31 of the Weirdest Experiences People Had with Someone Else’s Family

31 of the Weirdest Experiences People Had with Someone Else’s Family

People get up to all kinds of things in the privacy of their own homes, and most of the time, it’s best if you don’t know what that entails. After all, it’s jarring to be at a friend’s house and watch them use their hands to scoop ice cream out of the container and serve it to you. Or to be watching TV with their family when you notice that they all sit criss-cross applesauce and sway back and forth in unison the whole time. That’s horror movie shit! 

To that end, these Redditors have experienced some wild things when visiting another family’s house. And while you probably have a quirk that you and your family do, it’s nothing compared to the weird stuff they’ve seen. 

Academic_Bar9792 - 2 2y Here's an I was that family story. My Godmother (who was practically an aunt) ran a fairly successful daycare out of her home in the 90s. She was a first generation immigrant to the US, whose parents came to the New England area from Ireland. My two younger brothers and I spent a lot of time at her home and I was generally the oldest child there. When I was about 8 years old, she started to have me make her her favorite drink. Gin and tonic. She drank these ALL DAY, while running her home daycare. At

 2y Everyone took their shirts off at the dinner table.. yeah.. ... 16.7k

JandK1 . 2y My friends mom told him to masturbate later today, just casually like it was a regular thing to say to your kids. Не was just like, yeah sure. ... 5.8k

LiVE trinitysite . 2y LIVR One of my best friends from college's family watches QVC and other channels that are straight up commercials all day long. lol - 6.4k

ProjectDirectory . . 2y My friend took the gum out of his mouth and put it on a plate in the refrigerator. ... 900

sleeknub . 2y Serve ice cream with their hands. ... 18.4k

JD1zz . 2y My friends mom kept bread in the glove box of her car for when she got hungry. Не thought it was hilarious also and we gave her a pretty bad time about it ... 4.3k

kb1878 . 2y Saw my friend spit in her house, straight onto the carpet. I didn't go back. ... 27.2k

WildRonin24 . 2y At every meal, my ex's parents would set a plate on the table for the Dog. The dog would sit in a chair and eat at the table with the people. 2.1k

LUCIFERS-PANKAKES . 2y My friends mom always gave me a box of food when I came over. One day as I left she just handed me a box of hot pockets. As if it was just a small trinket. ... 14.9k

r-kellysDOODOOBUTTER. 2y Dude had a carpeted bathroom. Already fucked up. Dude had fucking mushrooms growing out of the carpet.

 . 2y They let the dogs and cats into the basement to go to the bathroom even though they had a fenced in back yard. The whole house smelled, even the kids when they went to school. ... 7.5k

ajeezy629 . 2y Found out my best friend thought the toilet seat was for kids. Не would straight up sit on the rim of the toilet and poop until I found out when we were in college at 22. ... 1.1k

Garlicholywater . 2y Family had like Styrofoam bricks next to the couch in the living room for the explicit purpose of throwing at the TV if they didn't like the show, or if a character said something stupid. ... 1k

Ozdiva - 2y My house but looking back it's unusual. My Dad was a doctor and it was not uncommon for him to take a patient's blood on the way home and store it in the fridge next to the orange juice over night. Then take it to work the next morning. Can't do that these days of course but the 70s was pretty wild. ... 7k

Krmsyn . 2y They walked around nude at home 24/7. Не invited me over to play nintendo after school. When he had gotten in, he stripped down butt ass nakked, and went to make a sandwich. Everyone else was already bare ass and loitering. ... 2.9k

smegroll . 2y Was about 9 or 10. Playing with some action figures with a friend in his room which had its own bathroom. Не goes in to take a shit and then when he's done he yells out mom, come wipe me! Не was otherwise like any other kid in the early 90s. ... 377

philosoaper 2y A neighbors dad was an avid fisherman and he world use these electrode things in the lawn to get worms to come up that he was gonna use as bait...he would also eat some of the first ones to come up to check if they tasted right...if not he would remove the electrodes and try again another day. ... 19.1k

 . 2y I shared a house with a bunch of people who regularly set their farts on fire. I don't know why. They just did. Even when they were not drunk. This appeared to be normal behavior for them. 8k

l_am_dean . 2y My best friend walks around completely naked. We have been friends for 25 years and it doesn't bother me. I'm used to it, but it gets weird when she invites me, my husband and toddlers over for dinner. Hey girl, your house your rules. But since husband and kids are coming can you put some clothes on? Sure! No problem! ... 716

Thecoe656 . 2y My dad was a truck driver who was able to bring home boxes of food if it's packaging was damaged. All my friends would go home with full boxes of cap'n crunch and pancake mix. After a while my friends would have to tell my dad that their parents told them to come home empty handed. ... 4.1k

scerchthegr8 . 2y Not really a friend, but a childhood neighbor. They used to pee together as a family. Like, I'm talking the two brothers and their dad. Never said it was to conserve water or anything. They just did it. They still live there and I still can't look at them the same when I go there and see them. ... 2.4k

_AVA_ 2y I had a friend in high school whose mother was from Jamaica. His family would colon cleanse together every year. I guess it was customary from his mom's culture. So literally they'd take medicine to make themselves shit their brains out for a day or two every year. Notable mention- they only had one bathroom. ... 19.9k

EeveeV4 . 2y My friend and I all went to our rich friend's house to play. Then they said they needed to do something and would be back in an hour. So we all just played in the room and waited. Turns out the entire family had lunch and just locked us up in the room so they wouldn't have to feed us. Once we found out we all felt hurt and decided to never play at their house again. ... 261

Kikabennet . 2y I babysat for a family on occasion and the kids would always ask for a cool cup and I had no clue what it was. They asked for them constantly but were too little to really describe them enough for me to understand. I mentioned it to the mom in passing one day and she started laughing and cut the tops off of some bell peppers and took out the seeds and.then filled the peppers with tap water. The kids went nuts over them like there were treats. It was really weird to me that drinking water

ferrariguy1970 . 2y I had a friend in HS. We're still friends today actually. His mom was a hoarder. There were little pathways throughout the house but it was filled, from floor to ceiling, with junk. In the hallway to the bedrooms, she had stacked every newspaper she ever got. They were tied up in bundles. When you walked in that hallway he would caution to not touch the papers because if a row fell, it would take a couple hours to dig yourself out. ... 5.4k

Veg305 . 2y Had a friend who's family lived on a huge property and kept cows for the property tax exemption, not odd.. he told me to come by and get some purple ringers he collected for me.. invited me in to meet his parents and I swear to god, there was a fullsize cow chilling on one of their couches in the livingroom. That sight was way more wild than any of the hallucinations later experienced. Really nice people though lol.. ... 10.3k

President_Calhoun . . 2y When I was in high school, a friend asked me and two other friends to his house for dinner. His mom served homemade bean soup, which was very good. Toward the end of the main course, she brought out chocolate cake for dessert. She cut each of us a slice and plopped it into our bowls... in which we each still had about an inch of soup. Us guests exchanged puzzled glances, but the family dug right in, so apparently chocolate cake soaked in bean soup was an ordinary thing for them. ... 48.2k

Pollowollo 2y Went with a few friends to one of their family's houses for a birthday party when I was like 15 or 16. We smoked weed, swam, and had a great ole time. After eating we settled in to watch a horror movie and at some point I looked around me and everyone in that family was sitting in the same criss-cross-applesauce position and slowly rocking back and forth while watching tv. Definitely not the weirdest thing on this thread by far, but something about it was extremely creepy. They were nice as hell, though. ... 1.5k

kwertyup 2y I'll be the weird family. My dad is a doctor and one day my friend came over who had a totally blackened toenail from getting stepped on by a baseball cleat. No problem, my dad says, just some blood underneath the toenail. We can relieve the pain by puncturing a hole in the toenail and letting the blood flow out. Well he proceeds to get out a dremel (tiny drill), sterilize a new drill bit, and drills a small hole in my friend's toenail. Blood shoots out of the hole into the air. My friend and I were

TraditionalEye4686. 2y Went to a sleepover at this girls house and her mom was obsessively taking pictures of us all night. At one point, we were watching a movie and my friend passed out and her mom , I shit you not, pulls out a huge newscast-type heavy duty camera and starts recording her daughter sleeping for a solid 5 minutes. I have trouble sleeping and so that night when us kids were in the bedroom to sleep, I was on the floor, just staring at the wall in the dark. I was facing away from the door, laying on my side.
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