard, wrote the test subject on the blackboard then lightly erased them just enough to be readable from the back row. The whole class cheat on that day. ... 1.5k
HighwayReservoir . 4y I put the whole history book between mine and my friend's seats and whenever the teacher would get close we would just press our butts against each other so that we would seat on the book and it won't be seen. ... 29
RedCapRiot . 4y My friend stole the USB drive from our teacher's projector table in Chemistry. We were given Macbook Airs as school supplied tech for the entire year so he just airdropped the whole USB to every student in the class and put the actual drive back on the table mid lecture. That dude sells drugs now. I mean, he did in high school too, but as far as I know that's all he does. Brilliant mind that just doesn't give a shit. ... 1.3k
McKrabz . 4y Once I made the effort to scan in the label of a water bottle, Photoshop a bunch of info onto it in the form of nutrition information and branding, printed it back out, cropped it, and slapped it on the bottle. Worked like a charm except that, by that point, I'd memorized the info I spent so much time placing on the label.
rynoBeef6 . . 4y I used to write acronyms for things to remember in the webs of my fingers so when my fingers where together you couldn't see what I had written. Still had to remember what the acronyms meant though haha ... 36
cyglow . 4y The teacher checks every students pockets before every test. But this kid hid a note in his afro (he had an afro) And got an A. And i got an A too. Why? Не passed me his note, and became my favorite person. ... 104
dinotrainer318 . 4y Some guy wore a button up shirt with one of those pockets on the chest. Не had to different cloths to clean his glasses in it, one had all the stuff he needed, and the other was so that if the teacher was wondering why he was cleaning them so much ... 21
danifyre 4y In high school, my U.S. history professor had us turn in our phones at the front of the room during exams to make sure no one used them to cheat. While annoying for us, I suppose it gave him one less thing to worry about when looking for cheaters. Well about halfway through the semester my professor had us switch seats, and I ended up next to this girl near the back of the classroom. When the next exam rolled around she turned her phone in with everyone else. Then during the exam I watched as she proceeded
 . 4y I once just straight took out the pretest for my History test (pretest answers were the exact same as the real test answers) since I didn't turn it in and I just had the two tests right next to each other on my desk. This was in 8th grade and I swear to god that teacher was making us ace his class on purpose. ... 240
frenkyrot ® 4y In University I asked for another paper and answered the questions twice. It was a 3hr test, finished them both in approx 45 min, I remember feeling badass. I stood up, picked up my backpack and tripped (on purpose, but very real), throwing the papers in the air and emptying my backpack. Entire gym hall was laughing really hard. The person surveying and my friend helped me get my stuff together. I just gave my friend my test, apologized for the inconvenience, handed in my test and left. We both ended up having a 9/10. ... 385
MentalNotes137 . 4y I just simply wrote cheat cheats on the wood grain desk. Honestly I'm suprized my teacher & fellow students never noticed me erasing my desk just before turning in my test. ... 166
EatMoreKale . 4y A kid in my grade 11 social studies class made a huge poster-sized cheat sheet and hung it on the building across from our classroom so that he (and several other students) could see it when they looked out the window. The teacher never suspected anything until the principal happened to walk by outside and noticed it and gave the funniest look at our classroom through the window. Someone got in trouble but secretly, I think the principal was actually kind of impressed. ... 2.5k
theminutia . 4y Super smart kid in my high school hacked into the system that scans the scantrons, found answers to multiple tests from his senior English Honors teacher and proceeds to pass it along to all the other students. When he was caught it went all the way to the top, with federal and state agents coming to the high school. Everyone who used the answers failed and had to retake the class online. I had the teacher next year, all his tests were now short answer and essay based. Thanks, Brandon. ... 428
N3wThrowawayWhoDis D 4y I had a college anthropology class where the professor kindly provided the class a PDF of each actual exam to show the format (10 multiple choice, 5 short answer, etc.). Не would add big black boxes covering all of the text of questions and answers in the PDF. Being a computer graphics major, I had a suspicion that he didn't bother to flatten the PDF object layers when exporting the file... Sure enough, I opened the file in Adobe Illustrator and just deleted the boxes, revealing the questions and answers underneath ... 24
Dr_Valen . 4y Not me but my dad told me this story that he pulled off in college for civil engineering. Не told me that he and friend were taking a test in an extremely hard class. Не had another friend who was aceing the class. So they set it up so one of them sat by the window. They would throw down a sheet with the question and the smart friend would answer it. Then he would throw it back up and they would fill in the answers. They kept doing this for the whole test meanwhile the teacher
aaronberko . 4y My brother has diabetes and he didn't study for his math test. The class before he gave himself too much insulin so that his blood sugar would drop in the middle of the test. Не asked if he could go to the nurse's office to check his blood sugar. The teacher took his test and told him to finish it tomorrow. Before he left he wrote down all the problems to the test and went home and solved them. Не got a A+ on that test.
mlorenzana12 . 4y In my class we have 2 girls that were BFF and every test they made sure atleast 1 of them is getting an A They had long hair and of the backsside of their necks they wrote the answers to the test on a paper and put some glue to make it stick to it. They would site always one behind each other and when the test begins the only thing that they did is move their hair a bit while the other person see all the notes ... 645
 0 4y Well, one time I made a tattoo with all the answers, Prison Break style. No one could recognize it but me. There was also the time when I wrote all the answers on my teacher's desk. I was sitting the first row and teacher's desk has about 10 cm of free space above my own desk. I wrote all the answers there and got the top mark. Teacher soon after saw what was written on the table, but she was teaching 6 different classes. No way to know who did it. I got off easy that year.
Harveyishere . 4y I cheated on a spanish test by having a built in headphone in my beanie. so before the test i put on text to speech all the words i needed to know beeing spelled out like 10 times each. Never got caught ... 167
ON CH? 6009 _just2much_. 4y Once chunked my pencil all the way across the room multiple times on a test and would look at the answers of a smart kid while I was picking it up ... 64
farmch 4y I'm taking a math test in college and I notice a guy sitting next to me is cheating off of my test. For some reason, I decided to help him out so I just let him keep on looking. Eventually he starts making weird hand motions. I realize he's asking me to turn back a page. In for a penny in for a pound, so I do. We go through 3 whole pages together and eventually he's whispering questions at me. Ridiculous. Then, out of nowhere, he farts louder than I've ever heard anyone fart before. EVERYONE in


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