31 Rules That Backfired in Hilarious Ways

31 Rules That Backfired in Hilarious Ways

If you’re going to make a rule, you first need to think long and hard about how the funniest person on Earth would go about breaking it. For instance, a Stockholm train company created a ban on employees wearing shorts during an extreme heatwave, which resulted in a bunch of male employees showing up to work in skirts instead. These kinds of arbitrary rules are just begging to be broken, and you have to hand it to the kind of person who can truly outwit those in charge. 

To that end, Redditors have rattled off the stupid regulations they’ve seen backfire in the most hilarious ways possible, and it truly makes us admire the smartasses of the world.

SowerPlave . 5y Last summer in Sweden, bus drivers in some counties started wearing shorts due to the heatwave. After being denied to continue doing so by management, they started wearing skirts instead. Dress code policys gad banned shorts, but not skirts. ... 25.4k

mediocrity511 . 5y I worked somewhere with a clean desk policy on Friday afternoons. The common way round this was that everyone would just sweep all their paperwork into an envelope, stick it in the internal mail and then it would arrive back on your desk on Monday morning. ... 18.1k

bonster85 . 5y In our office, we're not allowed to have more than 14 consecutive days off. So one guy booked a cruise for a month, booked off 14 days, then one day back, then another 14 days off. Не called in sick on his one day back. ... 10k

muthaclucker . 2y My boss started putting all staff required to start 15 mins earlier than indicated on the roster. I started keeping track of my unpaid overtime and stung her for 3 paid days off. That's not required anymore. ... 7.8k

 5y You have to eat whatever you touch was a rule in my kindergarten which led to all the children touching all the food to call dibs on it. 16.1k

TylerJWhit . . 5y Washington State made it mandatory for schools to drop their room temperatures to save on electricity. The result: teachers brought their own heaters into their offices and use of electricity increased. ... 19.5k

t-funny . . 5y A salon I worked at one day decided to drug test the hair stylists. Out of 12 stylists, 11 failed. The manger texted everybody the next day and told them to come to work ... 9.7k

justinmoore34 . . 5y My High School made students wear these neon t-shirts that read Dress Code Violator if their outfit didn't adhere to the school's policy. They became so popular the school began selling them one week later. ... 10.6k

motherofdogmemes . . 5y When Domino's said all pizzas would be delivered in 30min. or less or your pizza was FREE. All the delivery drivers kept getting in car accidents to get your pizza to you on time, so it wouldn't come out of their paycheck. It was a short lived venture. ... 8.6k

InsanityWolfie • . 5y My company has a strict no alcohol policy. You can't begin work within 10 hours of having had a drink. So whenever there's a staff shortage and they need me to come in right away, guess who just cracked open a cold one? ... 44.5k

tepman16 5y Buddy of mine told me about a Happy Hour promotion a bar ran close to his campus. Apparently the special was something stupid like 50-cent beers that lasted until the first person went to the bathroom. As he tells it, the first few weeks went without incident, but once it got more popular, people were going to extreme lengths to not be that guy including wearing adult diapers. Once people tried to covertly pee in corners and trash cans, the bar cancelled the promotion. ... 2.9k

Nightnurse1225 . . 5y Brother's friend works at a large company where safety is a top priority, even in corporate offices, to the point of absurdity. After an employee fell down some stairs, the company instituted a rule that all employees must use the handrails at all times. Signs were posted in stairwells, reminder emails sent out. The idea was scrapped after a record number of employees came down with the flu. ... 831

Tenshotshad . 5y At my old job, some people abused lunch so they made a few of em text in when they started and finished lunch. One guy specifically would text the start time, place he got food, his order in detail, the address, price, etc. Even when he bought a snack while out. That stopped a week later ... 5.3k

logicalsilly . . 5y My institute banned porn sites in its WiFi. Most people weren't tech savvy enough or bold enough to ask how to bypass it. Then the institute banned Facebook. Everyone learnt using proxy in matter of days. Let's just say the servers were under heavy pressure then onwards. ... 31.9k

Anidma . 5y School I attended emailed the entire student body to not use Yik Yak because students were being bullied on it. All of the students, myself included, who hadn't heard of the app immediately downloaded it and began using it. ... 1.5k

ThaddeusSimmons . 5y My middle school had a no touching rule which meant you'd get suspended for high fiving a friend. Girls got in trouble for hugging their friends. Our teachers thought this was ridiculous and would have students high five each other in their classes for a minute everyday. So many kids got suspensions that the rule stopped being enforced and only counted if you touched a kid in a bullying situation or sexual harassment. ... 1.1k

 . 2y A long while back, but my school banned the color pink because a bunch of students were wearing it one October and they thought it was a gang thing. It was for breast cancer awareness month. The rule didn't go well for them. ... 24.3k

pipipiper . . 5y English law in wales set the death penalty for stealing a sheep. Welshmen caught stealing sheep would claim to be making love to them. They would get a lesser penalty for beastiality. The consequence of this is they welshmen gained a reputation as sheep shaggers. ... 38.7k

BlueFalconPunch . . 5y ESSAYONS The military used to have a 2 beer lunch rule...they never specified the size of the beers. ... 10.2k

 . 2y Back in the early 00s, my high school implemented a policy that you had to wear your ID tag at all times. If you didn't have it on, you were sent home. So many students lost their ID tag to go grab food or skip a class. We were the only graduating class to wear them all four years. The policy ended soon after. ... 12.3k

nagol93 . 5y Middle school wanted to create a trash free environment so they removed the trash cans from the parking lots, halls, and cafeteria. Then just told the kids to toss your trash when you get home or in a classroom The amount of litter skyrocketed overnight, after a week or so they brought back the cans. ... 14.8k

MyPeeSacisFull . 5y I once worked at a pizza place. Our manager got tired of the colorful language one day and decided to enact a swear jar. She said she'd charge us a quarter for every time we cussed. My co-worker Jay was the first person to get penalized. She said, You owe a quarter. Не popped a dollar bill in and said, Take a fucking dollar, fucking bitch! It didn't last long. ... 3.8k

Kordwar . 5y My work has an infraction system. If you're a minute late that's half a point, if you're up to four hours late that's half a point. So if you're going to be a minute late you might as well be four hours late because it's the same penalty.

Nikolasdmees . 5y College removed chairs in cafeteria so people wouldnt hang around. Now people just dont eat at the cafeteria, its a ghost hall and most of the food is thrown away daily. Really sad ... 812

Saint_Phoenix . 5y One of the high rise blocks I have to maintain has a sign saying Anything left here will be removed due to it being a fire risk. People just dump the shit there they don't want like fridges and sofas and by law we have to take it. Fuck me right

jamer0658 5y The previous school I worked at decided that all shirts needed to have the school name or emblem (which was a fancy letter 'E') on them to be dress code appropriate. That's all the handbook said. No clarification on how the name or emblem was designed or the color or if it had to be permanently affixed to the clothing. The students hated the policy and, being in high school, looked for any loophole possible. They found one due to the lack of clarity of the handbook policy. The kids would make paper 'E's and pin them to

MikeOxbigg . 5y A hotel I used to work for decided they were having an alcohol-free holiday party. This didn't sit well with the people who'd been working there for years and were accustomed to a full bar at the party. The staff parking lot ended up being full of people drinking in their cars trying to get a good buzz to carry them through the party and most people ended up getting way drunker than they would have so the party was a shit show. ... 14.6k

loljetfuel 2y My spouse's workplace realized they didn't have a policy about sending sexual images or jokes as part of their email acceptable use policy, so they added it. Except they made it a firing offense to send or receive sexual content (I think the intent was to stop people from subscribing to such content). They also said that your access would be immediately revoked until a determination was made. So someone got fired for something else and decided to send their whole management chain a graphically sexual image, then report it using the anonymous tip line. IT got the

TheLightningCount1 . 5y Any support call lasting longer than 25 minutes must be reported to higher ups for review. IE if you have too many, no matter if its your fault or not, you get a disciplinary review. I implemented the rule of politely hang up on a customer as close to 25 minutes as you can and call them right back. I am sorry I am experiencing a small issue with my phone, is it ok if I call you right back? Gotcha Outgoing calls are not reported or recorded. Its amazing. ... 9k

Fswgpe . 5y A few years ago we weren't allowed to stand in groups bigger than 4 at our school because this old teacher told us it was gang behaviour and encouraging gang violence. One day my entire year of like 100+ people got in a massive group screaming gang gang and throwing gang signs on our school field so they had to bring every single teacher out to try and split us apart for a straight 20 minutes, best school day ever. ... 9.8k

RadixPerpetualis . 5y My city has issues with loud bikes/vehicles. So as a deterrant, the city put up decibel meters that displayed how loud your engine is (similar to those signs that read your speed and display it to you) but instead of deterring anyone, people would pull up to these signs and rev the heck out of their engines to see who could get the highest decibel count. The city took the counters down within a week. ... 1.8k
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