32 Social Situations That Caused A Disproportionate Amount of Laughter

‘Mixed nuts’
32 Social Situations That Caused A Disproportionate Amount of Laughter

Have you ever laughed so hard at something that you got scared you were having a nervous breakdown? One Redditor’s friend came to school and said that after her goldfish died, she cremated it in her oven, which was a 15-hour process. While the amateur mortician didn’t find the situation funny, the aforementioned Redditor laughed hysterically at the absurdity of it all — and still does to this day. 

Others chimed in about the most absurd, simple things they were alone in laughing at, and a couple of these are situations where you just had to be there. 

bugglerooney . Зу I was 19 and had just started experimenting with cannabis. I was eating McDonalds french fries, and I got a soggy fry. If you know, you know. I picked it up, & as I looked at it before putting it into my mouth, it very dejectedly drooped over in what seemed like slow motion. It took me several minutes to explain, as the room had been nearly silent until I was giggling like a maniac, waving a french fry around. ... 99
Future-Good . 3y I was breastfeeding my newborn in the middle of the night and watching Dave Chappelle. The Rick James skit was on. I cried laughed so hard that my husband woke up and took the baby away because he was afraid I was going to drop him. Не asked me what was wrong and I snorted I'm Rick James Bitch. Не was not amused. ... 10.9k
ihearbuzzing 3y I'm in Toys R Us with my 3 year old who suddenly says she has to go to the bathroom. Oh no, number one or two? Two. I grab her hand and rush to find an employee, do you have a bathroom?? Yes but it's all the way on the other end of the store. I turn to my daughter we gotta run ok? Nah, don't worry, I blew it out. What's that now? I BLEW IT OUT. I could barely carry my shitty daughter through the store because I was laughing uncontrollably. Had to ditch her pants
pseudosiren . Зу Misheard an episode of Octonauts about the coconut crab. The phrase astronaut crabs conjured simultaneous images of crabs in spacesuits and also giant crabs cracking open astronauts with their claws, and I absolutely lost it. I could hardly breathe. There were tears of mirth. My children were terrified but also trying to keep up with the joke, which I could barely explain. We still talk about it, but it will never be quite as funny as when my brain caught me by surprise. ... 4.6k
sarcasmisticdemigod . . Зу I was cackling like a witch at a memory that wasn't even that funny, I just remembered I had accidentally called a cup of tea a cup of tae. What made me look insane was that I started bursting out laughing in the back seat of my mums car when her and my sister was talking about how many people had died bc of the last pandemic... yeah... that was probably horrific to hear... ... 4.4k
 . 3y When I was young I was watching an episode of Hells Kitchen and a contestant fell while running with a big bag of ice and I just lost it. Hysterical laughing until I cried, not sure why. My mom still brings it up years later. She thought I was on drugs. ... 296
BrashPop Зу Really high, doing a puzzle with my husband and we were eating the shittiest frozen pizza we had ever eaten. Like, just the WORST, it was supposed to be garlic cheese and it tasted like absolute nothing and cardboard, so we started pulling everything out of the fridge to put on it and make it better. Finally, my husband decided he was going to cook a bunch of hot dogs and roll them up in the pizza. Somehow, the concept of hot dog pizza was so incredibly funny, we both started laughing and couldn't stop. I laughed so
marGEEKa Зу Sometime in the mid-to-late aughts, my husband was on the phone with iRobot customer support regarding our Roomba. I was in another room, but I could hear his side of the conversation clearly, and I could tell he wasn't getting the results he'd hoped for. As he got more frustrated, he blurted out, I've had problems with this robot since the day I brought it home. Something about that particular phrase just hit me hard. I immediately started laughing, and couldn't stop. I was still laughing when he got off the phone. Understandably, he wanted to know what
Heartlast . Зу The first time I was high (edibles were too strong) I spent an hour trying to google how many parts the last hobbit movie had. Finally I was able to type it in and press search, but I had just googled hobbit parts. The only thing I could think was they're just like human parts, but shorter and hairier. When I finally recovered from laughing I tried again, but when I looked at the results I had googled hobbit oats. Then I gave up ... 1.1k
Trixles 3y When I was a junior in highschool, my best friend and I sat next to each other in Literature class together, and we were goofing off in the back one day. I had a blank piece of paper on my desk, and in HUGE letters (so as to take up the whole sheet) I start writing CRACK IS WHACK. I guess I wasn't paying attention, because when I looked down at my completed masterpiece, the paper just said: CRACK THE WHACK I don't know why we found this so funny, but we both laughed so hysterically that it
PoisonOfKings . 3y I don't remember the context. But my best friend and I, then in our pre-teens/early teens, were flopping around on her bedroom floor and screaming FISH OUT OF WATER. We insisted on showing her mom, who looked at us like we were on meth. I almost passed out I could not breathe from laughing so hard. ... 13.9k
assh0le_mom . 3y My bathroom fan recently started squeaking. When my 5 yr old heard it, she said ugh dad put the fan in crazy sound mode. I still laugh every time I hear it ... 783
 3y I was telling a joke to a friend in 8th grade science and I got sent out into the hall because I was laughing to much. And I didn't even finish the joke...and it wasn't even that funny ... 939
jahnudvipa93 · . Зу I still don't understand it. A young cousin of mine was reading a book about A farmer (Farmer Brown) to her teddy bear. She paused to say something about it to the bear, and I asked what's his name. She looked at me, completely dead faced, and said Farmer Brown as though I were a complete idiot. I laughed so hard I ended up crying, puking, and I think I very nearly went into some sort of convulsion. ... 996
nurseh202 3y My friend cremated her goldfish, this was in highschool 20 years ago, she brought it out in this nice little box, I started laughing so hard I fell to the ground, she was horrified, started crying and told me it took her 15 hours to cook his body into ashes in her oven, I died then. I was crying I was laughing so hard, I just thought it was funny cuz she cremated a fish, that lives in water. It was ridiculous that 1 she would cremate a fish, and 2 she spent a whole day doing it.
HumungousChungus_. 3y In high school, my friends made a powerpoint presentation for the class. As they were presenting, I noticed that the first few slides had a bunch of typos, no biggy. But as they reached the middle of their slide, the typos started getting more and more ridiculous. I quietly laughed at some of the funnier ones, but eventually I just lost it. I could not stop myself from laughing, and everytime I was about to stop, another typo appeared making me laugh harder. I definitely questioned my sanity that day. ... 625
Girl_You_Can_Train . 3y It was a windy day and I was eating a bagged lunch with my coworkers. Suddenly a huge gust of wind blows the bag and all my food away leaving me staring at an empty table with a fork in my hand. I didn't even try to catch it. I just started laughing so hard I had to lay on the ground. ... 32.1k
Spacewolf1 . . Зу I didn't question my sanity, but I got stuck in a laughing loop with my then one year old son. Не was laughing at my laugh and I was laughing at his. It was the better part of an hour and we were both exhausted afterward. It was over 30 years ago and it still makes me some when I think about it. ... 16.3k
crazycatlover15. 3y Me and 2 of my friends were working on a movie, but we messed up some files, and accidentally replaced the Black screen after a characters suicide with a panorama of cinnamon rolls. ... 4.4k
HurriKurtCobain . 3y I was shredding some cheese for enchiladas onto a paper plate, and I was being a little rough with the grater and my roommate came out and he was like what're you doing? I said you know, cooking. Не came over and looked at the plate and I just said cheese plate. We both stopped for probably 15 seconds and immediately started laughing wildly, and for the whole night we sat around quietly, but would start giggling about the cheese plate. ... 95
i_am_not_a_raptor . . 3y At school 6 years ago, I was eating a jar of planters mixed nuts and look at the warning label. Mind you, it was barely 7:00 in the morning and I did not drink coffee at the time. The warning label said mixed nuts and I could not stop laughing. I know it's there for people who aren't too bright, but it was just so blatant and hilarious lol
thegoodnomad . 3y I was in high school when one of my friends said something stupid and another replied: What do you have in your head? Confetti?!. The mental image of a head suddenly exploding into confetti still cracks me up to this day. ... 850
lovecarolyn . 3y I was telling my son how he was the glue that held his dad and I together at times. Then I said we should have named you Elmer. I was crying from laughing and couldn't stop. My son and husband were just looking at me like I was crazy. It has been brought up a few times since and I laughed just as hard and yes, I'm laughing now. ... 237
Heartlast . 3 Зу I had a dream recently that a friend of mine spent two full hours focusing intensely hard on writing something down. When he was finally finished, he showed it to me. In a five year old's handwriting in crayon, the page simply read Apple Cider Dognuts. I laughed so hard I woke myself up crying. ... 27.4k
EpicMeatSpin . 3y This actually happened to me and a friend of mine. We were high and typing random phrases into google translate. Не suggested I type in dingleberries and translate it to Spanish. It translated to bayas del dingle. For some reason we lost our shit at that. I don't think we stopped laughing for half an hour. My head was throbbing from laughing so hard and my lungs hurt. ... 1.9k
AnonymousRooster . . 3y One night shift we found ourselves down a rabbit-hole of Amazon reviews. There were a lot of reviews about fake fruit but the one fake lemon had the worst reviews for being too small. We laughed until we cried ... 110
thataintrightlureen . Зу A few weeks back I was taking a shower and I looked at my foot and it just looked so stupid that I started laughing and couldn't stop. Like I had these weird paw- like failed hands attached to my legs and they were so ridiculous looking, and I was just going around with my body ending that way. I laughed at my foot for about five straight minutes. ... 2.2k
ApeOver. Зу A double headstone at a cemetery that said Graves
jonthesnook Зу I was in an SAT class and we were going over practice questions. The instructor read out a group of spoon collectors... and I began laughing so hard and for so long that I had to leave the classroom. I'm over it now but it was troubling. ... 6.5k
nishmyass. 3y My mom once said Boo! to my dad who kept hiccuping to make him stop. She said it in the most innocent and pure way that we couldn't stop laughing. The laughing went on for like an hour though. ... 14.4k
hekatonkhairez . 3y In highschool a guy at my table was asked if he ever had sex, and with the most straight face said no but I've seen dogs do it. His frankness and dead pan attitude made me laugh so hard and for so long I was worried that I was going to pass out. ... 30.4k
cyrano111 Зу I was in a large multi-floor bookstore, walking down a flight of stairs, when I heard a phone ring. A salesclerk answered it: Self-help, may I help you? That seemed like the funniest thing in the world to me, and I burst out laughing - not just one chuckle, but sustained laughter that made people start to look at me. That seemed even more absurd, so I rushed to a new section, but still laughing and attracting more attention, so I sped up more, laughing harder, attracting new attention in every new location, until eventually I ran a half circuit


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