26 Strange, Mysterious or Hilarious Strangers People Can’t Forget

‘Makes the bladder gladder’
26 Strange, Mysterious or Hilarious Strangers People Can’t Forget

Some strangers can never leave our memories, even if we only met them for one brief moment. A Redditor still remembers the time they, as a young child, asked an older man to help tie their shoes. Instead of doing things the normal way, the old dude was struck with a prankster’s spirit and tied the kid’s shoelaces together, then cackled when the kid tripped and fell over. Not a situation any of us would soon forget. 

In the spirit of tripping down memory lane, Redditors have remembered the background characters they became briefly acquainted with on their life’s journey, and you gotta wonder where the Burger King sink pooper is now.

CapsLowk . 4y That dude that thought I was his dead best friend from 20 years ago. Said I looked just like he did when they hung out.
saltynalty17 . 4y A mom at Disney World angrily yelling at her son to Just shut up and have fun!! after he said he was getting kinda tired. the kid was like 6 ... 2.6k
SaltierThanAll 4y Trucker that pooped in a burger king sink 'cause you don't forget something like that. ... 2.6k
sunnylia . 5y was on the bus home and this girl sitting next to me was making paper cranes. before i got off the bus she stopped me and gave me the crane she was working on and smiled at me. i still have it and i i think about it a lot
reacher . 5y Back in the late 90s we drove a dark blue 84 Volvo wagon. Hardly ever saw another car like it. One day at a grocery store we see another couple in the exact same car. I rolled down the window and raised my fist in the air. The other driver saw and raised his fist. Solidarity! ... 7.4k
LacklusterDuck 4y A lady came into my house and told us it was haunted. I remember her because she obliterated my sleep pattern for the next few years ... 327
Stillloveyou112 . . 5y My son was in a pretty serious accident. I was a wreck in the icu waiting room. A little girl maybe about 9 or 10 years old was with her family, saying goodbye to her great grandmother . . She waltzed right up to me and said ,  sir, why are you crying? I explained my son was very sick. She handed me a miniature puppy doll and told me it was lucky and my son would get better. She was.right, he did and I still keep that little puppy on my dresser and think of that sweet child.
nulmalik . 4y Whenever I go to the airport, I think about that one girl I met when I was like 4, in Miami. She spoke Spanish and back then I only spoke French. Yet we managed to become bff in a matter of minutes. She was so damn generous with all her toys and she drew me a picture as a parting gift. She was so nice. I wonder who she's become. ... 1.2k
tiggykins . 4y When I was about 3 years old, I got separated from my family in a very large mall. I was terrified. This really nice man in a suit found me and took me to guest services, reassuring me that my mom would find me there. Then, to cheer me up, he pulled a balloon out of his briefcase and made a balloon animal. Не left before my folks found me, but I've never forgotten him. Wherever he is, I hope he's well. ... 2.6k
x3medude . 4y I was working at a subway station and my foreman was on the other side of the tracks. Не was trying to tell me where to install the new speaker and at which angles. Anyway he kept doing grand hand gestures and noticed a couple behind him imitating him. So I pretended to play stupid and did the YMCA dance while asking questions. The couple behind him started doing it along with me. Great moment
TheSquirrelWithin 0 4y I was a very little kid and I didn't know how to tie my shoes, and the laces had come undone. I asked an old man (when you're that young, just about anyone is old) who was walking past if he would tie my shoes for me. Не tied the shoes together in a knot and laughed as I fell and gave him a WTF look. ... 1.4k
DrKnottGhud 4y As a grocery store cashier, I meet many interesting people. There was a lady who came trough my line dressed head to toe as a barbarian. I asked her why, and she informed me that there was a LARP going on across the street. There wasn't a LARP going on across the street. ... 857
civicverde . 4y Downtown Nashville about 20 years ago. Some guy wearing red, white, and blue was talking to my friend as we were driving home and at a red light. Light turns green and he screams out Dominic Justice - remember that name and I did. Weird ... 534
BrotherCool . 4y The old man using the urinal next to mine in a Denny's bathroom and said to me, Ahhhhh. It makes the bladder gladder. My so and I still use that phrase to this day. ... 6.5k
cukatie2983 4y I was going through a bad breakup and went grocery shopping. I was holding it together that week pretty well but at the checkout line I dropped a carton of grape tomatoes and they went rolling EVERYWHERE. It was like the straw that broke the camel's back and I felt that awful feeling in my chest and the tears coming in my eyes. But before I could even move three nice random ladies jumped forward and helped me pick them up. It wasn't a huge act but it made me feel better that day. Always be nice to
KebabHasse 4y Girl on a escalator from when I was in London, couple of years ago. I was 15 or something around that age, had just discovered metal. When I was at that age I was hugely insecure and self conscious about everything I did, but had just bought a Slayer shirt and was determined to wear it. So when I was traveling down an escalator down to the tube I spot someone wear a slayer shirt as well. We lock eyes, she shoots me a smile and nod in recognition, I do the same That made my week. I
Kevin_Uxbridge 5y Few years back my wife and I visited Italica, a roman ruined city a few miles from Seville. The ruins are glorious and we had them to ourselves, so when as we emerged from the gladiator gate in the amphitheater I stalked out into the sunlight, threw out my arms and roared ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? It rang off the old seats in a satisfying manner. Turns out we weren't alone. I spun to find a Japanese tourist staring at me in wonder, who then grinned nervously, snapped a picture, and gave me a thumbs up. My wife:
bokodasu 4y In 1988 I was working the lunch rush for the first time, and it was fucking slammed. This guy finally makes it up to the register, I do the greeting and he says, what does it mean when all the cows in a field are laying down? I look at him like he has two heads and ask what he wants to order. Undeterred, he says, it means it's going to rain! What does it mean when all the cows in a field are standing up? I don't know. I look to my coworkers for help but they
r8ny . 5y DC last May for the Gaslight Anthem's 59 Sound reunion tour. In the back of the mosh pit there were a few of us that would bob in and out depending on the songs. There was a guy in a blue raglan shirt who I was standing close to for almost the whole show and I sort of felt like he might have been keeping an eye on a few of us back there. During the song The Backseat we both jumped into the pit and at the crescendo of the music we grabbed hands and jumped
StoolToad9 . 4y I'm on a cruise. I'm washing my hands in a bathroom and this large Andy Reid-lookin' dude with a thick Pittsburgh accent comes out of the stall and says to me, If you put your left hand and right hand under two different soap dispensers, you get double the soap! And I'm like, Yeah. ... 3.2k
XSavage19X . 4y The mother of two baby twins who I was holding the door open for at a 7-11, who spontaneously blurted out, ughhnnn you smell good as she passed me. I think maternity leave was getting to her. ... 775
bagelsncawfee . 4y A customer at work a few years ago! I was 19 and it was around 11pm on a close shift when I cut myself very badly on a deli slicer. A lady walked up to buy something and there I was freaking out and bleeding everywhere... Turns out she was a nurse, and she dropped everything to come behind the counter to patch me up. She was so lovely, not only did she help me, but she also made a point to the company that there should be a qualified first aider on at all time. Thanks
staphylococcass 4y Random hungover/drunk Scotsman approached me and my mother one day and asked Excuse me, where can I find a phone charger? I went out in Glasgow last night and woke up in Sheffield To which my mother replied this is Lincoln Не looked a little worried, then walked off saying aye, it's been a long day It was 10am, he was 270 miles from home, and over 50 miles from where he woke up. I will forever remember this hero. ... 5.9k
Orthoff 5y I wrestled in high school and after a match tradition dictates that you walk over and shake the hand of your opponent's coach, then cross the mat diagonally and shake your own coach hand, crossing paths with your former opponent as you do so. Once after a match with a kid I'd never met before I said round the world as we approached each other and we high fived as we crossed paths and then did the round the world high five thing and high fived down low behind our backs, it was one of my proudest moments.
Fiascoe 5y My touch football team was sponsored by a local bar that does Karaoke on the same day of the week that our games are. We went for a beer after our game. I don't sing well but I enjoy singing and I'm not shy. I sing the occasional song but I would say 1 every 4 times we go. Wasn't planning on singing this time but a girl went up stage and asked if anyone would sing that song from Grease 'You're the one that I want'. I thought, why the hell not. Went up and we fucking
JollyOldBogan 5y On a night out, I was feeling pretty rough so I was sat down on some steps eating a box of hot chips. This group of girls walked past, one of them in a yellow with black polka dot dress and a flower halo broke off and sat next to me. She had a thick Irish accent. What's yer name? Jolly. You? Anette. Ask me where I live. ....alright, where do you live? She grabbed one of my chips, put it in her mouth and said in the fucking moment, kissed my forehead and ran off to join


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