16 of the Worst School Field Trips Ever

‘They misled us into believing we were going to Six Flags’
16 of the Worst School Field Trips Ever

At the risk of ruining a major reveal, hands-down the worst school field trip on this list is the one where a fifth-grade class went to a salt-processing plant and a child fell into a pile of salt, suffocated and died. There, it’s been addressed. 

Possessing that knowledge and wading through the other responses kinda makes the other allegedly bad field trips look pretty good in retrospect, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the death of that child is still neck-and-neck with the Black person who had to go on a field trip to a farm and pick cotton all day. 

To that end, Redditors have lined up single file to recall the worst field trips they’ve boarded the bus for in their youth, and you gotta wonder what these schools were thinking.

answer_is_42. 10y In 5th grade, we went to a sewage treatment plant. Needless to say, it was pretty shitty ... 26
Shodan74 . 10y We went to a plastics factory, where we were lectured on the manufacturing process for plastics.
Narniach . . Зу We went to the canoe museum. You know what is NOT fascinating? Canoes. ... 624
 . 3y Trip to a fort. We had a look from the bus since they wouldn't allow us in and went back to school. ... 453
 10y My old school took about 60 of us to the dentist in grade 3, exhilarating as hell man! ... 3
 10y When I was in third grade, we went to a field trip to McDonalds. ... 18
alicedeelite . 3y My sister watched her friend suffocate and die in a pile of salt on a school trip to the salt processing plant. They let the kids climb on the mountains of salt and she hit a hollow spot and just fell in. Salt closed over her and they couldn't pull her out in time. How was the field trip!? My friend died. I think they were in 5th grade ... 385
djc8 . 3y Can tell you the worst field trip that I didn't go on. In 5th grade we were supposed to go see some circus thing. It was September 11, 2001. ... 294
stopcounting . Зу We went to a beach where horseshoe crabs mate. Hundreds and hundreds of horseshoe crabs, latched onto one another and jizzing in the 95 degree heat. The smell was unimaginable. Edit: Google Delaware Bay horseshoe crab spawn for pictures. ... 809
PforPanchetta511 . 10y In grade 9 we were told that we were going on a field trip to six flags. Nobody was absent that day. We all got packed onto the school bus and we were on our way. Shortly into our ride we noticed that we were not headed in the direction of six flags. Where were we going? The municipal dump. They took us to the dump so that we could learn about the effects of garbage and recycling. It was the most depressing thing. All the students were really pissed. Our school basically used the fact that
 10y We went to a water treatment plant when I was in high school and the technicians basically told us that the city didn't give them enough money to update and repair equipment. The guy was like the water in this town is reaaaaaaally gross, I buy bottled water. I've been horrified ever since. ... 7
EdgelordZeta . Зу Was supposed to be on luxury cruise around the harbor. The captain of the vessel never showed. ... 119
jessikastone. 10y In preschool, they took us to a nursing home. The explained that everyone there is waiting to die and most can't use the restroom by themselves. I still don't know why we went. ... 9
MaybeMalloy . . 1y I'm 35 and from North Carolina. In 1994, we took a field trip to a cotton farm and got to pick cotton all day. I'm black. My mom was not happy about the bag of cotton I brought back. ... 12
slim_chance2311 . 10y We went to a paper mill in grade school. And it was a long drive there. For those that have never been near a paper mill, let me paint a picture for you: there are logs piled up to the throne of God. There is the sound of blades cutting into wood and presses and things adding chemicals to other things. But the thing you notice the most is the most ungodly, horrendus, and some other third adjective smell that permeates the air for miles. Our poor elementary noses couldn't handle it. We weren't even old enough
TipsherBrains 10y My grade 6 end of the year class trip was to a children's discovery learning center kind of like a dumbed down museum for children. Nobody wanted to go but a day out if school is a day out of school. We get there and THE PLACE ISN'T EVEN BUILT YET! It was an big old Victorian house that was being renovated into this kids museum we were supposedly going to. Instead we went to the backyard of this place and had to weed and till a little garden then plant cucumbers and carrots so when the place


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