28 ‘Family’ Movies With Horrifying Implications

Get ready to lie awake for a few nights
28 ‘Family’ Movies With Horrifying Implications

Its easy to get caught up in movies and shows, and take them at face value. But here at Cracked, we spend sleepless nights overthinking fictional stories and being horrified. And then we do the math, and confirm that were definitely right to be horrified. To that end, our thanks to Amomaxia, for asking our readers to come up with new, terrible implications of family entertainment.

In Frozen, 13 years pass between the time we're introduced to Kristoff and Sven and the film's main events. The average life expectancy of a male rein
After The Nightmare Before Christmas, it is unlikely that it will be easily forgotten that Jack tried to take over another town's holiday... Since he'
In saving Druidia, our heroes doom the inhabitants of Planet Spaceball to slow deaths. Skroob might be deposed, but without undoing the effects of his
In Tangled, every year on Rapunzel's birthday, lots of lanterns are released from the island city into the sky. They fall back into the water, and tha
CRACKEDcO In the world of Brave, horrible deaths and murders nobody knows about have to be semi-common. In that world, you can become an animal if you
Animal people disappeared from the show during the time between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z DRAGON BAL ep CO GO. DRAOYBIL 2 Which implies that, at s
ET. It was discovered that THE EXTRA- TERRESTRIAL Elliot and E.T. were LL linked with complete coherence and synchronization of brainwave activity.
Mary Poppins is set in 1910, SO what major events await the kids in the near future? Heck, little Michael Banks will probably be drafted in WWll. CRAC
SUPERNATURAL COAT The Winchesters used to exorcise demons to spare the lives of the hosts in earlier seasons. Now they just put the Demon-K Knife or A
28 ‘Family’ Movies With Horrifying Implications
CRACKED COM The Ninja Turtles are carrying salmonella bacteria, the hepatitis A virus, tapeworms, and many more germs and parasites. AREIRIN You get t
In Nanny McPhee, we learn that the title character at first appears hideous, but slowly turns beautiful as the kids learn their lessons.. The process
At the end of Django Unchained, Django murders everyone in Candieland and blows up the place. Now he's 'a free ma'n... in a country that is still raci
HOTEL CRACKEDco TRANSYLVANIA Relationships between humans and vampires are almost certainly doomed to fail. The vampire will be faced with either turn
CRACKEDCON WALT DisnEY Snow White Ano T'HE SEVEN OWARES In this movie, the dwarves can't bring themeselves to bury Snow White, SO they put her in a gl
Remy probably only has a year or so left to live after the opening of La Ratatouille restaurant. Disnep PIXAR RATATOUILLE (rat.a.too.ee) CRACKEDCON
Kingsman TH E SECRET SERVICE Eggsy refuses a direct order to shoot his dog and fails the Kingsman test. The gun is later revealed to contain blank bul
In Avengers: Endgame, during tests of the time machine it accidentally de-ages scott Lang. The Avengers have invented immortality with all of its horr
Donkey loses one of his kids. CRACKED COM Between the second and the third Shrek movie, the unique red donkey-dragon mutant baby disappears.
28 ‘Family’ Movies With Horrifying Implications
28 ‘Family’ Movies With Horrifying Implications
In Labyrinth, Jareth has 46 goblins, one for each baby he has successfully stolen. CRACKED
CRICL POWER RANGERS In 2017's Billy says the reason he got detention was that his lunchbox blew up. Then in the mid- credits scene, another locker exp
GARFIELD IS POISonING HIMSELF. Lasagna is full of ingredients that are toxic to cats, causing vomiting and diarrhea in small doses and seizures or dea
CRACKEDcO COM At the end of The Sound Of Music, SOUD the nuns reveal that they helped the Von Trapp HE rnUSiC family escape by removing pieces of the
28 ‘Family’ Movies With Horrifying Implications
Marion Ravenwood married the guy who exploited her in her teens. Marion and Indy were together when she was a teenager and he was in his late 20s. Whe
In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks show an appetite for human meat. Then, in the ending, they play with empty Stormtrooper helmets.
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