34 Simple But Effective April Fool’s Day Pranks

‘I switched the location of the kitchen drawers’
34 Simple But Effective April Fool’s Day Pranks

Pranks don’t have to be elaborate rouses that you plan months in advance. Simple displays of the trickster spirit can be equally effective. Also, if you commit to keeping it simple, you can cover more ground with more people. From putting Orajel on someone’s toothbrush bristles to posting their phone number on Craigslist with a reward for the best Chewbacca impression, Redditors have recalled the best low-effort pranks they’ve come up with, and a few of these qualify as mental warfare. 

 9y See, someone at work eating something in the morning. Walk over them as if you're trying not to laugh. How's your breakfast? you ask, whatever they say, walk off smirking. Through-out the day keep asking them, at least once every hour How're you feeling after your breakfast. Maybe a drop in You're looking a bit pale, might have been the breakfast. I guarantee that if you do it right, they'll be sick, or develop actual unwellness. ... 3.8k
Bramphousian 9y There's the nice, simple switching of the M and the N keys on their keyboard. I did this a few years ago to our receptionist, whose password wound up containing both letters. After a few minutes of trying to log in, she called IT (based in another office). After a few attempts, he just said look at your keyboard, tell me if the N is on the left or the right, and have u/Bramphousian call me. Then I did it the next year to my boss. ... 305
slowshot . 9y My youngest was good. At age 4 she came running out of her room screaming, Oscar is pooping on my bed! Her mom, brother, sister and I all jumped up, jumped over Oscar (the dog) and ran into her room. April Fool! At age 5 she ran out of her room yelling, The gerbil's having babies! Everybody ran into her room, again, April fool! Those were her best. ... 3k
Benjizee . . 9y Put a cake in the office fridge saying '-person-'s birthday cake do not eat' and watch as people from all over the building say happy birthday to an increasingly confused and irrate coworker. ... 1.8k
 9y I had a roommate who I adored, but he was incredibly gullible and I used it to my favor. One day on my computer I created a sound file with about ten seconds of silence and then I creepily whispered his name. I then put it on a thumb drive, transferred the file to his computer, and set it to play whenever he minimized a window. The reason for the silence was so that he wouldn't easily associate the sound with minimizing the window. And for two weeks I heard nothing. And finally one day he came to
Lac3ru5 . 9y Put an advert on gumtree or craigslist or something saying your giving away a litter of puppies for free, make sure its a cute breed like golden retriever and that the pictures on the ad are really cute. Put your friends number as the contact number. My friend did this to me on saturday, from saturday to monday i received 40 calls from different people and over 200 texts throughout the course of the day. One of the most frustrating hangovers of my life ... 1.6k
Zoltar567 . 12y Around the office, reset peoples Windows sounds. Random ones. Like when you maximize a window it plays the sound of a dolphin. Office folk aren't smart enough to even understand what's happening. ... 1.2k
TheDemographic • . 9y Empty a jar of mayonnaise, clean. Fill with vanilla pudding. Walk around with a spoon, and have an occasional bite. People really don't like the sight. ... 2.6k
Full_Management_1603 . . 2y Before my wife and I started dating I put googly eyes on EVERYTHING in her fridge. ... 147
Sovietrussia92 9y Put saran wrap across a doorway but crunch it up a little make it really obvious. Then put more on a different door frame but this time make it as transparent as possible. They will see the first one and smirk at you gloat that they didn't fall for it and laugh at you then ВАМ! Faceful of plastic. It will upset then even more that they thought they didn't fall for it at first. Edit: a word. ... 1.5k
HE DOOM FROM captainmagictrousers . 9y Get a duplicate of a coworker's favorite drink or coffee mug, freeze it, and when they get up to use the bathroom, switch their drink for the frozen one. I did that to a coworker who didn't have much of a sense of humor. I thought he might get mad at me, but he didn't even realize it was a prank. Не just turned up the thermostat. ... 2.3k
BloodSoakedDoilies . 12y At night, when the house is dark, enter before your significant other. Go into a dark room where you know they are headed. Hide against the wall where you can't be seen - and place your hand on the light switch. When they enter the dark room and reach for the light switch, and instead feel a hand, be prepared to perform CPR. ... 1.9k
independent_hustler .  11y Crazy glue quarters to the laundry room floor. ... 1.1k
ignorethesquid 9y Clear nail polish around the bar of soap in their shower. Looks and feels normal, but won't lather. They think they're going insane. OR get their phone and in the shortcuts section change the shortcut for There They're and Their to Their there and they're, respectively. ... 1.8k
cutebleeder . 2y Childproof everything you can in someone's house while they are out. The drawers, the outlets, cabinets, over dials, everything. ... 319
terriblueberry . . 2y I have placed 9 lollipops in various places of a colleagues cubical and numbered them 1-10 obviously skipping a number. Drives them crazy not being able to find the last one. ... 732
TIL_sarcasm . 9y Tape a Door is broken, use other door sign to every door with arrows pointing clockwise (or counter clockwise for you anarchists out there) around the building. ... 1.3k
increasingrain . . 9y I told the team that I'm bringing them brownies tomorrow. I'm gonna cut out some E's from brown construction paper. They are in for a surprise. ... 2.3k
makethatassclap6969 . 2y write a note on post-it note saying something about sorry about the damage and put it on someone's car with no damage and don't forget to leave a fake number ... 390
TehSnides . 9y Change the mouse movement speed to the lowest, takes like 30 second to fix and its hilarious ... 812
Oarussell . 9y I put salt in the sugar bowl. The best part was when my little brother covered his cereal in sugar and then complained that the milk tasted funny and must be out of date. My mum, who was late for work and having none of his shit checked the milk in the fridge to see it was fine and then forced him to eat it while he cried. That was some great morning entertainment haha ... 2.4k
 . 2y Make a bowl of cereal and put it in the freezer overnight, with the spoon submerged in the milk. Offer the person breakfast in bed and laugh at them as the entire bowl lifts up with the spoon. ... 135
schnitzengrueben . . 2y I work in a kitchen and randomly put small nitrile gloves in the XL box ... 67
 9y Two years ago I switched the location of the kitchen drawers. ... 2.4k
rainamoss. 2y put yellow food coloring in the toilet tank so they think something is wrong with the toilet flushing ... 52
lucyinthesky95 . 9y If you know any of your friend's facebook passwords/can access their phone or computer for a few minutes, change their birthday to April 1st. People will bombard them with birthday wishes all day. Edit: A very Happy Birthday to those of you whose birthday is actually on April 1st! ... 1.7k
kuz_929 . 9y A friend's father was a manager at Home Depot. Over the course of a few months he would snip about 1/4 a day off another worker's apron string. The worker thought they were gaining weight at a crazy high rate, but couldn't figure out how. Mental prank warfare ... 199
wee_man . 9y At work leave a post-it note on someone's desk that says See me immediately!. Then make the signature illegible. ... 3.4k
Willifufu . . 9y Hook up a wireless usb mouse to the back of whoever you want to pranks computer. Had a cheap wireless mouse with a slim usb plug in that I hooked in the back. Had a good laugh for an hour. ... 870
 11y 100 dollars to best Chewbacca impression and their phone number on craiglist. ... 922
laudinum . 9y When I was in High School, for April Fools Day my Dad got a bunch of brochures for various military academies and casually left them on the table. ... 667
trim_dougherty . 1 11y My wife put Orajel in the bristles of my toothbrush. Didn't notice until my entire mouth was completely numb. I knew I picked a good one. ... 2.1k
wino4eva . 11y Hard boil their eggs and put them in back in the box secretly. ... 1.2k
 . 2y Text a friend, ЕТА? ... 726


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