24 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, May 3, 2024

Someone had to step up
24 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, May 3, 2024

Daniel Hillard may not have been the most responsible father, but Robin Williams certainly was — even to someone who wasn’t actually his child. When all three Mrs. Doubtfire kids recently reunited on the Brotherly Love podcast, Lisa Jakub reflected on the time Williams came to her defense when her education was on the line. The Canadian actress, who played Lydia Hillard in the 1993 classic, shared that she was kicked out of school during her four months away while filming the movie. When Williams saw that the unintentional high school dropout was upset, he wrote a letter to Jakub’s principal imploring him to rethink his decision as the young actress was “trying to pursue (her) education and career at the same time.” Although Jakub never ended up re-enrolling, she said that her principal framed the letter and hung it up in the school’s office. 

Just in time for the Pop-Tart to jump out of the toaster with Unfrosted, Jerry Seinfeld is sharing some insight behind the making of his directorial debut. The comedian described the film to Entertainment Weekly as “the antithesis of Barbie” because the billion dollar movie had Mattel’s involvement whereas Kellogg’s “had no idea and would never allow” Seinfeld’s film to happen. Not only is the actor-director not concerned about litigation from Kellogg’s, but he thinks a lawsuit would be “phenomenal publicity” and perfect material for “the only possible sequel.” 

Meanwhile, over on the timeline, things are sweeter than ever. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the confusing nature of “cozy games” that are anything but cozy, Marvin Gaye’s endless array of questions and someone who may or may not have just woken up from a nap.

Diego @diggonotdiego 1d he really has NO awareness of his surroundings does he 10:11 5GUC Marvin Gaye's clueless ass gloti What's Going On 1 Marvin Gaye What's Happening Brother Marvin Gaye When Did You Stop Loving Me, Wh... ... Marvin Gaye May Where Are We Going? Marvin Gaye I Don't Know Why Marvin Gaye Why Did I Choose You? ... Marvin Gaye Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody... Cop bana Marvin Gaye 46 2,153 17.4K 365K
Freddy Noriega @elfredderino 12h ... You merely adopted the Trek. I was born in it, molded by it. Mar 24 ES OVER 335 HOURS MOD SPECIAL FEATURES! 4000081905 Spider Wrap STAR TREK PICARD THE COMPLETE SERIES 12 PICARDTCS UNIT PRICE RETAIL PRICE 103 2,763 25.5K 604K
issa rae's favorite reporter. 22h ... Yes, Lynn Whitfield! BEYHIVE Teddy @cowboycarrt... 1 1d so proud of myself my First attempt ... be nice please 139 2,328 16.8K 680K
Cool Hand Luka @coolhandluka_. 1d ... My nonbinary sibling just forwarded this birthday text they got from our grandma. They've been nonbinary for like 8 years, and apparently Grandma's takeaway after all that time is, Nathan changed his first name to Them. 8:51 Safari 28 Happy Birthday, Them. You are the 60 1,607 57.5K del 1.2M
lil arab @sweatyhairy 17h wile e. coyote would HATE this @duckiesmallz. dd there's an awesome caption for this just can't think of it rn 3 11 396 22.3K
bimbo baggins @allyson_meghan 1d ... MY reply guy flirting with ANOTHER WOMAN on MY feed???????? not on my watch. time to show hole 281 2,021 35.5K 4.2M
sorrel @sorrelquest.1 1d why are all the cozy games about managing a small business or working on a farm. these are the two least relaxing things you can do 436 10K 103K 2.8M
Ski @Scams_Club.22h ... Bitches be tryna make shit sound better than it is let's get a bottle and ride around BITCH YOU WANNA DRINK & DRIVE!!!??? 348 5,407 26K del 1.1M
@givemeurdisease.2 22h ... Richard Lawson 8 mo ago ... R The best band! And I'm 71! 11 G Add a reply... Freddie Smith-Wright 4 mo ago ... Yeah well im 80 1 33 1,153 16.3K 305K
chae @dulcechaelin 20h once had someone refer to me as a DIY filipino for being mexican/korean (like and subscribe) @swee... . 1d who else is lowkey filipino 24 450 7,722 390K
Kei$ha @GlamazonJay 3h ... Y'all, this woman's neighbor's cat got her cat pregnant and so now she randomly gets drop offs of cat food with the words Child Support tape to the bag. 28 1,480 15.6K 326K
joni @joni071012.1d ... do you think he just woke up from a nap felipe now woke up from a nap For you Following @michaelmoran48 is speaking felipe @imfelipesiquara 10m i just woke up from a пар... 0:02 29 652 17.1K 256K
Jared Wade @Jared_Wade.1 15h ... Tobias Harris after getting booed again by devastated Sixers fans You think you hate this I work here place more than me? с Tik - 7 1,287 16.2K 552K
Dan Regan @DanRegan_Comedy - 8 8h ... I cannot stress this enough, I will never have the urge to use a hotel's complimentary gym when I'm on vacation. 15 172 2,901 del 90.4K
Worst Cass Scenario @Worst... 23h ... How many mozzarella sticks makes it a lunch? 206 326 3,864 208K
Ayushi @dramatickles.10h Procreate is a crazy name tbh. drawing app called Fuck 1,332 8,446 190K
sadgayboi @sadgayboi 13h ... @Boeing I have strong reason to believe my ex's new bf is a whistleblower:/ 3 345 5,688 du 104K
MS. Melanin @ARealBissh 18h ... This went triple platinum at church J Girl @juliethardt. 1d Can yall believe we wore this 26 1,877 12.1K 435K
The Mirthmaster @NBABaby... 22h ... Two guys arguing in the group chat and I'm thumbsing up every few messages like I'm Tony Reali on Around the Horn 45 1,445 20.5K du 1.2M
Mr. Chau @Srirachachau 2h Beautiful wife, nice dog, the guy has everything Mr. Met @MrMet.3h Welcome to the squad, Buddy! ets 11 56 1,219 43.1K
Mad Hatter Mommy!!! @MadH... 7h ... I would like things to spiral into control once in a while. 19 789 4,342 92.8K
lan @imgrandsure 4h new twitter feed is like: - someone you follow - someone you don't follow, but it's about something you're interested in - а weird ad - someone you follow - an account called 'non aesthetic things' showing you footage of an actual death - someone you follow 16 65.4K 175 3,714
dawn @dawnposts 15h starting tomorrow everything's going to be okay. they just announced it 10 2,196 8,449 247K
joe bro 3 @jbromovies • .22h Things are gonna get really funny in about 5-10 years 2d maybe an unpopular opinion but if you need to cheat to pass college you probably shouldn't be there sorry, but how did people from the late 1900's to early 2000's graduate without using chat gpt and quilbot bc that's all i use in uni Likes 896 987 Follow campus_comedy_crew 171 5,489 114K 4.8M


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