32 Funny Ideas People Came Up With While Very Much Under the Influence

‘I made a soup sandwich’
32 Funny Ideas People Came Up With While Very Much Under the Influence
Pablo144 2y Imagine discord online voice chat. My idea was that you could create sub rooms within the current channel. My thought process was, I want to have a conversation with one person but still want to kinda hear what my other friends are conversing about with other people in the channel but I dont want their conversation to interrupt my conversation and vice versa. So my thinking was that you join like a sub-channel where everyone in that sub-channel is at 100% volume and everyone else in the parent-channel is at like 30% volume. So you could all be
Milkshake4NickDrake . 2y Someone in the room was saying something about how steamers are great, because you can cook vegetables without immersing them in water. They said the water is just a conductor for the heat, but with steamers they don't need to go in the water. My amazing idea was like a compartment or box where it just gets really hot inside and cooks food without the need for any water at all. Later on I remembered ovens exist. ... 139
BlumpkinProject 2y My wife and I got this genius idea after smoking a fatty to create the next big hit in the snack world.. cup- crepes A cupcake made from mini crepes stacked on top of one another topped with whipped cream and strawberries. ... 2.6k
henhensowner 2y The TV show Cheaters, except with stray cats. Candid cameras catching cats being unfaithful with other neighborhood cats and a human host interviewing the cats getting cheated on, just like the tv show. Still kinda want this to be a thing in a sober mindset ... 4.8k
Despisear . 2y I'm kind of late to the party, but here's my idea. So you feed dogs a special type of poop bag, so when they poop, they poop the bag first and as they're pooping, they fill the bag with their poop and then it'll drop off when the dog is done. Seemed genius at the time. xD ... 1.2k
0. abelicious77 . 2y Whilst high I came up with the idea of making pens with white ink that would cover up any mistakes on white paper....realized not only that it had been done already but that I had one in my backpack next to where I keep the pen I used to write down the idea Edit: missed a word ... 8.7k
TheBardsBabe . 2y When I did shrooms, I came up with the absolutely GENIUS idea that NASA should employ young children and send them to space for missions because they have more natural curiosity and aren't jaded yet by adulthood and they might notice things that a more experienced astronaut would miss because they'll look from a different perspective. I was convinced I needed to email NASA right away and tell them about my brilliant epiphany.
AugurX75 . . 2y My niece drunk texted me and went on and on about her idea for Party Popper Tampons. She wanted to make tampons that shot out string and confetti when you pulled the string. It was all something about women celebrating their freedom and vaginas. It was a very confusing 2am series of texts when she was just supposed to let me know she made it home safe from her night out. ... 3.5k
kor_hookmaster 2y Once, while thoroughly drunk, I ordered a pizza and it arrived overcooked. Crust was like dried asphalt and the toppings blackened and singed. So I pitched the idea to my other drunk buddies that pizza places should let their customers control the pizza ovens through the internet, so we can decide when it's done. Which then lead to an entire design- your-own-pizza machine/website combo, where one could control exactly how much of each ingredient to add using robotic arms and you could watch it cook live through an oven-cam. Seemed brilliant at the time. ... 22.3k
kraftacular . 2y When I was in highschool, after a lengthy hotbox one evening, I came up with the reverse-candle which would consume Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen while also providing shade. Everyone truly thought it was a good idea so we wrote it out on paper so we wouldn't forget. Later, the next day I had realized we invented trees. ... 2.4k
RavensMilk_ 2y Ok hear me out. Go to your local bar and get plastered. Then go to lense crafters and get your eyes checked. They will fix your double and blurry vision and give you a pair of glasses. So when you get drunk again you can put on your... wait for it.... Drunk Goggles TM. ... 24.5k
Dazzling-Adeptness11 . 2y I once thought that they should make decaf coffee for people who want to drink coffee but don't want to be caffinated it was momentary but gave myself a chuckle for coming up with the idea ... 1.1k
Brilliant-Garden-188 . 2y To have a fast food spot that sold frozen meals already cooked. Like you can order a heated up hot pocket, toaster strudel, chicken pot pie, etc. ... 6.8k
narwhal-narwhal . 2y Beer rocks. When drinking at an outdoor place, using plastic cups, you put fancy rocks in your beer so the cups don't blow over. Genius. ... 19.4k
VelaVonShtupp . . 2y Stackable washer and dryer with washer on top. Washer has a trap door that drops the wet clothes into the dryer below and starts automatically for you. Voila. ... 205
meowmix686 . 2y Shortrecipes.com was a high idea of mine. I was cooking food with my friend and we couldn't find a recipe that I was short and simple. We had to read through a whole essay of how much their family loved it or what ever. We actually thought it was a great idea at the time. ... 171
pvnkmoon 2y I was super high with my friend. We accidentally spilled some weed from the grinder on the floor. And I was like, we need a small vacuum you can hook up via USB and its the size of your finger so you can put your finger in it and vacuum up the weed easily instead of picking it up by hand. And we thought it was the best idea ever. Even wrote it down so we would remember it later. ... 81
TheSilverCube 2y Sugar bags. Like tea bags but for sugar. Tea and two sugars? One tea bag, two sugar bags. As we were stoned as fuck, my cousin holding up an emptied tea bag filled with sugar and me trying to carefully tie it back up with a piece of cotton, my cousin disappointingly says 'Sugar cubes'. ... 16.4k
shanex1. 2y I made a soup sandwich while really high before. The soup obviously just destroyed the breads integrity, and just fell out the sandwich. That was the first time in my life I realised just how dumb I am ... 25.3k
dacandyman0 . . 2y I was thinking that kids these days need more time on the road to be better drivers - so maybe Uber should partner with driving education groups and like subsidize them or pay the kids in college bonds or whatever. yeah maybe hiring a bunch of terrible drivers for your taxi services isn't such a great idea ... 18.9k
willmel . 2y Banana rental. I thought people would love to rent bananas to display on their counters and/or coffee tables. I was absolutely certain I had just hit on idea that would let me retire early... ... 1.9k
MarcFnMQ . 2y Once while high my friends came up with an online call center for people who have anxiety while high to call. It was named Trip Advisor ... 18.7k
guerrierojt . 2 2y Turn signals on grocery carts ... 41.7k
SharingSmiles . 2y A food truck specializing in egg rolls the size of burritos ... 14.1k
nerdmoot 2y Breakfast pasta. Noodles stir fried in butter served warm with maple syrup. ... 656
 2y A thing you put on the laptop charger thing that gets hot which keeps your cheese dip hot ... 8k
MrWeinerBottom 2y My grand idea was to put caramelized onions in my hamburger helper. Yeah it was good but not as mind blowing as I thought it would be when I was high as a kite. ... 2.1k
Mouseearedrugbyguy . 2 2y LOCAL A night light for the refrigerator, if you opened it at night the light is much dimmer than during the day. ... 94
paperbackella . . 2y I ran upstairs and yelled at my husband Why don't they make mittens for feet?! And he said You mean socks? And I said oh yeah, socks. ... 11.4k
tkwl 2y I had this idea that the Taken films should each focus on a different set of skills. Like Liam Neeson could be an amazing chef in Taken 2, and perhaps a postman in Taken 3. ... 15.2k
nomadbutterfly . . 2y I once thought edible tape would be a game-changer idea. For when your burrito (or huge egg roll) rips- just tape it back up with edible tape. ... 1.5k
valleyoftheballs . . 2y Exacto-spoon. It is an exacto knife only a spoon. ... 7.6k


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