22 of the Funniest Pranks People Played on Their Significant Others

You’ll never guess where one guy puts a party popper
22 of the Funniest Pranks People Played on Their Significant Others

Love means secretly mixing raw potatoes in with your partner’s apple slices and watching when they take a big bite. It’s their fault for being stupid enough to trust you, and it’s also a good meter for figuring out how far you can go when pranking them in the future. 

Redditors have professed their favorite ways of pulling a fast one over on their partners, and honestly, this is what true love looks like. How else do you explain the guy who replaced his wife’s tampon with a party popper while she was on her period? Okay, that one’s a little insane, but also, maybe it’s the mark of true intimacy. We have no right to judge.

 . 8y I like to sneak slices of red potato into her apple slices. ... 241
vbwstripes . 8y My wife put a black jelly bean in my chorizo sausage. I'll get her back one day. ... 92
 . 8y I slowly walk her into things in public places. ... 213
Selkie_Love . 8y I swapped the cereal bags in the cereal boxes. Want cheerios? NOPE! Fruity pebbles it is! ... 3
 . 8y I like to pretend to be offended that she didn't notice the surprise I prepared for her.... But there isn't actually a surprise... ... 228
TheNargrath 8y My wife isn't a morning person. So, as everyone is getting ready in the morning, I'll quietly sing/hum/ whistle some sort of song that will worm its way into her head and get stuck there. Typically, it won't really manifest itself until later, maybe mid-morning. I know I've done my job when I get a text that simply states, Asshole. ... 2
caraper . 8y I like to turn her teaching backpack for school inside out, put the contents back in, and then zip tie it back together ... 46
 . 8y I used to scare him when he was in the shower, but I quickly learned that he has a fight over flight response and the second or third time he punched through the shower curtain narrowly missing my face, so I don't do that anymore. ... 2
stinky-french-cheese . 8y Candy corn everywhere. In her pill bottles. In the empty spaces of her gum pack. In her shoes. In the shower. In her bags, pockets, cup holders. Possibilities are endless. ... 2
TheVoiceOfRiesen . 8y While my wife was in the shower, I put a firecracker under the door. She didn't hear the fuse burning because of the shower running. The firecracker went off and she screamed like there was a spider on her. ... 2
tlove82 ОР . 8y I just drew a spider on the toilet paper. Waiting for him to arrive home and head straight to the toilet....Spider TP
 8y A few months ago, I changed no to pecan pie in my husband's iPhone. It took him weeks to figure it out. Totally worth the wait and the subsequent fall off the bed when he finally brought it to me. ... 33
Thatsnotwhatlmeant84 . 5y It wasn't April Fools, but my boyfriend was a hard sleeper and I put googly eyes on his dick. Next morning I hear What the fuck?!? from the bathroom. Not epic or anything but I still laugh thinking about it. ... 77
Dalai_Loafer . 8y Sometimes when my wife is on her period I wait for her to fall into a deep sleep and then gently pull out her tampon and replace it with a party popper. ... 8
EverythinglsTak . & 8y My parents have been married for 25 years, and my dad still honks the horn at my mom when she walks in front of the car. Not every time, but just often enough to do it again when she suspects it has ended. ... 3
Pannapadda. 8y So my girlfriend can't see very well at night. She basically is blind without a decent amount of light in the room. Just standing in a dark spot and slightly touching her neck or shoulders usually makes her scream. And I mean loud. Really loud. Even got hit a few times. Still love doing it though. ... 3
 . 8y I wake up earlier than she does because she likes to sleep in, so sometimes I change the clock on her phone an hour or two ahead to trick her into getting up too. She gets so mad every time she finds out (usually hours later), but it's fun in the meantime. edit: thanks for the outpouring of gold in this thread ... 241
Nine-Foot-Banana . 8y English isn't my wife's first language but she's spoken it fluently without an accent for almost 20 years now but I like to drop made-up words into conversation and pretend they're real. ... 1.1k
The_Litch . . 8y Hide just ONE of all of her shoes before she goes to the store. ... 16
vmille14 . . 8y l'll switch around the credit cards in his wallet from the usual spotand then watch him fumble at the cash register looking for his debit card. ... 4
kking0411 . 8y My husband took my towel once while I was showering and it just keeps escalating. My recent favorite was when I filled up all the water pitchers with cold water and when he went into shower I dumped them over the curtain. 15
 8y I once lent my flash drive to my girlfriend because she needed some files I had. I left a folder labelled hot girls on there, like I had forgotten to hide some porn or something. But inside was just a picture of her. She was so mad, but not really. ... 1.6k
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