27 ‘Technically Correct’ Answers That Students Gave to Teachers

‘What ended in 1856?’ ‘1855’
27 ‘Technically Correct’ Answers That Students Gave to Teachers

If you ask a child why the chicken crossed the road, and the child responds, “He likely had business over there or was compelled by force,” just pack it up, dude. It’s over. The kid has not only refused to fall for your stale joke setup, but he’s introduced a level of logic that he’s already deduced you aren’t capable of. Not only is the child’s answer “technically correct,” but it’s honestly the preferable response, and moving forward, we should do away with the joke altogether. 

These are the kinds of answers the teachers of Reddit have received from students — impressive, unexpected, thought-provoking responses that prove not all children are dumb enough to ask what animal chicken nuggets are made of. 

The assignment was Write the following numbers in all letters The kid answered : 3: four 15: sixteen 21:twenty-two And so on. I gave him full points.
 . 6y ESL teacher. I had my students do an activity where they had to give directions based off of a map and situations I had chosen. The final question was more complex, and one of my students wrote, Way too difficult, take a cab. ... 3.9k
babaoryan . . 6y In a class that deals with electricity, I asked the students to name a good conductor. Leonard Bernstein ... 16.2k
adjer . 6y I asked 'when is a time you have used integrity?' Не wrote down 'I wash my hands after going to the bathroom, even if no one is in there'. ... 39k
Whatsername868 . 6y Teaching English to middle schoolers in Korea, asked: Ok, what's another way you can express surprise in English? (after going over expressions like, No way!, Are you serious? Are you kidding me?) Kid yells from the very back of the room: WHAT THE FUCK!? ... 30.6k
ValexDragon . 6y I teach English to Vietnamese kids. I asked what is the population of Vietnam? The kid quickly surveyed the room and said More than 15 This guy is going places. ... 22.3k
BroccoliHotdish . . 6y Me: The quiz tomorrow will be on... Student: Paper! Everyone laughed and I rephrased the question. ... 2.3k
Frivolouscake . . 6y In grade 9 English we were studying The Hobbit. Our bonus question for the test was What word does Gollum never say? The answer of course was I but one kid put down pumpernickel and the teacher was like... fuck. You're right. Have a mark.
jmeeezy . 6 6y I wrote an exam where the question was Can you name three *models of DNA replication? she wrote, No. ... 12.1k
SatanMakesABlogPost - By Not a teacher but a fellow student once answered in the head to the question where was JFK shot? Instead the intended answer of Dallas ... 12.6k
scotthferris 6y I worked in a special needs class for a year and there was the one kid with a textbook case of Asperger Syndrome. Very bright, very tough nut to crack. I tried to tell him a corny joke once and he was not having it. Why did the chicken cross the road? Не likely had business over there or was compelled by force. Well, ok.
 . 6y Question: what ended in 1856? Answer: 1855. ... 1.5k
journeyingnorth . 6y Name something living Fox Name something non- living Fox poop ... 6k
PapaSmurf1502 . 6y I'm a white guy teaching ESL in Asia. My students were tasked to complete the simile, The old man's hair was as white as One student asked if she could write down my name. ... 678
OhFFSSeriously . 6y (On a 3rd grade Charlotte's Web quiz): Give 2 pieces of evidence that support this statement: Charlotte was a good friend to Wilbur She comforted him and she didn't let him become pork. ... 7.7k
stinkyrossignol . . 6y In 7th grade on a test the question said Why do some people see some technology as positive, and others see the same technology as a problem? and a kid simply put, Because some people are Amish. ... 14.3k
Hiciao . 6y My first grade class was learning the word powerful. Kids came up with examples of powerful things and people, like elephants and superman. Then one boy said, babies are powerful because they can cry and get whatever they want. ... 1.2k
Hyper_Fujisawa . 6y I've taught English in Korea and Japan, and while maybe not that funny one student who wanted to say something like afterwards or in the end wrote the after was here. I stopped for a moment and just stared off into space after reading that. ... 3.6k
101311092015 . 6y Extra credit problem on a test that was very difficult. Like crazy difficult. Involved many steps and probably had to do with finding out the rate of oxygen consumption of reptiles. I hadn't made the answer key yet. Very few students tried ANY of the extra credit problems and one answered all of them but for that last one they just put I don't want to do this problem Neither did I. Gave them the point. ... 1.7k
effinzebras o 6y ok so this story totally doesn't translate to english, but I will give it a shot anyway: In German there is this little drawing game called das haus vom nikolaus consisting of drawing a house without lifting the pen or drawing the same line twice. Well the act of drawing something without lifting your pen is called in einem zug zeichnen which literally translates to drawing in a train. So yes, one kid actually drew a house. In a train. edit: spelling ... 7.4k
Famous1187 . 6y Phys. Ed teacher here - I always wear shorts teaching. Parent-teacher conferences roll around, grade 1 student comes up to me with her parents - Mr. Famous1187, I've never seen you wear pants before. I've never responded quicker to a comment before in my life to clear that up. ... 19.5k
ReddishWedding2018 . 6y Same kid on the same quiz: Q. Describe the bus ride at the beginning of the chapter. А. It was a bus ride filled with action, but also with emotion. Q. What happens at the end of the story? A. The story ends. Kid's going to be a politician someday. ... 11.1k
Raaava . 6y Not a teacher but one time a teacher asked What is a seven letter word, that starts with an A and means to stand out and unusual And someone said Awesome and the teacher laughed and wasn't sure if he should accept that answer. ... 282
 . 6y Thomas Jefferson was from vagina. While technically correct, I was looking for Virginia! ... 233
EarthNoMore . 6y I teach and coach baseball. After our short stop got thrown out on second for the third out,l told someone to pick up Will, in baseball terms meaning get his glove and hat so he can go out to the field. This kid who was new to baseball, a big lineman type football player, claps his hands and goes it's okay Will, you'll get them next time. I cried laughing.
BigScaryLizard 6y Not a teacher but a friend of mine couldn't remember what country wasn't a part of the UK on a test so she put Mexico. ... 1.6k
SantagetoutClause . 6y I was the student, my teacher asked 'what's another word for dead end? (in literature)'. - I put my hand up and said cul-de-sac (being genuine). Class just laughed at me. ... 1.3k


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