16 Funny, Weird or Insane Experiences from Uber Drivers

Dahmer, is that you?
16 Funny, Weird or Insane Experiences from Uber Drivers

For every normal Uber passenger who just wants to get to their destination in a timely fashion, there’s an unhinged passenger who believes he’s the second coming of Jeffrey Dahmer

Okay, maybe that’s an extreme generalization, but Uber drivers have clearly seen some shit. What are you supposed to do if the second coming of Jeffrey Dahmer gets in your car anyway? Does a guy like that leave a decent tip, or does he have other priorities? 

Even worse, Dahmer part deux isn’t the only bizarre passenger the rideshare drivers of Reddit have escorted from Point A to Point B. To that end, here are some of the funny, weird and downright crazy things that have happened in the back seat of their own car…

smilingonion . 4y I took a guy to a nearby town across the river at 3am When he got out he came to the driver's window and said Ever see pure evil? I am the reincarnation of Jeffry Dahmer! Then he walked away down the dark street ... 43
 . 7y It wasn't so much weird as it was random but my first night driving for Uber/Lyft I picked up a dude at 2:30 AM that was finishing up a pub crawl. The dude was dressed in a purple dinosaur onesie and was HAMMERED. Не got in and started telling me his entire life story and how he came out to his parents and moved across the country the next day. ... 6.8k
Kahlvin 8y I picked up a few guys that were planning on going to a friend's hotel room to drink. They brought along a garbage bag full of Bud Light. On the way there, they decided to go straight to the bar instead. When we got to the bar they left without the bag full of beers, and when I pointed that out they told me that I could keep it as a tip. That was 3 weeks ago. I still have a bunch left. ... 2.3k
jesseholm . 7y Took this 19 year old kids and what I assumed was his gf back to her house on pride weekend in SF. They made out the whole ride. When I dropped them off, only she got out. Не said Take me to Castro and 18th. I said Really? and he said Yeah, I only make out with girls when I'm rolling. Never a dull moment in San Francisco. ... 4.8k
CrimWarDaddy95 . . 7y Uber passenger here: had a driver tell me he was changing his name to Nilrem, because it was Merlin spelled backward and he was a wizard. ... 9.5k
martorano10 4y Was driving an afternoon in the late summer. I live in a beach town so it was perfect weather and people everywhere. Went to a pick up and saw a guy and two women. Picked them up and they clearly had been day drinking, just laughing and having a good time. It was a husband and wife and the wife's cousin. They all were clearly sexed up a little from the booze, joking about having sex (the husband and wife). The guy makes a joke to his wife's cousin saying if I had met you first we'd be
 . 4y Drove for a bit a few years ago and one night I picked up a dude and his buddy around a popular bar area who were pretty drunk. They were going back to a rich part of town so I took the ride hoping for a nice tip. They started talking shit close to home and when we got there they started beating the crap out of each other in the driveway as they got out of the car. I left pretty quick. ... 275
 4y Not really creepy or weird but definitely unexpected and a bit bizarre at the time. Three older women paid me to take them an hour ride to a casino and then by the hour to hang out and give them a safe ride once they were done gambling. I was in school at the time and one of the ladies ended up helping me restructure my resume and this Monday l'll be starting me new job as a Data Engineer. ... 168
idiotOnAnApp 4y 3am. Drive up to an old bar. Guy and his friend get in and immediately start laughing. I dont question because I figured they were drunk, and from the smell, stoned too. About half way to their destination, the guys friend asked me for my wallet because he left his driver's license in it. I started laughing because that's the stupidest thing I ever heard. My friend a few months prior bought a new wallet and left his old one in the my car, so I put a single dollar in it and handed it to him. Не
Theweiserwill . 6y I had a passenger roll down the window and scream SUCK MY FUCKING DICK at a deer. She said she really didn't like deer. ... 3.6k
mrarain . 7y I got wayyyyyy to drunk, told the uber to take me home. Woke up 4 hours later in my driveway, with my actual car 4 hours away at my hotel. ... 117
CincinnatiREDDsit . 8y Had a girl get so wasted she passed out. Couldn't wake her for anything. Called the paramedics and they had to slap the shit out of her to wake her up. Hey J, are you ready to go to the hospital? woo... Let's go........ Alright she said it! Let's move her out! ... 1.1k
Aevaegaegahl . . 4y One time I was driving this pregnant lady to a strip club and she said she was looking for her husband. I asked why her husband would be here and she replied saying that this is where she left him last month ... 10
Unadvisedd . 7y Picked up a guy in the middle of the day from a bar, took him to a casino near by. As soon I got on the freeway some lady started tailing me and constantly beeping at me. I freaked out a little and he said that might be my wife, don't worry she'll stop following soon. She followed us for the whole 20 minute ride, non-stop beeping. Once we got there, he practically jumped out of my car and ran for the door. She followed him in her car, almost hitting him. Last thing he said to
 . 8y I had a customer tell me they needed to bring their pregnant goat with them. I had to politely refuse. ... 924
patdatruth . 7y One time someone put a blow up doll with two 40s duct taped to the doll's hands in my passenger seat and said that the uber was for her. Не closed the door and I just drove me and the doll to the destination. ... 721
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