19 Wild Things Seen at the Bus Stop

‘I saw a guy drinking milk out of a Ziploc bag’
19 Wild Things Seen at the Bus Stop

If you’ve ridden public transportation for long enough, you start to become inured to certain perculiar behaviors. That said, even the most seasoned bus passengers can get thrown off their game by a particularly unnerving event. For instance, one bus rider saw a grown man pull a fish out of a bag and slap a woman with it, noting, “Honestly I was scared for my life.” Of course they were. Anyone would be. To make matters more confusing, the fish-slapping incident happened in Detroit, and while the location isn’t necessarily relevant, it feels at least noteworthy. 

In that vein, Redditors have described the most bizarre sights they’ve seen as they’ve waited for the bus, and boy are these some entertaining commutes.

 . 6y One street guy punch out another street guy on a light rail platform. Victim drops like a sack of potatoes and ends up wedged against the train, which is about to leave. Afraid he'd be sucked under or something, I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the train. The guy who hit him managed to get on board and ride to the next stop before the cops got there. Never a dull moment (except when you're waiting for the bus) on public transit. ... 2.2k
Perynz .  11y Had some guy pretending to eat pizza out of an empty pizza box, while looking at me and moving the invisible pizza away from me as if he was trying to hide it. ... 126
 . 11y I saw a guy riding a camel (I live in SW Florida). It was then that I was told by a knowledgeable bus rider that down a dirt road in the general area, there was a privately owned animal reservation with giraffes, camels, and even a chimpanzee. ... 16
twoistheone . 10y I live in detroit and I saw a grown man pull a fish out of a bag and slap a girl with it! Honestly i was scared for my life. ... 440
 . 10y I saw a guy drinking milk straight out of a zip lock bag. ... 167
jenkemlife. 11y Two young adults climbing over bins and benches and shouting dragon shouts from skyrim. They were about 17-19 and shouting 'fus roh dah' into the night. ... 43
 . 1 11y This random guy walked up to me and started going on and on about galoshes. ... 5
SiddharthGrover . 11y A man was eating a burger, and he saw a cucumber in the burger. Не immediately threw the burger away, and started shouting, Cucumber alert. ... 36
duckspunk. 11y When I got to the bus stop, there was a couple already there. Looked like high school kids, and definitely under some kind of chemical influence. They were making out nonstop. Then he stabbed her in the leg with a pocketknife and took off with her bag. ... 86
whistledick . 1 10y May seem tame, but I sat beside a lady who read her book upside down for 15 minutes straight. Turned pages and everything. ... 460
isthatsuperman 6y A man got on the bus with a grocery sack full of what I assumed to be his own shit. ... 82
kimmyjay 11y This was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Waiting at the bus stop, and on the far side of the road, 2 teenage kids were walking. One of them steps straight out into the road without looking, and gets smashed by a transit van. It literally knocked the kid about 30 yards down the road. Waiting at the bus stop with me was an Asian gentleman in a suit, with a briefcase. I used to see him at the bus stop every morning at the same time, but our acquaintance had never gone beyond a simple
JayInTheBox . 10y Usually there are yellow lines to tell people to stay back, a warning announcement chimes in and says to stay back from the line. This old man looks both ways and steps on said line and then proceeds to giggle his ass off. ... 220
 11y There's a regular at the local bus stop who is decked out in red parachute pants, red jacket and bandanas. Не rolls around in a wheelchair singing rap to himself. For the longest time I thought he was handicapped, until the day I was late passing through and saw him standing up popping and locking like Rerun from What's Happening. ... 66
000-000-000yea 6y I saw this old guy with a peg leg walk buy with a cane. Makes sense right? Well this other old guy who was sleeping wakes up and is like Bro, You Took my Cane!. Yes, mr.prosthetic leg stole sleeping guys cane... serious humanity, what have we come down too? ... 100
 . 11y Just last week, I witnessed a man in a wheel chair getting a blow job at the bus stop on my way to work. A few years back, While waiting for a bus, A man walking by passed a fire hydrant, made it about 5 or so steps passed. Stopped and said What the fuck did you say Thinking he was talking me I was getting ready for crazy action, but he turned around and attacked the fire hydrant. Bare knuckle boxing with it. Poor crazy fucker. ... 169
AudibleNod 6y A guy in a wheelchair gets on a bus. But doesn't immediately pay. He's at the front while the the driver goes to the next stop looking for money. At the next stop he's now blocking the front door, so the bus driver tells him to pay or get out. After the paying passengers come in from the back door the driver yells at the wheelchair guy to pay or leave. Then the wheelchair guy starts screaming about being a vet. The driver then tilts the bus (something he can do to aid wheelchairs) so the wheelchair guy
FooFooDaBunniest . 11y Not so much strange as it was funny, a man was eating a huge piece of chocolate cake with his hands, when he finished, he threw his trash away, wiped his hands and mouth with a napkin, and that's when I saw it... Both his nostrils were packed with cake. That must have been some damn good cake. ... 34
BlackRockKitty . 1 11y A goat just standing on the bench with the other people sitting around it. No one paid any mind to it.


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