22 Strange Habits People Thought Were Normal

You do WHAT in the shower?
22 Strange Habits People Thought Were Normal

It’s impossible to know every single detail about your spouse — something one husband is much more aware of than anyone else. One day, when taking a shower with his wife, he watched her bring her previously-worn underwear into the shower, clean it, then ball it up and use it as a sponge to clean her body. 

If you got overwhelmed reading that, just imagine how he felt. When he asked her about the strange habit, she replied that her mother taught her to do that. While this brings up a lot of questions about the hygiene practices of that family, it also goes to show that we can do some really weird shit and think it’s normal

To that end, other Redditors have stepped up to the mic to share their strange habits. And although they aren’t quite as bizarre as an underwear loofah, they’re just weird enough to make you feel better about yourself. 

whylmcalledqueen . 3y I talk to every animal I meet/see in French (my first language). I don't know why I do this, but someone pointed it out when I met their new dog for the first time. ... 4.1k
siamesedream81 . 6y Не lies down in the bathtub with the shower on and sleeps. I will never understand it. If you are tired still, sleep longer in the bed, why in the shower? ... 25
kukukele . 3y Shared a hotel with a buddy during a trip and he told me I sleep like I'm embalmed... arms crossed, on my back, stiff as a board. ... 8.7k
Areallyweirdlatino - Зу In a group conversation I sometimes stay silent for literally 30 minutes and start talking again like nothing.
tewchainzzz . 3y I shit nude. Also rarely use public toilets
Cyanora . 144d I always give some sort of salute or tip of my cap to any road markers for those that didn't make it back home. ... Reply 7
Mahdi_D . 3y Eating kiwi fruit with its skin until i saw my friends eating without its skin then i turned on the incognito mode and searched how to eat kiwi? ... 3k
MiloMorgoth. Зу Sometimes i like I to hold my balls in my hand and think. ... 4.4k
 144d Whenever I am near running water I feel the urge to spit.
Throwaway1234asdfxx 3y I talk to myself, running conversations through my head. A few words will slip out every once in a while. ... 4.5k
Fratboy_Slim . 9y Besides the stem, I eat the entire Apple. I also eat strawberries with the leaves on. Had no idea it was weird until college and people's looks of absolute horror. ... 138
retromortem. 144d I get stuck on words/phrases and repeat them when I'm by myself ... Reply 13
SetPhasersToRead . 9y If I have different kinds of food on my plate, l'll only eat one at a time. (Like all of the fries, then cheeseburgers, etc). ... 686
CidVerte . 3y One day I was taking a shower with my wife and I discover that she washes her underpants in the shower and uses the newly washed underpants as sponge to help to clean her body. I said wtf? and she said that her mom taught her to do that. And just like that I found that females on her family have this weird shower tradition.
 . 3y I sometimes use my tongue like a CD slot when eating chips Didn't even realise I was doing this until my friend suddenly burst out laughing while we were hanging out ... 6.3k
Andromeda321 . 9y I put my pajamas under my pillow after making the bed cause that's where my mom taught us to put them. My brother, sister and I always thought this was completely normal until we went off to college and all our respective roommates were fascinated by this as they'd never heard of it before. Incidentally I still do this because I cannot think of any more logical place to put pjs, honestly. ... 229
CinnaSol P Зу I sniff every cup before I use it. Don't know why. Burrowing in my sleep as well. I have to have my head covered for me to be comfortable. Didn't think it was weird until a college roommate pointed out that he always could tell when I was going to sleep because I just put my pillow or my covers over my head beforehand. I've had people come into my room when I'm asleep and thought nobody was there so I guess it's a nice defense mechanism against predators. ... 5.8k
philosophunculistish . . 3y I shake milk jugs before pouring a glass or over cereal. I was raised on a dairy farm so it was necessary with fresh milk. Was about 30 before someone asked why and I had to think for a minute before I realized I didn't need to with store bought milk. ... 1.5k
usd2krw . 3y One of my favorite snacks growing up was cold canned green beans. My mom would just open the can and hand me a fork. I continued eating them like that until my sophomore year of university when my roommates just stared at me and pointed out how strange it was. I just thought that was the only way to eat green beans. ... 2k
Legoleaf125 . : Зу Whenever I touch or bump something (especially on accident) I feel like I have to repeat that action on the same spot on the other half of my body. Now it's getting to the point where my brain just does it without consulting me first, and it's gotten me some weird looks/comments
SeasWouldRise . 9y When I put on a shirt, I'm told I go elbows first. People think it's weird and hilarious, and I have no idea how I should be doing it instead. How do you do, do you just throw it on and wiggle it until everything is in place? ... 71
liberalvenery.1 1y I use the two-bin system of inventory control at home. For example, l'll initially buy two boxes of cereal. As soon as I finish one box, I will buy another box of cereal. Repeat indefinitely. ... 24
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