28 Mind-Blowing Stories of Legendary Photos

Sometimes the backstory of a picture is as amazing, if not more so, than the iconic picture it’s about
28 Mind-Blowing Stories of Legendary Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet most of the time, those words don’t explain where that picture came from. Which is too bad because those backstories are incredible in and of themselves. For instance...

This is NOT a photo of man's first step on the moon. It is a photo of a single boot imprint made by the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin. He took i
THDNCT After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, his widow, Jackie, was silently present during the swearing-in of Lyndon Johnson. She was still wea
Pictured are a few disaffected youths, lounging while the towers fell on 9/11... CRAGKEDCON ...Or it could be a group of shocked strangers that came t
This iconic photo shows Elizabeth Eckford, hounded by an angry white mob, as she entered Little Rock Central High School, September 4, 1957. Except...
28 Mind-Blowing Stories of Legendary Photos
Nick Ut snapped this photo of nine-year- old Phan Thi Kim Phuc, after she tore off her burning clothes following a napalm strike against her village i
Three months into hiding, Anne Frank pasted this photo of herself in her diary and wrote about her hopes of one day becoming a movie star. Lod ne nd >
This CRAGKEDCON was epic but illegal- Frenchman Philippe Petit pictured walking on a tightrope between the WTC Twin Towers on Aug. 7 1974. He was grre
The iconic Muhammad Ali as St. Sebastian photo had to use practical effects which made it pretty tedious to shoot. The champ had to stand still while
CRACKEDOON HOTEL Warren Bernard is the kid from this photo called 'Wait for me, Daddy'. He said it wasn't a happy time when his father came back at Ch
In March 1985, Nike paid Jacobus (Co) Rentmeester $15,000 for a 2-year license to use CRACKED.COM this photograph. In 1987, Nike registered its own
Dictator Benito Mussolini had this picture taken to show off his heroism. There was just one important detail edited out. RAKEDGOM The photo looks a
CRACKED.COM Tommie Smith and John Carlos are wearing gloves on different hands because Carlos forgot to bring his pair to the ceremony. A T The idea t
It took photographer Philippe Halsman 26 takes to capture this iconic photo, known as Dali Atomicus PICTURE CAT BEST EVER! Just picture good ol' Salva
The VJ-Day kiss wasn't some couple celebrating the end of World War 2. CRAt CHHICAL It was a sailor walking up to a stranger and kissing her without
One of the most famous photos ever taken of Winston Churchill. Dedication? Determination? Close, but no cigar... literally. Seconds before this photo
This calm desktop background is actually the aftermath of a devastating pest infestation. One that killed half a billion dollars worth of grape fields
Eddie Adams' photograph became the symbol against the brutalities of war. Many people thought that this was the ekecution of a civilian. WANTED' LOOKI
General Douglas MacArthur pretending to dramatically wade ashore in a rehearsed photo shoot at Leyte in 1944? Actually, he never planned To get his fe
This picture is staged Years after it was taken, the man said that he was forced to pose for it, and that the angle of the photo and even his clothes
Before taking this iconic photograph of Gandhi, the photographer Margaret Bourke-White was told she had to learn how to use the spinning wheel. She di
CRACKEDo How on Earth does a photograph of a milk drop become SO iconic? Because it took Harold Edgerton, the photographer, two decades to get this sh
CRACKED.cO John F. Kennedy Jr. had a lot of practice for his famous salute. For months, his mother insisted he learn a proper salute so he could perfo
CRACKED Before photographer Philippe Halsman shot this famous portrait of Albert Einstein, he asked the renowned physicist if he believed in lasting p
This iconic image of Che Guevara was just a random snap among many others from a mass funeral. 0000oOotcooinaon CRACKED CO
A famous photograph of President Abraham Lincoln... ...which is actually just his head superimposed on John C. Calhoun's body from a prior photo.
This is Barack Obama at 19. This is not a joint. Lisa lack took this photo of the future president in 1980 when he Was a freshman at Occidental Colleg

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