31 Funny, Cringe or Straight-Up Awful Job Interviews

‘You’re gonna get robbed every so often here’
31 Funny, Cringe or Straight-Up Awful Job Interviews

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are death, famine, war and job interviews. There’s no way to enjoy a situation where you’re basically begging for the opportunity to work — it feels like loser behavior. Regardless, we still update the lies on our resumes, write cover letters and wait for some dork in HR to call us. 

If you’re lucky, the groveling is kept to a minimum and things are relatively painless. But in the cases of these unlucky Redditors, the process bordered on the absurd. One person was asked, “If you were a crayon, what color would you be?” Can we be serious for a second? Crayons don’t have anything to do with getting a job done. Interviewers should not be allowed to read The 48 Laws of Power, or subsequently punish those who haven't. 

To that end, here are more epically bad job interview experiences, including a denture debacle, a candy bar mind game and a threat of robbery. 

PomegranatePlanet . 2 2y Interviewer, putting candy bars on the table to open the interview: Have a candy bar. Do you want Hershey's or Snickers? Me: Neither, thanks. I: Go ahead, pick one. M: I don't want any candy now, thanks. I: Take one, Hershey's or Snickers. M: Okay, l'll take the Snickers. I: No, I want the Snickers. You take the Hershey's. M: No, thank you. ... 26.6k
LobsterNixon . 2y I told them I couldn't answer their questions, farted audibly out of stress and thanked them for their time. ... 19.9k
Testosteroxin . 2y In a group interview, the interviewer crossed a line through my name on the list he had after I told him what I graduated in. This was within the first 5 minutes of a 40 minute meeting... ... 1.3k
rileysweeney 2y At an interview for a tech startup, they asked me If you could be any animal, what would you be? I answered Otter because you know, fun, active, work well with their hands and cute as fuck. They really debated whether or not to hire me because of that answer because, and I quote, We only hire predators, never prey. and they weren't sure how to quantify an Otter, because none of them had ever paid the least bit of attention to any sort of animal documentary or read biology or you know, visited a zoo recently. God
RustyShackleford_ 10y If you were a crayon what color would you be? I froze up and said um... white? ... 47
Lieutenant_Flagg 10y For a job at a smoothie place I was asked what i would do if a customer went to leave and it was raining outside. Did they expect me to walk them to their car with an umbrella? I still don't know how i was supposed to answer that one... ... 12
AmanderG . 1 12y One interviewer advised me that I should remove my tongue ring before my next interview. I don't sport a tongue ring. But apparently I have some sort of lisp. It was a sad day. ... 34
hardware5434 . 2y Had an interview, went well. I was offering the job on the spot and accepted. The HR manager went to get the needed paperwork, came back 10 mins later and said I must have forgot that we already filled this position. I'm sorry, but we don't have an opening. I could call you if something opens back up. I said no thank you. ... 25.2k
asianfemale. 12y I shook the interviewer's hand with the wrong hand. ... 6
tish1979 . 7y I got told that I can't possibly be from Zimbabwe, because I am white and that I spoke brilliant English... English is our first language, and yes there are white people in Africa... ... 316
Megs2606.10y Not me, my friend. She got asked by a supermarket: If you were a vegetable what would you be? ... 3
IgnasP . 2y Was invited for an IT helper position when I was 17. Would help fix computers for people at a shody PC fix shop. They asked me Whats the first thing you check if a customer calls and says their screen doesnt turn on? I said Well, you gotta check if they have it plugged into a socket They laughed and said thank you that will be it. Then led me to the door and gently pushed me out. ... 3.7k
HumbertHumbertHumber 12y in one of my first interviews as a teenager tell me one of your weaknesses 'uhhh... I guess.. ... uhhh. . I might be slow' I have no clue why I said it. I was feeling tired, I didn't really care about getting a job at taco bell and I was fat and winded all the time. ... 17
jmnolly00 . . 2y I was the only person that hr was able to source for a role and I still got rejected. :( ... 15.4k
RedInHeadandBed 10y Since you are a redhead, how do you control your temper? Him I don't have a temper. Me Yes, you do. All redheads do. Him You're short, how will you get stuff off the top shelf for a customer? Him Uh...... Me Не was so obnoxious. ... 35
 2y ... My first Interview ever was at DQ and I accidently knocked a 90 year old woman over. 11.8k Reply
Aedora125 . 10y I mentioned that I fenced on my resume. The interviewer asked How would fencing help you if you are being mugged? ... 50
collegeisawkward ОР e 9y i'll start with the time i opened an unsolicited dick pic RIGHT in the middle of my interview. i was filling out some paperwork and needed a contact, so i asked if i could see my phone. i noticed i had a text, went to discreetly open it, low and behold, there were the goodies of some guy whose texts i had been ignoring for three weeks. at 10 am.
iforgotmyfirstnameFU . 2 2y At an interview to be a county street sweeper, guy asks me if I have a girlfriend, proceeds to rant for 5 minutes how young people dont get married anymore. Then he asks me what I want to avoid at the job. At the time I had no idea how to answer as I'd never been asked that in an interview before. So I ask him to clarify, to which he just repeats the question, over and over until he gets super angry that I dont know how to answer that, then asks me to leave. To this
BrutalNutritionist • . 2y Realised it was a pyramid scheme half way through the interview. I was already working so didn't accept the job. ... 17.7k
attheark 1y Pretty short, but left me thinking what the fuck. I was interviewing for just a standard position behind the bar at a hotel/wedding venue. The interviewer, who was the general manager, asked why I'd left my last job. I was honest and said that the place's security kind of sucked, and after being robbed, I'd had enough. The manager gave me a puzzled look and said well, you're gonna get robbed every so often here, too. I stared at him for a moment and then realised he wasn't joking. I stood up, told him it wasn't going to
alpha_male148 . 9y Not mine but my dad. Had been off work for couple months because last place fired him for having surgery (teeth removed and dentures). Had an interview for a truck driving position, which he was very qualified, driving for years. About twenty minutes into the interview, my old man sneezes and out pop top and bottom plates onto the dudes desk. They stare for a minute, laugh like hell and he still got the job.
Burrito_Loyalist 1y Meet this guy at a job fair, he loves my work, gives me his card and tells me to call him the next day. I call him and we set up an interview. I go to his office, he looks at my portfolio, tells me it's great and that I'm a great fit for his company. Не proceeds to give me a tour of his entire office, introduces me to a bunch of people, and tells me about the great lunch spots in the area. At the end of the interview, we sit back down and he says
ArmyOfDog 1y It was for a management position, running a mail room. Something I'd done twice before. All the standard questions were asked. I felt like it was going well. Then he suddenly says to me, I'm hearing a lot of I from you. I'm concerned, because we are about the team, here, and not the individual. The hell? It's a job interview and you're concerned that I'm answering questions you have asked specifically about me, with answers that address your questions about me. That's utterly nonsensical. I don't even remember how I responded, but I knew I didn't want
memoi567 . 1 12y My one friend was handing in his resume to Mcdonalds, as soon as he gave it to the manager he saw his resume ripped up and thrown into the garbage right in front of him. ... 4
penguinkneez . 1y When I was like 16 I went to interview for a front desk job at a insurance agency. The 50-something man interviewing me asked me Do you understand the importance of deer hunting and are you willing to hunt? We lived in Chicago. I don't even remember what I responded with. I have never been so confused in my life. Its been 12 or so years since then and I still think about it periodically. ... 230
NateSloannn 12y I have a beard. Once an interviewer told me that I'd have to shave it. I guess I hesitated a litte and laughed as I said, Okay, no problem knowing full well that I wasn't going to shave it or take the job. Не looked at me for a second and then proceded, only to stop a few seconds later and say, Are you sure you'll shave it? Because there's no point in me going on with this interview if you're not going to. I gave it to him straight and then I just packed up my things,
CosmicWaffle5 9y I had an interview for a job as an electrical engineer, and specifically dealing with power systems. The interviewer asked if I would draw a transformer on the white board that was in the room and explain how it works. okay I said, a transformer. Do you want Optimus prime or megaton?. The interviewer was old and obviously had no clue what I was talking about, so I proceeded to say my sorries, and neverminds and drew a transformer with a beat red face. I am sure that I looked pretty stupid and never ended up getting the
JR28 . 10y What is your greatest weakness? Bears. Okay, moving on. ... 94
Yoy0lol . 7y I walked into the wrong job interview and thought all the questions being asked to me were just warm-up questions or questions to assess how I thought. Got the job. ... 105
xampl9 1y The office smelled .. bad. Like stale cigarettes. Looking around I realized the walls weren't painted light brown - nicotine had turned them that color. No one was smoking (it had been made illegal 10+ years previously), but it was obvious that they used to, and had never repainted the walls since. Or if they did, it had seeped through. ... 151
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