25 of the Funniest Ways People Ruined the Mood

25 of the Funniest Ways People Ruined the Mood

A good measure of the health of your relationship depends on how often you can laugh at stupid things together — like the Redditor whose then-girlfriend looked them in the eyes and said “I love you” in an Elmo voice when they were mid-coitus. Sure, they broke up later on, but Elmo had nothing to do with it. 

To that end, Redditors have laughed about the funniest times they or their significant other ruined the mood, and “God bless America!” is definitely a hilarious way to signal that you’re having a good time.

sparc941 . 11y my gf and I in high school always raced to see who could get the other naked first and I always seemed to win (skills!) one time i decided to let her think she won, and let her take control. we'd been rolling around naked for a while, she whispers into my ear / win. I lift my left foot to reveal the sock that I kept on. she laughed so hard she fell off the bed. did not have sex, would trick again. ... 964
evilcheerio . . 11y My significant other rolled over and started falling off the bed. She said, evilcheerio help me! I went over and looked in her eyes and said, long live the king! And loosened her grip like in the lion king and she fell and we both busting out laughing. My bed is a mattress on top of a box spring and she was practically on the floor so it was just some harmless fun.
hairyboid4 . € 6y I had a girl ask me You love god right? as I was inside her. I'd never been more religious in my life until that point. But it was definitely a weird moment. ... 1.1k
Heavy_In_Your_Arms. 6y My ex and I were about to have sex when he referred to his dick as a Game of Thrones character... Here comes Stannis Baratheon, first of his name, etc, etc. I got up and got dressed because sexy-time was over. ... 138
CruorEtPulvis . 11y My and my girlfriend were getting into it when I looked her dead in the face and said, as seriously as possible, Do you want to be Han or Greedo? Thankfully she got the joke. ... 551
1nquiringMinds . . 6y I'll throw myself under the bus here. Was getting freaky with my husband after a few too many drinks one night and had the bright idea of slipping a finger in his pooper. Grabbed for the lube on my nightstand and went for the gold, only to find out when he lunged, shrieking into the bathroom that I had grabbed my peppermint-eucalyptus foot lotion. Sexytimes canceled abruptly. ... 1.9k
seattleque 6y My girlfriend told me to close my eyes, she had a surprise. Next thing I know a condom is being slipped on, then a cold liquid feeling, then an intense burning. She had poured Соса-Соӏа into the condom and then tried to put it on. Know how Coke can clean battery terminals and dissolve pennies? Yeah, feels real good on the pee hole. I have no idea where she came up with that very poor idea. ... 1k
Mookiewook . 11y When me and my so started making out (she's the first and only girl I've ever kissed), I was still pretty new. Anyway one time, things started getting hot and heavy... till I accidentally burped in her mouth. I was pretty new to kissing and it turns out I kept inhaling air using my mouth. My breathing techniques have vastly improved since. ... 148
 11y I kind of mentally freeze up in anxiety situations. I'm with this one girl who is awesome by the way and she's getting close to climax and she starts yelling to say her name. I was so focused on the sex I went completely blank and because I couldnt remember instantly I started to panic hardcore in my head and I couldnt think at all and she yells for me to say her name even louder and I freak out and yell ОН CHARLES. She laughed so hard it was so one those laughs where spit and snot
tdasnowman . 6y Ex, one of those just the right ammount of alcohol nights where anal was on the table. I'd just gotten in and was hitting a good rhythm and she says We should call your mother. Had to take a breather that just killed it for a few. Some wire in her mind got crossed it'd been a awhile since I'd been in her ass, my mother is a pain in the ass, all made sense in hindsight. ... 163
 . 11y On very rare occasions I yell like a pirate after an orgasm. l'll just be back there plowing away and suddenly my one eye closes and I yell yaaaarrrrrr that felt good. ... 240
Blubalz . 11y It was more of a timing and dumb-luck thing. Messing around with my gf in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower. She was getting down onto her knees to pull down my boxers, as she pulled the band just over the tip and my cock shot up, she flinched and her foot hit one of those springy door-stoppers and made one of the loudest, most appropriate boing-oing-oing-oing sounds ever. Laughter ensued. Ended up being a great shower afterwards. ... 898
 . 11y My so and I were drifting off to sleep, but still sharing some whispering pillow talk. Не turns over to go to sleep and as a joke softly asks me to sing him something to fall asleep to. I whisper... RuPaul's drag race... start your engines... ... 367
Aioni . 6y It didn't really ruin the mood but it kept us both laughing. I was behind her doing doggy style, and out of nowhere she turns around to stare at me and absolutely deadpan says happy birthday. I had to stop for a minute because I couldn't stop laughing ... 808
burstaneurysm. 11y My fiancee lit a candle and turned off the bedroom light... then, in this crazy voice, she shouted AMBIANCE!! Game over. ... 1.1k
funkminister . 11y I was laying in bed with my now ex-boyfriend, who was just playfully touching and caressing me. I was enjoying it thoroughly, when he starts petting me under my chin and whispers softly, ...animals. I broke into laughter and through my tears of joy he explained, I don't know, it was like how you pet animals! I don't know! Hilarious. ... 94
SortedN2Slytherin - 6y Не talked about a human sexuality class he had taken in college. I have taken the same class; technique was not covered. And if it was, he must have been sick that day. ... 66
violentlyout . 6y My ex girlfriend looked me straight in the eyes and said I love you in an Elmo voice. We messed with each other all the time like that, but I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing. It ruined the mood but it's still a pretty good memory! ... 163
littlejimm . 6y My old girlfriend had a big no swearing policy. I heard her mutter God Bless America in the middle of fun one night, and I had to just stop and laugh. That was it, I was done. ... 330
bektth . . 11y As I was approaching orgasm I thought it would reeeeally set the tone if I took my meat sword in my hand, aimed it towards my partner and upon release simply went pew! pew! pew! as if I were playing a with a laser gun. It did not set the tone... not at all. ... 636
Doc_Toboggan . 11y Tonight, I'm going to make all of your fantasies come true. Not by yourself, you're not. ... 421
blondeandtall . 6y Started talking about work and a coworker during foreplay. It immediately killed the mood. ... 231
 11y I have been forbidden from whistling a song that's in my head whilst I'm having sex. ... 152
oneoffaccountok. 11y Me and an ex roleplayed the porn situation of a plumber arriving to fix the undersink drainage and while he's down there the girl flashes him and gives him the come-on. But when I opened the under sink cupboard I found the trap was leaking all over the place and spent the next hour emptying the cupboard, cleaning out the fatty shit from inside the trap and then drying everything out with a hair dryer. ... 604
okekai . 6y Baaaaaahhhhhh like a sheep... Then I told my friend about it and she did it to her husband. Не enjoyed it about as much as I did. ... 57


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