22 Funny Misconceptions People Have About Sex

Does spooning involve actual spoons?
22 Funny Misconceptions People Have About Sex

The ins and outs (heh) of intercourse are pretty simple, but there’s always going to be someone confused by certain phrases or acts. For example, while “oral sex” does sound like it means “talking about sex,” plenty of us can confirm that it definitely means something else. Or, the concept of spooning could sound incredibly jarring to someone who thinks silverware is actually going to be in the bedroom with them. These are the kinds of misconceptions that Redditors have looked back upon and laughed at. And for the record, they all know how to have sex now (we think).

thepainteddoor . 11y I knew a girl who was in her 20s and quite sexually active, but had NO CLUE about the dangers of STDs, which I found incredible since that stuff is drilled into people's heads since grade school, in my generation. I had a friend who thought that the only STD that existed was AIDS. Не, uh.. learned a difficult lesson from one of his girlfriends. ... 545
Titan7771 . 11y When I was a kid, I thought How long you could last referred to how long a guy would ejaculate. So lasting for 20 minutes meant a guy cumming for 20 minutes straight. ... 212
Melvin_Udall 11y I know a kid who once thought a blowjob was something related to devil worship. ... 60
netro . 11y This is kind of embarassing, but when I heard the term butt sex, I thought this was accomplished but pushing your butt against someone elses butt. I was about 12 when I learned what it really was. ... 808
anexanhume . 11y I thought sperm was called supreme for some reason early on. Taco Bell seemed way different back then. ... 1.5k
Plagiarismo . 11y Misconception I had was that girls got no satisfaction from sexual acts. In other words, sex purely benefited the guy whilst girls just laid there and accepted that they were being fucked by the guy who was getting all the pleasure. This made me question why people have casual sex in the first place if it only satisfied the guy and the girl risked pregnancy/STDs. Then I eventually came to the conclusion that girls like it too and I no longer felt guilty about that teenage promiscuity that plagued my emotions during that time. ... 789
effieokay . 1 11y I remember in 6th grade a friend of mine thought guys masturbated by putting their own penises into their butts.
GeoM56 . 11y There is a documented case of a couple being treated by a sex therapist who had for years not enjoyed sex. After some prying, the sex therapist found out the couple had never actually inserted the penis into the vagina; rather, the man only thrusted between the woman's legs around her crotch. ... 1k
wallbrack . 1 11y In middle school, one of my guy friends asked me how girls pee when they have a tampon in. I was the first person to tell him that the pee hole and the tampon hole were not the same thing. ... 1.4k
guavainindia . 11y Jew here: Cannot tell you how many times I get asked if Jews have sex through a hole in a sheet. ... 1.1k bobkabob 11y I know a Catholic girl who thought she could avoid pregnancy by keeping a sheet between her and her guy. She got pregnant. Sounds like VERY painful, unfulfilling sex. And unsafe. But she swears she kept a sheet between them. ... 501
TehScrumpy . 11y When I was in high school I thought that the licking between the fingers motion (cunnilingus sign) was another form of rockin or just some heavy metal thing. At the dinner table one night I threw it to my guitar playing brother. Не gave me this astonished look. I knew at that point that it wasn't what I thought it was. I figured out what it was years later, from tv I think. It was accurate at the time. ... 983
pics-or-didnt-happen .1 11y When my Dad gave me the talk, I got the impression that pregnancy was the guaranteed result of sex. My first question: So you and mom did it twice, right? Good 'ol Dad. Не actually explained the truth and that people do it for fun because it feels good. ... 1.5k
 11y Friend of a friend in high school thought that spooning involved her being penetrated by a spoon. ... 1.1k
asdfpotato . 1 11y One of my female friends from high school was convinced that a penis writhes around like a water hose upon ejaculation. ... 1.6k
 11y I used to think oral sex meant talking about sex. ... 913
dmartian523 . 11y When I was 8 years old or so, my good old dad gave me the talk. What I got out of it was that girls get pregnant when guys pee into them. I proceeded to tell my group of friends. They were all blown away. The worst part is that my parents made me apologize to all of my friend's parents for telling their children about sexual intercourse. ... 597
zombie_lawyer . 11y As a kid, I thought the slang bust a nut meant you actually BUSTED your testicles when you had sex. I thought every family could only have two kids because every man could only bust two nuts in his lifetime. Good God, I'm glad I was wrong. ... 248
 . 11y When I was about 12 years old, I thought clitoris was the word for the head of my penis. I was riding my bike through a trail and slipped in some loose dirt, and I fell to the ground, hitting my dick-head on my bike as I fell. It hurt terribly, and I was running around in the woods screaming MY CLIT!! MY CLIT!! ... 899
CBHawk 11y I kid you not. Yesterday my friend who is 31 YEARS OLD was describing meeting a beautiful women and how he wanted to have sex with her. Не commented saying, I wanted to give her the five finger discount. My response was, you know that means you want to steal from her, right? ... 273
 11y The conception of my 11-year-old self: Women have only one hole down there, for peeing, pooping and babies. Just like a bird. ... 424
 . 11y When I was seven, my closest friend at the time explained to me quite authoritatively that, during intercourse, the glans detaches from the rest of the penis and falls deep inside, to then become the head of the baby. It eventually grows back after a couple of days. The most frequently you had sex, the faster it regrew. On married men it would regrow overnight. I then proceeded to have a nightmare of my glans detaching while in the bathtub and floating aimlessly on the surface. ... 731
brezzz . 11y When I heard about the 69, I heard that the man got head while he ate the girl out. I thought it meant he was eating food while he got blown. Like just sitting there eating take out or something. I thought it was the best move because you had to be really cool to distract yourself while getting a BJ like that. ... 296
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