25 Hilariously Bad Customer Service Experiences

‘Guy at the gas station used my credit card to pick his teeth’
25 Hilariously Bad Customer Service Experiences

The customer isn’t always right, but they’re not always wrong either. For example, one Redditor told the unbelievable story of the time that their cashier at a gas station was ringing them up and making a drug deal over the phone at the same time. While it’s nice to know he was a go-getter with multiple streams of income, maybe he could’ve dimmed his entrepreneurial spirit until after the transaction.

In that vein, Redditors have regaled each other with similar tales of the times they couldn’t believe how bad the customer service was, and one of them insists that you never go to the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

pair-o-dice_found 11y Had a waiter spill a $100 bottle of wine (first and last time in my life I ever paid that much for a bottle of wine) all over my dinner. Не refused to replace either. After I didn't tip him he literally chased me out of the restaraunt and physically threatened me for his tip. Не had to be restrained by the manager. ... 527
zEncLave . 11y I was out to dinner with my family. We sit down, order out drinks, and so far everything is going nicely. The waitress comes, and we order. When it gets to my mom, she orders what she wants, and the waitress responds with If you're on a diet, you don't want that. My mom had said nothing whatsoever about being on a diet. She is slightly overweight, and I mean very slightly. She is self conscious and it's difficult to even get her to come out to eat with us. My mom simply said I'm not on
Catalyst09 5y Went into Kay Jewelers with my wife to get her engagement ring inspected for the every 6 months warranty checkup. So, obviously, I've spent money with them before. As we were waiting for the paperwork, my wife noticed a necklace she liked, and wanted to see mostly the price on. Saleswoman immediately started talking about the credit card, trying to get me to apply. I told her I wasn't interested. We noticed the price was rather high. I said we just wanted to look at the necklace up close, but not buy today. IMMEDIATELY, she grabs the necklace
stanfan114 11y My coworkers and I went to a BBQ place for lunch, it was located in a converted garage and looked very shady. Inside was filthy with piles of dirty pots on display out front, and a 500 pound lady taking orders and a dude who looked like Death Himself was preparing the food. This was in an open area so we could see everything. As we are watching Death get our order together, he stops, bends over, and vomits into a bucket. I guess he dropped his comb or something because he then reaches into the bucket of
omgitsthepast 11y Mayo Hotel Tulsa. I had booked a room, when I get there it turns out it was filled up, but they were getting another room ready and it would be an hour. I go to the bar, where 3..3 other parties have the exact same story as me, some waiting as long as 3 hours. I buy a gin and tonic and hand the girl and $20. She never comes back so I eventually go, umm... didn't get any change. She said that there wasn't any and when I said I paid with a $20, she called security
tsjb 11y The weirdest experience I ever had was with a pizza delivery place, I order a pizza just like anyone ever would but it doesn't arrive, about 90 minutes after I order it I get a phonecall from some guy that turned out to be the owner of the pizza place going crazy at me for giving him a false address that doesn't even exist, he knows it doesn't exist because a taxi driver told him so. At first I am so confused that I don't even know what to say but after a short while of him going
cbhaga01 11y Getting away from restaurants, last year I was going trough the self checkout at Kroger late one night. There were a few other people at said self checkout, but it was far from busy. I attempted to scan an item that was on clearance, and it brings up the wait for attendant message. I see the kid working the section talking to another coworker about 20 feet away. The hand modules they use have an ignore function, so they don't have to come over every time someone doesn't know how to use the machines (95% of the time).
kidkvlt 11y Last weekend I went to the beach with my friend. We had booked a hotel room with TWO queen beds. For whatever reason, there was an administrative error and the hotel had forgotten to reserve our room. We get there are and there are no rooms with 2 beds left. The front desk agent was very apologetic and offered us an extra room at no charge (because duh, they fucked up) until the owner of the place moseyed on in and instead said NO, if you want 2 rooms, you're going to pay for 2 rooms and asked
vietoushka 11y I once went to a bar with a couple friends and my ex boyfriend that also served atomic wings. I can't eat spicy food, so i ordered the mild wings. When they came, they looked suspiciously red, so I asked my ex to taste them and make sure they were mild. Sure enough, they were spicy. We call the bartender over and tell here the wings are too spicy, and she insists that she can't change the order and that we have to pay for them because my ex took a bite. I start insisting I ordered mild
MaebeBluth. 11y I'm from New Hampshire. When I was going to college in Florida, I had a gas station cashier refuse to sell me cigarettes because I showed her my ID and she didn't believe that New Hampshire was a state. ... 2.3k
moonlitshroom . 12y A couple weeks ago I went to pick up some dog food. Petsmart was out so I had to drive to several pet stores to find his food. I walk into the store, the 2 employees greet me and ask if I needed help finding anything. I politely declined and went to find the food. I made it to the register to check out and the employees inform me that the store is closed and they don't know how to run the cash register. They could have told me they were closed when I walked in instead
wildjohn . . 12y a friend and i used to go to Papa Gino's Pizza and order bread sticks. one day, we sat at our table waiting for almost an hour. within that time, we watched, in horror, as 3 different customers walked in, ordered, and received bread sticks. ... 18
Bazilll . 12y A driving instructor stopped me in the middle of a manoeuvre to answer a phone call and have what seemed to be an inane conversation. She then repeated the conversation to me before carrying on with the lesson. Her sister had phoned to say she couldn't open a kitchen drawer because a utensil was stuck in it. ... 9
KirbyTails 12y Last summer, I was driving home and stopped at a gas station in Fort Collins, CO. Every gas pump was full, so I decided to park and run in to get a drink. I put my drink and snacks up on the counter, and the lady behind the register looked at me like I was nuts. I then noticed a Mountain Dew sitting on the counter, and promptly took my stuff off. The customer with the Mountain Dew? I quickly realized that he was selling some underaged kid cigarrettes right next to the cashier, while the cashier quietly
mustardontoast. 12y I was at the mall about a week ago at a major chain sunglass store. This store had only one employee and when I came in and I was the only customer. It started good but after about 10 minuets he said , Dude I'm over this and walked out the store leaving me in there alone. 30 sec later another customer walked in and asked me to help them. ... 185
 12y Had a guy at a gas station use my credit card to pick his teeth. I flipped out on him. ... 56
I_am_Bob . 1 12y Cashier at the gas station by where I used to live took a phone call while ringing up my purchase, kept casually talking on the phone as he was cashing me out. Не was setting up a drug deal. ... 139
shotybigman 12y I was at walmart yesterday, looking for some supplies for an art project. I couldn't find any canvass so I stopped some guy to ask him. All I said was excuse me sir but when he cut in with: I don't know. I don't care. Go away. This is one of the many reasons I hate walmart. ... 34
robotrock1382 12y I already know how this is going to be perceived, but oh well. Me and my fiancee used to live in a pretty shady part of town, thus, the walmart we had to shop at because we were poor was shady. We're going through the checkout and the women is extremely rude to us the whole time. She literally said Nice to see poor white people sometimes too. As you can imagine we weren't thrilled with being insulted. After we pay the cashier throws the receipt in the trashcan, without asking us if we needed it. As it
 . 12y We pulled up to Sonic to get a drink for a friend during happy hour when he realized that he only had a $100 bill on him. When we ring in the order, we tell the cashier the situation and says its fine. A few minutes later, the car hop comes out with the drink, takes his cash and says I'll be back in just a second, I don't have the change. We sit in the car twidling our thumbs for a few minutes until a different car hop comes up to the vehicle and hands me
mdchap01 . 1 12y Last week I was at a sports bar/grill with my friend and the waitress refused to serve us because when she checked our IDs she saw that we were from a town who's high school was a rival to hers. (we are 21 years old.) The manager made her serve us and we left her a 10 cent tip. ... 114
S1ayer 12y More 7/11 bullshit. They were running a promotion where you could actually preorder Halo 3 at their shitty store. 7/11 was like a block away from my house so I figured I would give that a try. Seemed like less of a hassle than driving to Gamestop. Plus you could get it at midnight. So I grab a Slurpee and some candy set it down and ask to preorder a copy of Halo 3. Не stares at me blankly like I just asked him to spend all day computing pi. I point to the giant sign that says
mishpanda 12y On the plane to Europe, there was this one really really sassy male flight attendant. Не was in charge of handing out the food during our lunch period, and he completely skipped my row. I raised my hand and very politely said, Excuse me, but you skipped our row. In response, he looked me in the eye and said, I choose who I want to serve. At first, it was so completely ludicrous that I thought he was just kidding, but he actually just WALKED AWAY. Everyone in my row was like WTF. During the same flight, my
capcalhoon 12y The level of laziness here is great, so please bear with me through the end- I ordered some Papa Johns for delivery, and the delivery guy calls and says hey, I can't find any parking, come meet me in front. My window overlooks the street and there is exactly one car parked on either side of the street and plenty of places. So I say fuck it, I really want some of that garlic sauce and pizza goodness, and I run down in just my shorts and t-shirt (it's Brooklyn two months ago, so about 20 degrees outside).
brenna8806 . 12y A few weeks ago, in TARGET, the cashier kept telling me how the bathing suit I was buying was too expensive and outrageous. It made me rage inside. I told him to do his job and that his job wasn't to discuss my purchases. Не argued with me! ABOUT THE PRICE OF THE SUIT. ... 9


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