25 Awful Customers That Cashiers Have Met in the Checkout Line

25 Awful Customers That Cashiers Have Met in the Checkout Line

Everyone knows that you meet society’s biggest sickos when you’re working the cash register. While it’s true that most people in the service industry are underpaid and overworked, there’s something about the checkout line that conjures up the worst in people, and cashiers are forced to bear the brunt of it. That’s the only explanation for the guy who put his spare change in his mouth while waiting in line, only to have to spit out coins when it was time to pay. That’s the behavior of someone with sinister checkout-line energy. 

To that end, here are some of the most unhinged customers that Redditors have met while working the cash register… 

Hawq. 9y Not me, but my mom worked at a grocery store for a few years. There was this strange older man who would come in a few days a week. Не would walk over, pick a book up off the shelf, and just stand there reading for countless hours, only to eventually leave before closing without purchasing a thing. Не came in fairly often to read, and everyone thought it was odd, but they just ignored him as he wasn't causing any harm. Fast forward a year or two, my mom met my dad and they started dating. After

darknessamongus . . 1y One lady asks me What size am I in underpants I respond with I am not too sure about that, what size are you normally in pants Then this woman proceeds to reach down her pants pull out her THONG AND COME UP TO ME and says can you read what my thong says I wanted to die ... 68

TeslaStar . 1y I was scanning a guy through at a dollar store one time and we got to the end. Me: Have a great day Him: Well what if I wanna have a terrible day?! Me: Deer is headlights look well uhm, I hope you have the kinda day you wanna have? ... 9

GlowingStreetlights 10y Want to see my bullet wound? Me : Uh... Guy rips of his shirt in the middle of a bakery filled with old folks on a Sunday morning. His bullet wound looked like melted skin that had been pinched. Do you have a pen? Here's my email. Не rolls the napkin into a flower, and hands it to me. The guy was a bald 40+ year old man. Не gave me his military email. I was only 15. ... 12

abedofthorns 1y My first day at my first job, 17 years old. I'm smiling and being polite as I work the checkout. Tell lady as I hand her her items to have a nice day! with a smile. She gives me an odd look and asks if I'm new, I tell her yes. She then reaches over, takes my hand, and says to me, Well, if you say that to me again, l'll kill you. :/ ... 248

PJ_lyrics 9y I long time ago I had a lady that refused to let me hand her back her change. She gave me cash and I went to hand her back a few dollars and change, she said no put it on the counter. I was confused and tried again, she then banged the counter and said place the money here. So I did and she picked it up and put it in her purse. I still don't understand what happened. ... 28

luecack . 1y Worked as a cashier at a grocery store in high school. Woman (probably in her 50's) came up, slammed a zucchini on the belt, and proclaimed that it was her new boyfriend. 17 year old me couldn't process that statement fast enough to come up with a clever response. ... 28

shawanjunk . . 3y I'm not a cashier anymore, but when I was there were some interesting interactions. The one that comes to mind is a guy came in drunk and tried to buy a single carrot. Не must've gotten hungry while waiting in line because he took a massive bite out of it. Then he didn't understand that we sold them by weight and we were trying to figure out how to charge him for it when half of it was in his stomach ... 1.1k

MilkDudEnthusiast 1y Had an in store pick up. After asking for an ID the customer tells me, they never ask for ID. She takes out anyways and I give her her order. Afterwards she says You know what? Kohl's checks my ID when I buy this 20 dollar shirt. But you know they should check for ID when you vote. And she walked out the door after that. I'm still trying to understand where that came from. ... 39

kendiara 10y I worked at a bookstore and this lady comes in looking for a book about dealing with grief. I walk her over to the area and we start chatting about hows she's a hospice nurse and that the job is really sad because she only meets the people near the end of their lives. She starts talking about wishing assisted suicide was legal in our state, and this one patient she had there were no drugs strong enough to ease the pain. At this point she's almost talking to herself with that blank stare in her eyes that

wafflols . 1 10y Well I had a customer who bleated like a goat at me. That was pretty odd. ... 7

TBatWork 9y We had a fat lady who would drive around in the store scooter. She'd bring a carton of ice cream with her and eat it like Popeye ate spinach by squeezing the bottom of the carton and taking bites off the top. She'd ram people's carts and knock the shelves out of alignment. ... 55

KS AZ - Sheazer90 . 1y des 00 A male customer of mine said These masks are like wearing little boys underwear on your face aren't they?. ... 27

Wehavecrashed . 10y A nice (looking) old man hobbled up to me and asked me if we sold phone batteries. I asked him what phone and he showed me some cordless home phone. I told him that we didn't sell any batteries like that. When i said that he looked really sad then he said to me Then why the FUCK do you sell them! and he hobbled off. ... 7

bigheyzeus . 9y I worked fast food and this lady had ordered just the burger meat to bring home to her dog. She then acted out how he would eat it with barking sounds and everything. She appeared to be on a few drugs. ... 42

1piperpiping . 10y You're still an idiot, Dave I offered a guy paper or plastic bags but he said no thanks because that's how they find you. ... 20

Paperlips . 9y I worked in a store that sold vitamins/herbs and once a lady came in and asked if we had anything to treat boils on her vagina. I told her she should consult a doctor, not someone who sells vitamins. ... 26

wuapinmon . 3y Circa 1992, I had an approx 50 y/o lady come into the Kroger where I worked in Georgia and buy condoms, tampons, a Cosmopolitan, beer, kitty litter, and those birthday cake candles that don't blow out when you blow on them. I joked, Big night, huh? She responded, (and people didn't really drop the f-bomb in suburban Atlanta back then), You have no fucking idea, honey. I blushed. ... 3.5k

throwawayable5. Зу Dead serious. This was before I was a cashier but I was behind a guy at the register of a sporting good store and he bought duct tape, rope, a knife, and a gun. As he was checking out he asked the lady at the register, do you guys carry body bags? I kid you not. Не asked for body bags. I was like 10 at the time and terrified. I later realised it was a sporting good store and he probably wanted them for like deer or something but still... ... 435

madeofstarlight . 10y I worked at a lingerie store. Not sexy kind. More like for people who wanted to be comfortable. Anyway, I walk by the fitting rooms. This lady shakes her tits at me. And they look like man boobs. It was so horrifying that I sat in the back until she left the store. ... 7

_northernlights - 9 9y Had a man at my til when i was 15, told me he wanted to put a gun on the front of his vehicle and shoot at people who made him mad. Another lady pulled money out of her bra, and yes it was damp. Best one was a guy who asked me where to buy drugs....with a huge line up of customers behind him. ... 18

shroomigator . 1 10y I had a woman come in and, dismayed to hear that our rest room was outside, took a pee right in the aisle. ... 12

Tdschh 9y Worked in a small corner shop, after a longish wait in line, the guy had apparently become so bored that he'd decided to put all his loose change in his mouth. When it was his turn he looked really embarrassed and sheepish when he spit all of it out into his hand. I was disgusted on various levels. Edit: The only upside was that it was the exact amount. ... 29

thelibrariangirl . . 9y Back in the day I ran a cash register. A man came in a asked if I wanted to touch his monkey. I looked up... Не actually had a monkey on his shoulder. I did not touch his monkey. Monkeys freak me out. ... 27

jlamb42. 9y When I worked fast food a girl came up and very smugly ordered a burger without the meat, bread, ketchup, mustard, or pickles. That's right. She ordered a few pieces of lettuce and a couple slices of tomato. No matter the rationale, I hate her. She could have bought a head of lettuce and a tomato for the same price at a grocery store. ... 32
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