26 Funny Childhood Memories People Still Laugh At

To be fair, bone poop is terrifying
26 Funny Childhood Memories People Still Laugh At

No matter how old you get, it’s always going to be funny to imagine a child having a tearful breakdown in an airport restroom while asking if poop comes out of their bones. As adults, we’re pretty sure defecation doesn’t work that way, but it makes sense that a child would be under the impression that it does. 

To that end, Redditors have taken a number of trips down memory lane to drum up their funniest childhood memories, and we’re giving a special shout-out to the guy who actually slipped on a banana peel.

solohamm 4y At around 3 years old, I got curious about my dog's food, so I sat myself down in front of her food bowl and just started stuffing my face with it. After a few minutes, my mom, struggling to keep a straight face, asked me if I would like to go with the rest of my family to get McDonald's or if I wanted to keep eating dog food. I looked at her, cheeks stuff with dry dog food, and said, Dog food! 18 years later, I still remember what dog food tastes like and still crave it
chitowntopugetsound . . 4y I was screaming the house down because I was suddenly completely blind, then my grandma flung open the door and I could see her in her nightgown illuminated in the doorway.. Turns out I just was used to city lights, so when I woke up in the middle of the night at her house in rural Wisconsin my eyes didn't adjust quickly enough and my 7 year old repitilain brain let loose. My cousin who was sleeping beside me still reminds me of this incident. ... 2k
KS % AZ - danspickledliver . . 4y 00 As a toddler, every time I got into an area that would echo even the slightest (i.e. hotels, large restaurants, malls) I would МОО at the top of my lungs. Earned the unflattering nickname, Meggy Moo Moo ... 2.4k
BeingofLove . 4y When I was a kid I used to lick the flavor powder off of my potato chip before eating it (kind of weird I know). It was recess and I had licked the powder off a chip and was about to eat it but before I could the teachers assistant walked by and ate it right out of my hand. The look on her face was priceless it was a mix of disgust and confusion. My friends and I lost our shit and still laugh about it to this day. ... 20
 . 9y When I was 4 my father told me that if a car slowed down in front of me that I should run away because they might kidnap me. Good advice, but our house and my swingset were next to a stop sign. I would run full throttle to the house everytime a car came by, about once every 5 minuits. ... 103
 . 4 4y I remember being at a McDonald's with my mom and aunt, they used to have this sign that said over 80 million served, I misread it out loud as Over 80 Million Survived. ... 779
xfceice . 4y Was at a cafe in Canada. Uncle orders 4 coffees for the table. He's focused, steady paced, ready to bring it out to us. Glass was so damn clean he walked right into it thinking it was the door. The funniest part was watching him bounce off of it. Coffees unharmed. ... 14
GaryNOVA 4y My uncle couldn't find the chocolate syrup in our refrigerator. It was stuck to the back of the milk. So every time he took the milk out to look behind it, the syrup would go right along with it. Не started getting so frustrated and we all could see what was happening every time he did it. Now any time something goes missing in the house we ask  did you check the back of the milk? Edit: There was also the time when grandma lost her marbles. She was just sitting there one day and said  You know
NoYellow5 . 4y As a toddler I never crawled like other kids. I just rolled around. I would lay down on my stomach and just...roll.
NoWasExpected 4y When I was little we went to McDonald's my mom told me I could have a normal sized meal because I didn't want to be a little kid and get a happy meal all over again. So I look up and see that they have the 'big and tasty' burger, but I somehow didn't read it at that. When I went to order I exclaimed loudly I WANT THE BIG AND NASTY ONE MOMMY. GIMME THE BIG AND NASTY ONE. The clerk was holding back tears and so was my mother. She then corrected me and I got
MsLambLambs 4y When I was six, my grandpa took me into a large department store to shop for some new clothes. I was utterly bored and uninterested, and did the kid thing and hid in some clothing racks. Well, one thing led to another, and I ended up knocking over a rack. Would have been bad enough, by itself, but the store had all of their clothes racks lined up just right to create what my immediate family calls The Great Domino Racks - every rack in the men's section knocks into another, and another, and another, until the whole section is
lemonwife . 4y My sister figured out she was a lesbian around the age of 12. After that self realization she became very openly lesbian, like the gayest gay you ever did see (which is brave for Georgia but just wait). That year at thanksgiving my grandparents from Derby (yes Derby) Kansas were in town. Following the annual tradition my family went around the thanksgiving table saying things we were thankful for (our health, food, stuff like that) and then comes my sisters turn and in front of both my grandparents she proudly proclaims, I AM THANKFUL FOR BIG BOOBS.
BillyBumpkin 4y When I was in 8th Grade, my best friend Nate and I each had our first real girlfriends and were really into this making out thing that we had just discovered. Nate's mom was an English teacher at the school and had her own classroom. She was out for the day at a conference, so Nate had the idea to sneak out of lunch and bring our girlfriends up to his mom's empty classroom for some tonsil hockey time. Things go as plan, we bring the girls up to his moms classroom and get to making out in
Bailthazar 4y When my older sister and I were very young (about 4 and 8 maybe?) we and some neighborhood children were talking about which kind of Native American we had in us. My sister sent me to ask my mom. Well, she was in the middle of a conversation with her friends and either I thought she was talking to me or she was just being an ass, but either way the answer I got from her was 'Lesbians'. I ran outside and up the sidewalk and yelled (Sister's name), WE'RE LESBIANS! My family still laughs about it. ...
ShoTz25 . 4y I was playing basketball alone one day. Ball went right next to a guy riding a bike and so he tried to grab it for me with one hand. Well when he went to lean over, he turned the handlebar with his other hand. Went over the front of his handlebars and landed face first on the cement. Dude was trying to do something nice for me so I had to hold back my laughter. Не was fine but super embarrassed. After he left I couldn't stop laughing. ... 309
taboulispeck . 4y When I was in an airport bathroom at about the age of four, I asked my mom if it was possible to poop out my bones. It had been such a big concern of mine, enough to bring me to tears. ... 2k
gigabytestarship 4y My father, who is a very mellow and mature man now, had anger issues into his 30s. Не was known to sometimes throw small temper tantrums. When I was 5, we lived in an old mobile home with horrible flooring. After he got off work, my mother asked him to take out the trash. Не threw a temper tantrum, stomped and fell through the kitchen floor. My mom laughed her ass off. Не became even madder and she said, That's what you get for acting like a big baby! Later that night and even now, he recalls the
Fredsslackss . 4y I used to get home from the bus stop about 15-20 minutes before my dad. We had snow piled up almost to the top of our wooden fence (Minnesota, typical) so I decided I wanted to play on it. I ended up slipping and one of the fence posts got caught under my coat and left me dangling. I tried so hard to stand up but couldn't catch any grip. When my dad came home, there was his daughter just hanging out, tired and defeated, patiently waiting for his help. ... 227
Aloretta_Dethly . 4y I kept a very messy room as a kid. My dad came to tuck me in but didn't turn the light on. As he went to leave he stepped in an empty plastic container which then slid across the carpet throwing him off balance, obviously tensing up to get his balance he let out this massive fart. I still cry laughing when I think about it. ... 4.6k
TheK1ngsW1t.4 4y My family has a habit of wrapping presents in other boxes. A gift card in an old TV box, clothes in a large shoe box, whatever random gift in whatever random box. I was also a very literal child who never even suspected that the people in my family are so full of malarkey. Cue little 5 year old me opening up a present one Christmas, looking at my parents with disappointment written on my face, and, with all the feigned politeness a 5 year old can muster, saying ...I guess I could learn to like Hot Pockets...
 4y I was making macaroni and cheese once and I hear my mom running and yelling something to my dad who was outside. I turned around just in time to see her bounce off the screen door. She ran right into it and flew backwards. She had all these smudges on her face and she looked so bewildered .....20 years later and it still cracks me up. ... 787
Ipadgameisweak 4y My friends and I were hanging out in the hall way of our high school. The floors were made of concrete or something that had been worn smooth over the years. A friend of mine with a smirk dropped the banana peel from his breakfast on the ground. My other friend Steve said, That doesn't really work in real life you know! To which he responded, So go ahead. My friend Steve proceeded to line himself up and then do an extremely cocky arm swinging walk and when he stepped on the banana peel his body flew forward
thewidowgorey 4y It's Christmas Eve mass and none of us want to be there, but it's the 90s and it was that time when mom and dad had to convince themselves and us it was important to go to church. We're in the bad seats because the C&Es have showed up and squished us all out, and one of the nuns has the microphone so she could speak to the children. She asked, what is a birthday? Do you know what a birthday is? And my eight year old brother grumbles to himself, it's another year closer to death. My
mlepinos . 4y I remember when I discovered that when I wore satin pj's I could slide on satin bedsheets. This was so cool and fun to 10 year old me and I had to call my mum to come and watch me. She comes into the room and I run as fast as I can onto the bed and slide across it and then continue sliding off the bed and landing in the open wardrobe upside down. I was laughing and crying at the same time and I still get teased for it. ... 2.2k
astrocanyounaut • 4y We weren't suppose to watch tv when we got home from school, but both my parents worked so it was a rule that impossible to enforce. So whenever you heard the garage door open, signaling my mother arriving home, you had to turn off the tv and look busy. She was obviously never fooled, because she's not an idiot. At some point this turned into a game where my teenaged brothers would hide from her and it made my mom laugh really hard. They would shove themselves into cabinets, under beds or under desks, etc. My one brother
Happenedherebychance 4y Someone gave me a real Boomerang when I was 11 which was my favorite thing. We lived in a semi rural area so there was plenty of room to throw it around without it getting damaged or it damaging anything. Anyway if you're really skillful with these things apparently you can get them to come back to you. I was not a good throw so I was constantly throwing running and picking it up throwing again. One day the planets aligned I pulled my arm back and flung it as hard as I could, It was a big
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