30 of the Worst Tinder Dates Ever

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30 of the Worst Tinder Dates Ever

No one is happy to be on Tinder. It’s the dating app where freaks are running the show, and you can’t swipe for even a few seconds without seeing the profile of someone who should be put on a government watchlist. That being said, it’s less bizarre on the app than it is to take your chances at meeting one of those freaks in person. Whether it’s an uncomfortable date with a very eager SoundCloud rapper or an explosive argument with someone who believes in eugenics, these are the worst matches people have had on Tinder. 

Honestly, these stories make getting ghosted look like the best possible outcome.

facesosunny . . 5y My sister went on a date when he was wearing clown shoes. Comically large red shoes. ... 141
waitforleah . 8y I watched a guy's cat die. On our first date. ... 515
Uncle_Dingus . . 8y She tried to sell me insurance over dinner. She had a full pitch prepared and even insulted me for choosing my current provider. I split the check and then I split. ... 72
giraffacamelopardal . . 8y Не made me watch his homemade rap videos and tried to like his own FB page on my phone. ... 3.8k
vintorzaleris . 8y Met at a coffee shop, shes there early. I order my drink, sit down, she looks at me and this is her first sentence. Lets cut to the chase, I need a father for my 4 sons. I got up and left. ... 1.7k
Clittle93 . . 8y went to see fifty shades of grey, got a blowy in the parking lot, got caught by a security guard on a segway.... ended up with chlamydia........ I no longer tinder.
 . 6y Guy talked about his business card for half the date. Got outta there before I could be American Psycho-ed. ... 344
thebitchboys . . 8y Not an awful date, but after I told him I wasn't interested in pursuing it further he insisted that I left my socks at his place and I HAD to get them because, they look like really nice socks and I'm sure you would want them back. This went on for several days.
wdavisroberts . 8y I once went on a date with a woman who claimed she hadn't smoked weed since like 8th grade, because once she started getting into coke what was the point but now she was smoking to help with the nausea because her shrinks put her on lithium. Was a lot of info for the third sentence of a date. ... 301
JustPlainSimpleGarak .  8y Everything seemed normal until about 45 minutes in when she decided to tell me all about the time she was kidnapped and all the associated lingering psychological issues still present. Within the first hour of meeting, I remind you. ... 1.5k
brtnbrdr13 . 8y We went to her place, ate mushrooms and had sex. She was a biter, and it was like having sex with a giant spider. Needless to say I didn't have a great time, and she kicked me out. I sat in my car outside for two long hours tripping on mushrooms trying to come to terms with what felt like dying. Woke up the next morning with large bite marks. Never do mushrooms with strange tinder girls. ... 1.7k
Taylosaurus . 8y We went out for drinks, then walked around the park and was an enjoyable date. I took her home and parked next to her apt. She said I shouldn't park there because I'll get towed. I said I only need 3 minutes to walk you to your door. She said seriously, you should park in visitors since you can stay all night and not get towed. I responded that I only need 3 minutes to walk you to your door. I am not a smart man. ... 2.3k
 . 8y I went out with a girl a few weeks ago who spoke of nothing but her gluten intolerance for the entire two days before our date. Three minutes into it she orders a Coors light. When I asked her how that's possible she tells me that her gluten intolerance is only from food and not from alcohol. Paid for my drink and hers then I just left. ... 142
DasCthulhu . 6y Showed up to the date and the girl was pregnant, VERY pregnant. Like holy crap how did you get here on your own, should I be worried about your water breaking any minute pregnant. No mention of her being pregnant anywhere on her profile, not even a hint about it. ... 658
totally_not_matt. 6y Met with a girl and we actually started dating. She always seemed awkwardly close to her brother, and after three months she says: I can't hide it anymore, will you have a three way with me and ? I've been looking on tinder for willing guys forever. No, I didn't. ... 514
thesoundofbacon . 6y Not me, but my little brother. Went on a date with a guy. Went to his place. My little brother went to use the restroom. Came back out, dude was on my brother's phone. Brother asked what the fuck he was doing. Dude said, Looking at porn. ... 67
 . 6y My friend met this guy on tinder and decided to meet up with him. Не told us to meet him at a tamale festival in this run down area. We showed up and saw the dude in the middle of a wrestling match (he was a huge catfish) and we ended up leaving. The tamales were pretty good though. ... 26
1995shakedownstreet. 6y Went on a coffee date with a French exchange student and he spent a lot of time talking about how bad America and Americans are and then started smoking (which I hate). Left as fast as I could and never talked to him again. ... 47
Baetan . 5y WEIRD GIRL Met a guy on tinder, we talked for a while on fb before meeting. Не decides to come to my work for my lunch break. I was working 3rd shift at the time so this was at like 3am. I hung out in his car in complete silence while he played on his phone. Then he started to show me pictures of REAL dead bodies on his phone. I hopped out of his car so fast. That was my first and last tinder date. ... 1.7k
hippibalik . ! 5y The weirdest one was prob going out with this dentist guy. We were in a cafe. he then asked to see my teeth and questioned about my oral hygiene. I have pretty good teeth according to him but that was weird. ... 1.9k
BObsterls . 6y Girl and I talked a lot on Tinder and seemed to click very well, so we arranged to meet in person. When I got there, it was like talking to a wall. She spent the whole time on her phone, didn't ask me any questions or make any effort at conversation at all. After 10 minutes, she said This isn't working out, I'm going home and left. I drove 50 minutes for that, and I had to do the same drive back home. ... 50
thatguywiththecamry . 8y Went on a date with a woman to a pub where, during the conversation we had, she wanted to take a picture of my drivers license to send and show to her sister via text. Two minutes later, the woman brought up my DUI I had 5 years ago. Her sister did a criminal background check on me, One and a half hours into the date.
Nethervex 8y We talked for a while about our families and I mentioned both my brothers were mentally handicapped and I've worked with people like them to help better their lives. She said I was a really sweet guy for doing that and devoting my time. Then she told me people like my brothers should be euthanized as kids so they cant be a burden on their families or society. Long story short, I'm banned from Panera. ... 1.5k
StealYourBacon . 6y Had some conversations with this really buff guy (could benchpress about 150kg) because i tought he looked cute. Found out after a while he was the really possessive kind and tried to let him know it wasnt gonna work. It ended up by me being stalked for about 4 months before he finally gave up. ... 176
fredyouareaturtle . 5y guy offered me a bag of marijuana at the beginning of the date. Then spent the rest of the evening talking about molecules and energies and how the government is trying to give us cancer because of something in the lights we use? ... some weird pseudoscientific stuff. I just nodded along and ate my food (he didn't eat anything because he fasts 23 hours a day). The best part was that the woman at the table next to ours could hear our conversation and we exchanged knowing looks.. where her eyes said WTF is up with
Sunbeam0000 . 5y About 15 minutes in we were discussing travel and we'd both been to Amsterdam and then he said this is probably more of a second date conversation but when I was in Amsterdam two hookers blew me while my girlfriend waited in the room. I guess it was raining outside so his gf waited in the room. ... 648
gkzrl . 5y Guy kept asking me out for weeks and even called me (we had exchanged numbers eventually) to convince me, so I decided to give it a try. We decided to meet at a bar. Не got there 30 minutes late and ordered a coke. Apparently, he was a recovering alcoholic. That's not a problem for me, I just thought it was weird that he had agreed to go to a bar. And then, he proceeded to perform on me what felt like a job interview. At some point I even sarcastically asked am I doing ok here?.
MrShoubic . 5y Went on a date with this cute girl. We talked about an hour and she felt more fascinated when I brought up my cats. She was very eager to meet them so we proceeded to go to my place. Spent few hours just playing with my cats. She was about to leave and before she put her shoes on to go, she says to me, Oh I forgot something. And went to grab my youngest kitten, (during the time 4 months old) and picked him up and wanted to walk out with him. I stopped her and
Chlorure . 8y Waiting for my date at the mall and locking eye contact with him only to see him turn around and walk away.
mediocrityisenough . 8y Met up for a coffee after having quite a nice chat over tinder for a few days. Не sits down and says hey nice to meet you, then continues to pull out his laptop and sit there in complete silence for the next hour. I had nothing with me but my phone, since I thought coffee date means conversation. Should've left sooner.
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