29 Strange Things People Do With Their Significant Other

29 Strange Things People Do With Their Significant Other

Love can really make people do crazy things. One day it suddenly feels like holding hands isn’t enough; you need to intertwine your toes, too. Or you end up elbow-deep in a port-a-potty toilet because the love of your life dropped their bracelet in there. Or maybe, you once preferred to piss in solitude, but now find yourself maneuvering to use the toilet at the same time as your sweetie. 

Okay, that last one maybe isn’t very relatable, and if you are in love and would rather not put excrement-related trust in your partner, we don’t blame you. Either way, Redditors have waxed poetic about the strange things people have done, or continue to do, with the those who they love. Don’t judge the baby-birding couple too harshly — the heart wants what it wants!    

thecatladykatie . 5y My husband and I have a ritual where every night after he gets out of the shower he approaches me naked and allows me to cup his balls for 10-30 seconds. It's completely non-sexual and I cant even remember when we started it.. but it's a nightly occurrence now and I get upset if he doesnt let me :) ... 15.5k

thepicklejarmurders . 5y Sometimes we lift up our shirts and put our nipples together(she's shorter than me so she has to lift her boobs up and squeeze them together so our nipples line up) and we close our eyes and go wom wom wom wom. That's how aliens have sex.

Tackit286 . 5y I poke my crotch into my gf's side and go 'bzzz' like I'm stinging her ... 1.2k

zippythezigzag . . 5y Probably not the weirdest but definitely weird. She made me sit down naked and stretched the skin on my balls out and shined a light through them to see the veins and stuff. ... 1.9k

nolenahs . 5y Sliding our soapy wet butts against each other when we shower together. Do it. It's fucking awesome. ... 10.5k

apitillidie . 5y One time when we got home from the bars and both had to pee, she sat and peed, but spread her legs enough to let me pee between them into the toilet. I knew she was the one. ... 17.1k

 . 5y We were with a bunch of friends in the park, drinking. I had to go pee, so I went behind a bush and squatted down right on a nettle. My entire ass and vagina on FIRE. To relieve the pain and to stop the itching, my boyfriend spanked me continuously for at least 10 minutes. It helped tho. ... 23.9k

fyrelawd . 5y sometimes after holding hands my partner will shake my hand and say something dumb like a solid business transaction, put her there in her best impression of a businessman. she thinks it's funny to do the same thing with my erect penis whenever we're in the shower together. I do not find it as funny.

Mr_Owl42 5y We would pretend to not know each other when standing in line at bars or restaurants. One of us would try hitting on the other, while the other feigned non-interest. Me: Hey girl, you come here often? I'm kind of attractive, so we should date. Her: Oh, that's great.... yeah, you're really something special....uhhh.. We tried to get the people around us to step in and white-knight to protect the uninterested party, but we never got that to happen. Sometimes, we'd even make up unorthodox criteria that had to be met before we'd agree to go on a

Andosii . 5y Occasionally I hold out both my arms with the palms of my hands facing each other, just a few inches apart as if I'm about to clap. Instead, I say 'fish me'. My so then sticks one hand in between mine and slaps it about against my hands. I don't know how it started. I don't know how it will end. ... 682

Herbea . 5y We communicate in screeches, animal noises and whatthefuckwasthats for extended periods of time and it's to the point where certain noises have consistent meanings. I.e. a high pitched parrot squeal means I would like you to pay attention to me and a low throaty gurgle means I'm ok with this option but I would prefer something else. We can go for hours without actually talking though. ... 1.2k

collurad 5y One time we went on vacation in a coastal town and got absolutely shitfaced together. Our hotel was in a walking distance so we went back after our shenanigans. We both hopped in the shower together and I sat on the floor because I wasn't feeling well. I jokingly said that she should help me throw up and without missing a beat, she shoved her finger down my throat and I threw up all over both of us. Best place to be at that moment was the shower so it all worked out.

queen_penelope86 . . 5y Buried a guy...he is a grave digger and I was filling in with him. ... 905

I_dont_bone_goats . . 5y She was short and had triple D's She got down on all fours and I pretended to milk her like a cow. It was hilarious.

neaneawoz . 5y We were out for a walk and it was drizzling, so there were a bunch of earthworms out on the sidewalks. Не says  i if you really love me you'll eat one of these worms. Picked one of those bad boys up and down the hatch, he was shocked as hell. 18 years and going. ... 6k

rlk0rlw . 5y If I leave the bed to poop at night, my wife starts singing workin' on my night poops to the tune of Bob Seger's Night Moves. Not that weird but I love it and her. ... 1.2k

RitaPoonismysister . . 5y We got super high one night and downloaded the PDF of the Cheesecake Factory menu and then continued to laugh for hours at how many pages and options there were. HOURS. ... 14.4k

r0s3bl00d . 5y My boyfriend likes to grab my boobs and jerk them like horse reins while screaming yeHAW

americanemu25 . 5y For whatever reason, we wanted to see whose mouth could hold more liquid. She filled her mouth with as much water as possible and baby-birded it into mine - mine was bigger. The people at Panera thought we were weird. ... 1.3k

 . 5y whenever i'm just standing around, whether i'm cooking or just anywhere in my bf's vicinity, he'll come up to me and aggressively dry hump me (aggressive and rough to the point where i'm knocked forward with every thrust) for like 3 seconds just to annoy me (because it surprises me) and then walk off like nothing happened ... 2.6k

itssusanity 5y I drank way too much Everclear with my friends one night and started feeling insanely sick. My boyfriend knows I'm terrified of throwing up, so he stood over me and started listing off really gross things. I cried in sheer terror and puked really hard, and felt better instantly. Не cheered really excitedly and started chanting One more time! One more time! He's a good boyfriend. ... 1.4k

baseybitch. 5y I chewed a tortilla chip up and jokingly tried to feed it to my husband like a baby bird. Не ate it. ... 3.4k

sockhead99 . 5y Fished her bracelet out of a well used and rarely emptied port-a-potty. It looked like I had been fisting a smurf.

TheOriginal . 5y I had the urge to lightly bite her knee. Found out it's a very weirdly placed erogenous zone for her and she feels weird now. I do it from time to time and it's only gotten more sensitive, so now it tickles her, but only if I lightly bite it. ... 12.2k

CeruleanTopaz . 5y We held feet by intertwining our toes ... 1.3k

mossyfox . . 5y We've been married for 4 years, every night after we are done cuddling and turn opposite ways to sleep we press our butts together and make kissing noises. Like our butts are kissing each other goodnight. ... 24.4k

HolyOrdersOtaku . 5y An ex of mine once woke up, grabbed my morning wood, and whispered Preparing for take off, and moved it like a flight stick. I have yet to have another girl make me laugh at my own penis like that. And no, she wasn't a pilot, and neither am I.

outlandish93 . . 5y We narrate our dogs in different accents. Не does a French accent for our male dog and I do a Spanish accent for our female dog (no idea why those were picked, it just kinda happened) ... 7.8k

shortnfeisty . . 5y My husband and I write messages and leave little pieces of art for each other made of my hair stuck on the shower walls. ... 657
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