21 of the Funniest Dumb Things Done at a Family Gathering

‘I stole my mother’s dentures as a dare’
21 of the Funniest Dumb Things Done at a Family Gathering

It’s important to attend family gatherings regularly, so that you’re aware of who your cousins are and don’t accidentally flirt with them. It’s also important to attend so you can keep track of who your dumbest relative is. If you’re unsure of who wears this crown, I have very bad news for you. 

To that end, Redditors have doubled over with laughter while recalling the funniest things they’ve done or seen at a family gathering, and just remember: If you’re going to tell grandma that she’s your favorite grandma, maybe make sure your other grandma isn’t standing right next to her.

Hedgeson 3y I Pranked my brother by taking his dessert out of his hand and gobbling it up. It had peanut butter on top. I'm allergic to peanuts. ... 26
 . 3y Accidentally put on lesbian butt-licking porn for my 93 year old grandpa and everyone else who came to my Thanksgiving! Friends and family! It was my cousins Xbox that I was using as a DVD player and the wrong file got clicked. My best friends husband, who I had just met yelled BEST. THANKSGIVING. EVER and then the owner of the Xbox walked back in with his brand new girlfriend and I had to pretend we didn't just all watch his lesbian Butt-licking porn as a family. ... 9
kurutim . 3y I'm at best a moderate football fan but can usually bluff my way through. My in-laws on the other hand are fanatics. Was at a big Christmas gathering and walked in on all the guys watching the big game. I glanced at the screen and saw ND so I asked how North Dakota was doing. ... 20
GallopingAstronaut . 3 3y I wanted to throw an empty bottle of water at my cousin and I hit my sister instead It was a wedding My sister was the bride ... 457
BLOXYBRAWLER17 . 3y Not me but my oldest cousin on my dads side said this at my great grandma's funeral, Imagine if she moved. ... 698
breakinecks 3y Took an edible with my wife on Easter one year. We don't ever smoke or take edibles but for some reason we thought it would be a good idea since we were hosting her side of the family. After 30 minutes and uncontrollable laughter between her and I, she went to the room and couldn't leave the bed. That left me to entertain everyone and make sure food was happening, all while I was high as a kite. Everyone asked me if she was ok, and all I could do was laugh. Her cousins picked up on what
I_AM_A_SMOTHIE . 3y At my grandpas funeral I went around saying Good luck (I was about 7) and I wanted to play in the graveyard while the others were standing around his grave ... 131
LevelPerception4 . . 3y At a pool party when I was 11, I yelled out to everyone to watch me swim the entire length of the pool underwater. Dove in and almost swam right out of the bikini I was wearing. Made an abrupt dive to the bottom to adjust myself, resurfaced to laughter and mockery. ... 85
FriendlyObserver8 . 3 3y I hit on my cousin not knowing she was a cousin. I'm part of a really big family. I went to a quinceanera for one of my cousins met this beautiful girl. Her and I were flirting pretty hard back and forth when my mom walks up oh good you met Anna she S your 2nd cousin from your cousin Rita's marriage. I know some might say 2nd cousins are different but not in my family. Luckily my mom noticed and warned us as things were getting hot and heavy. A few knowing uncles and cousins were nudging
Scrubs-Mysuperpower . 3 3y When I was around 12 I stole my mother's dentures as a dare and put them out in the window sill. I forgot about them and it snowed. Time to eat TG dinner and mom had frozen teeth and could only gum her food. ... 35
Hamfiter . 3y My brother had been over served and was passed out on the floor in the middle of the group. Не was only wearing gym shorts. Suddenly he woke for one brief second and pulled his shorts off, was not wearing underwear. Не had no idea where he was. Не was just laying there nude in front of maybe 20 people. It all went completely quiet until my Uncle spoke up and said  that son of a bitch is hung. Funniest thing I have ever seen. ... 844
_Skyler_ - . . 3y brought up my uncle's boyfriend. he's married to a girl..... ... 174
Bkbee . 3y During Christmas when I was a kid, my parents got me a basketball hoop. I wanted to dunk so my dad lifted me into his shoulders. But I got too excited and scared and peed myself while it went down his back. Не started laughing but I started crying cause I felt bad 18
 . 3y Tell my sister-in-law that her kids, my nephews, are why I don't want kids. ... 616
I_am_a_Wookie_AMA . . 3y Cards Against Humanity caused us to have to explain to grandma what bukkake is and why is kids were laughing so hard about it. ... 110
Sir-Buns . . 3y Tried to hookup with my aunt by marriage in a drunken stupor, still feel the cringe 10 years later. ... 11
fucktheroses . 3y got drunk and told one of my grandmas she was my favorite....in front of my other grandma ... 442
Lets-Make-Love . . 3y Made out with a cousin I had never met before. ... 89
UnpaidWorker7. 3y Not me but my dad(as a kid) took a shit in the Fireplace and went around bragging about it. My grandma still brings it up to this day ... 1.7k
SpiritedSoul . 3y Got drunk in front of my great grandmother and started to shit talk my entire family in a baby voice to my baby niece; while the entire family thought I was out of line my great grandmother thought it was hilarious and that I had valid points ... 3.6k
slappy_mcslapenstein . 3y At a family reunion I brought up how my cousin was on Girls Gone Wild. That didn't go over well with my aunt. I haven't seen her video. ... 38


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