30 Insane Interactions People Had with Strangers

‘Redheads are the actual spawn of Satan!’
30 Insane Interactions People Had with Strangers

With almost eight billion people roaming this little planet we inhabit, the likelihood that you’ll interact with a stranger is astronomically high. And the likelihood that the interaction will be crazy as hell is even higher. To be clear, a crazy interaction isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just a standout moment that you’ll probably never forget — like the woman who was approached at the airport by a guy who, for some reason, couldn’t believe that she didn’t ride dirtbikes. 

In that vein, cashiersUber drivers and people just trying to peacefully ride the bus to work have all shared some of the kooky experiences they’ve had with strangers, and these stories will either inspire you to be a little more normal or way more weird.

goosesh 5y Parked outside my at-the-time boyfriend's house and we're talking before he goes into his house. Before he leaves, A guy opens the back door of my Jeep and jumps in. I'm terrified and honestly thinking I'm about to be robbed or something because I've never experienced this before. Не hands us $50 and sits there for what felt like a while, but was probably just a few seconds. Turned out he was new to town and trying to buy drugs from someone a buddy had connected him with. Не thought when we pulled up and parked that we
Not_That_Tall 5y Okay so last month I'm at the airport, wearing a business suit, waiting for my flight home from a work trip on a Thursday afternoon. A random guy at the gate comes up to me, looks me up and down, and asks You ride dirt bikes? I politely tell him no and turn away. Не starts looking at me like he knows me and continues Really?! No motorcycles or nothin'? In my head, I'm trying to figure out if maybe female dirtbikers are tall or something. I am fairly tall for a female and am often asked if
cucumberskinlady - 5y When I was younger I was riding my scooter and then this lady who looked about 30 with really spikey green and purple hear, wearing goggles, pink leggings, and a silver bomber jacket came by scooting on her own scooter. Stopped, looked me up and down, smiled widely and yelled: Nice ride! Then scooted away ... 7.8k
meatloaf1212 5y I went into a convenience store at the bus station. It bottlenecked near the counter and it was always awkward to try to walk around people. I'm 2nd in line. Crazy guy in front of me starts arguing with the guy behind the counter about some nonsense. They're screaming and swearing at each other and I'm kinda just stuck there cuz I can't walk past him. All of a sudden crazy guy stops, glares at him, and then spins around and lifts his leg up backwards and plops his foot on the counter. Не stands like that for
FuttBucker27 . 5y Way back when I used to work retail one fella came up to my cash buying toilet paper and a spatula. I asked him how he was doing and he said well, it's Friday. It was Sunday. After he paid for his things he then angrily stabbed the handle of the spatula through the plastic of the toilet paper and then walked away. ... 207
AgentGravitas . 5y I once saw a cab driver stop at a red light and look over at the car in the lane beside him. Then in one smooth unbroken motion, he put on a clown nose, took it off, opened his mouth to reveal a plastic spider on his tongue, closed his mouth, pulled a rubber dog mask hanging around his neck up over his face, then pulled it back down again. Then the light changed and he drove away. It all happened in the span of maybe three seconds and was so bizarre my brain short-circuited. ... 72
JLHumor 5y I was at a baseball game and was looking at this guy can't remember why, no I'm not gay.) it's like he could feel me looking at him so he starts slowly turning his head toward me and I immediately start turning my head away from him at the same slow speed. Then he slowly started turning his head back to the direction his body was facing the same slow speed and as I saw him do that I started turning my head back towards him at matching speeds. Не looked at me again and I looked away.
StankDankDaddy . 5 5y Short but, I saw a guy bring an entire tree onto the bus.. he gave it a seat and everything but people got angry due to leaves and branches hitting them in the face. But hey, who am I to judge a dude going for a nice ride with his youthful birch. ... 69
_Green_Kyanite_ 5y A complete stranger stopped me on my walk to class, so she could compliment my hair. She did all the usual, Your hair is just so pretty! I'll bet you hear that all the time though. I used to have hair like that! stuff I've gotten used to as a natural redhead. But then she followed it up with, Oh, by the way, I'm a Russianist, and if you ever go to rural Russia, little old ladies will ward you off with the sign of the cross because in rural Russia, they believe redheads are the actual spawn
dislikedmanson 5y I was a university student on my way home from the local campus pub. This guy who I've never met before came up to me and said do you wanna run?. Not like a race, just running because it's fun. I said hell yeah! and then we ran as fast as we possibly could for like 100 yards. Then I took a sharp left turn towards my apartment and we both yelled byyyyyeeeeee. Never saw him again. ... 59
user45677654893 . 5y I was walking into a Walmart and a woman was comforting her crying child by saying, Hush child! There be corn dogs up in here! ... 3.5k
PsycoBoyFilms . 5y The other night I was at my girlfriends house late (she lives with her parents) and didn't have a phone charger. I asked her mom if she knew where a wall brick was since I had the wire but not the wall part. She asked me what phone I had and I told her Google Pixel. Same one as you and she replied Oh well you can just use my charger. I asked Would you be alright with that?, to which she said No completely deadpan and then went into her room and shut the door. ...
 . 5y I was at a train station, an adult mental handicapped guy came and sat next to me, he was wearing a white leather child's restraint with a leash and he offered the leash to me, for some stupid reason I took it. I tried to give it back, he started freaking out, so I just sat there and held this guys leash until my train came. he then offered me a single shoe from a bag of single shoes he had, I tried to refuse it, but he started freaking out again, so I accepted the battered
CleavageConneisseur . 5y I got into a pool cab, a middle aged man sitting beside me said can you remove the earphones from your ear, they are bothering me. I was surprised and annoyed and said no. Then he said  OK, can you share one with me then? I said no again and changed seats. One of the strangest conversations I ever had. ... 2.1k
geewhizz90 . 5y My wife was pregnant and we were checking out at the grocery store. The cashier asked how she planned on delivering and suggested that my wife not get an epidural. The cashier, who was maybe 20, said how amazing it felt to feel her baby slide through the birth canal. Getting an epidural would ruin that experience. ... 3.5k
youthisreadwrong- 5y This actually happened to a friend of mine but I think it's worth a share. There was this man in his 60s yelling at a wall next to my house. My friend, who was about 12 at the time, thought it would be funny to stand beside the man and yell at the wall too. The man turned to him, glanced at him for a second, approached him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away. ... 3.4k
Tanaisy . 5y I worked at a gas station in the rural upper Midwest in the mid 90s. Working the evening shift a guy walks thru the parking lot, up to the paper towel dispenser, rips it off the post and sets it on the ground. Не then turns to glare at me briefly and continues his stomp elsewhere. I often wonder what events led up to that. ... 983
Timpunny . 5y I've had my fair share of the ol' awkward dance when you run into someone in a hallway. Today I almost ran into this guy but he lightly grabbed my shoulders and gently moved me to the side in one fluid motion. I can't say that was the best solution, but it's better than the dance. ... 4.1k
P1ckles2 . 5y When I was about 8 years old my mum brought me to her friends house so I would play with her friends 8 year old son while they had a chat. Не walked me outside and said hey check this out Не pulled down his pants and took a massive dump onto the floor right in front of me and then his dog ate it and threw up. l'll never forget that moment.. ... 15.3k
udamndirtyape . . 5y When I was a kid I vividly remember my fellow classmate aggressively throwing rocks into the forest near our elementary school and screaming I HATE MARTHA STEWART! I will never understand. ... 1.2k
CanadianArtGirl . 5y I was in Cuba in a resort. Gathering with the masses for evening entertainment. A woman, who I believe was/ sounded German was going from group to group. She came up to me and asked Canadian? I said yes. She handed me her baby and walked away for a few minutes. I made cooing noises and sang hello strange baby while she giggled. The lady came back with 2 chairs and set up in an open area and said thanks before taking the baby back. Cute baby, weird situation. ... 364
Wildcats603 . 5y Identical twin here. Some girl was talking to me at a bar as if I knew her. Kept trying to tell her I'm not who she thinks I am, and that she was looking for my brother, who was in the bathroom at that moment. Learned some really weird and kinky stuff about my twin that I really didn't need to know, only for him to walk up behind her and hear all of it, until she turned and saw him, realized what happened, and the three of us shared the most awkward silence I've ever had.
SilentTelephone 5y I was walking back from class one day and a neighbor from one my dorms was walking towards me. Once he saw me he dashed behind a tree and tried to hide even though I could see his body because it's a really skinny tree. Once he figured that out and popped out his head and put 1 arm up and said Hi in the most monotone way possible. I said hello and then carried on with my day. Не was a really sweet guy just not great with people. Always remember him and miss his awkwardness! ...
mxmnull 5y I swear I am not making up a word of this. I used to work at a movie theater. It was a fairly busy weekend- don't remember what was coming out, but I remember that none of my coworkers expected it to do as well as it did. I have just cleared out my line in concessions, so I'm waiting for the next customer to notice me and come over. Instead this family of six march over straight from the entrance. They are wearing shades of orange, but none of the shirts actually match. They all look at
Angus13bw 5y I was leaving the science wing of my college riding in the elevator with a guy from my class. I had spoken two him once or twice but certainly did not know him personally. I'm a pretty big fan of Widesrpread Panic (a jam band for those of you who do not know) and from appearance he seemed like the kind of guy who would also be interested in that particular genre. So trying to make causal conversation I asked Do you like widespread panic? Не enthusiastically replied I love it, the chaos of it all. His response
scarfhero 5y My boyfriend and I were taking the bus home after going downtown for a date. We sat in the back, where my favourite little corner spot is. This particular evening, however, I noticed a man sitting in my preferred spot. Normally this isn't a big deal in the slightest, since you can't really claim a seat on public transit. This guy had on a helmet made of cabbage. I had to double take at him a couple of times. Nothing else was particularly off about him, he just had an obviously homemade helmet of cabbage. I knew it
vomirrhea 5y I was out with coworkers in the crowded downtown area and we all got pretty smashed. Trying to leave at 2am, I was put in charge of getting my buddy home as he was too drunk to function and we lived only a block away from each other. I was trying desperately to get a cab but it was a busy Saturday night and I was having no luck at all. Then out if nowhere, a man with a full beard and a manbun appeared and he was wearing a gauzy pink dress with yellow flowers. Не said
shepherdlover22 5y I had a man in my checkout line who asked me what he should do about his gf that he was madly in love with. I said idk marry her? Не said I would but she is in prison. I responded oh why? (Thinking to myself why would I even ask that) he goes on this big rant about how his gf beat the shit out of him and fucked his best friend. Then tells me that she tried to kill herself and him. Не told me about how she asked him for help carrying a few things
scarletnightingale 5y I lived in the dorms in college, one day I was walking back to my room after class when this random girl across the parking lot starts waving at me. Then she comes running up to me and the first words out of her mouth are Hi, I'm (random name I can't remember). I've been praying for you. Then she insisted on walking me back to my dorm and told me that she would see me walking and decided she needed to pray for me. Then she told me about how she had also told her mother about
nebula4364 . 5y I work at Starbucks and one time this older man ordered a coffee and a butter croissant so I said would you like your croissant warmed? And this man yelled back at me NO! What do I look like? A LIBERAL? I had never been yelled at before so I just kind of walked away because I was really confused
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