31 of the Wildest Things an Ex Has Done

‘My ex fiancé married my sister’
31 of the Wildest Things an Ex Has Done

Breaking up is hard. While plenty of couples part ways without hysterics, others end up living out sitcom-worthy scenarios. For example, imagine ending a relationship, and then suddenly finding yourself running down a narrow alleyway as your ex tries to hit you with their car. Imagine also, that after managing to get away without being injured, your ex calling you at work the next day to let you know that you “looked like a sexy cheetah” as you ran for your life. 

On that crazy note, Redditors have weighed in on the most unbelievable things their most notorious ex has done, and I’m still in shock over the ex-fiancé who married the Redditor’s sister. Family reunions must be fun!

myownmyth . 1 10y Ex girlfriend tried to hit me with her car. Chased me down an alley in which a fence too high to jump was on one side and condos on the other. Proceeded to call me next day at work and tell me that I looked like a sexy cheetah running away from her car. ... 688
 9y Не lied about having skin cancer in an attempt to win me back. I only found out it was a lie because shortly after being diagnosed he went tanning ... 2.3k
Lcky22 . 1y My ex fiancé married my sister ... 755
40V Tobadiahtheblack 1y Had a girlfriend edit old Facebook messenger timestamps to make it look like I was cheating on my new girlfriend.
rosanymphae. 1y She called my boss, told them I was embezzling. Took 3 audits to clear me. ... 19.6k
bellcait . 1y Helped me pack. Knew I was putting things into storage. Put RAW chicken into a Rubbermaid with appliances they knew I wouldn't open for months.... ... 16.4k
instantrice в 9y Broke into my car and put a dead animal under the driver's seat. It was a really weird move for a vegan. ... 2.4k
pyrexsony. 1y Found out my long distant boyfriend of three years got married and had a baby while we were together. Не was in my town every weekend... It was nuts. ... 2.5k
shawnxstl . 10y Two years after I ending things, she attempted to contact me again. I wasn't having it. After a few failed attempts, she sent another message that said, You better find your God now because I'm going to fucking murder you Okay. ... 826
droccafella03 . . 1y Showed up to my parents house while I was with my new girlfriend and told my parents how we couldn't break up because I had sex with her and so we had to be life partners. Parents were ultra conservative so it was a....fun time.
Saltwindandfire . 1y She made a key to my house and stole my dog after we broke up. She then called me and told me she found said dog running loose in my neighborhood. Neighbor had it all on video. Dog was very confused. ... 23.4k
dog_butts. 10y When I broke up with my ex he became so hysterical that the only way he would let me leave him was if after the breakup we continued to be best friends. Not just any kind of best friend either, he wanted me to still come over for sleepovers and share his bed with him. Не told me that any other guy I dated after him HAD TO BE 100% okay with this or else I couldn't date him. ... 1.3k
_pleasedont_. 1y Cheated on me and when confronted said he was testing my loyalty to see if I stay with him through thick and thin. What. ... 489
axis- . 10y In highschool my ex girlfriend carved my name under her left breast after I broke up with her. It's still there ... 37
whistledick . 10y My ex found out my rebound had pierced nipples. Completely normal response: She pierces hers, shows up at my apartment, climbs up to my balcony and waits for me to come home, topless. Not weird at all. ... 1.5k
Rynu07. 5y I have loads but a funny one was when an ex left a lengthy voicemail message screaming for the return of her Uncle Buck DVD. ... 39
SpicyLettuce . 9y She broke up with me for a week to have sex with a guy that was visiting because she loved me too much to cheat on me. She thought if she dumped me it would be ok as long as we got back together.
spicymatzahball. 1 1 1y She bought her own engagement ring. With me there, telling her not to buy it. I broke up with her as we left the store. She pleaded with me to stay and I caved. A few months later she started getting resentful that I hadn't proposed and demanded that I take over the ring payments she'd been making. Noped out. ... 514
curiositykills33 . . 1y Called me at three in the morning to yell at me and call me a whore for liking a YouTube video by Dashie a month before. ... 2.4k
zOmbiegrl . 10y My first boyfriend tried to convince me he had slashed his wrists because I wouldn't take him back. The blood was very obviously catalina salad dressing... ... 1.6k
uh_mmmmmmkay . 9 9y My brother was engaged to a girl who wouldn't let him play any video games withhot cartoon female characters and would go through his manga comics scribbling out girls. Also used to rip his hair out all the time ... 1.7k
Son_of_Samus . 1 10y My ex somehow thought that taking her to a fancy dinner meant that I was going to propose to her. When it didn't happen, it lead to a downward spiral of cutting herself and at one point attempting to jump out of my car as I was driving. She also once pretended to faint during an argument. It was super awkward. ... 377
faux_glove . 1y I started questioning my sexuality at 16. My at-the-time girlfriend thought that was super hot. Until I expressed actual non-abstract attraction to an actual non- abstract man. Then she demanded I roleplay the act of dragging the physical manifestation of my homosexuality back into a closet and murdering it. To be fair, I probably should've bailed much earlier, like when she told me she was the physical reincarnation of Sailor Moon. ... 193
buenaonda1 . 1 7y Не started messaging all the new guys he thought I would maybe go out with asking them not to invite me out 'cause he felt he still had a chance with me. This happened not once or twice, this happened with around 10 guys. Не didn't even know them in person. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEM. ... 2.7k
deckstare . 1y Sent me a dollar on venmo just to say one last fuck you. ... 1.4k
 . 5y When my fiances ex found (who he has a kid with) found out I was pregnant she texted him that he should convince me to give it up for adoption because it probably wasnt even his. Then when that failed to get a reaction she took a screenshot of the sonogram I posted on facebook and sent it to him next to a shot of their daughter's sonogram to show how different they looked as proof he wasnt the father of mine. ... 193
The_wulfy . . 1y Took pics of me and my phone number and created a Grindr account. I got sooo many dick pics. Was pretty funny though. ... 1.6k
lowlybananas. 1y Cheated on me. Then cheated on me again after we went to months of therapy. Then emailed my parents and told them I was bad at sex. ... 1.6k
mar10wright . 10y When I broke up with a significant other she decided that she was pregnant. She went as far as to Photoshop ultrasound results and pregnancy tests and tell my mother she was going to be a grandmother. She even had a name picked out for the baby. She had everyone at out work, Borders, convinced I was a heartless bastard who didn't care about his unborn son. I finally found the original copy if the last ultrasound that she had altered on a Google image search. I sent it to her and guess what? Never heard from
i_am_not_a_goat. 10y I was dating a young lady who lived in the midlands and she'd come down to London at the weekends and we'd have some fun. Nothing too serious but it made my weekends enjoyable. Out of the blue I was asked to move from London to NY by work and so i told my then casual partner that i'd have to break things off because i was leaving the country. She accepted it and stopped coming down at the weekends. Anyway, fast forward a few months and my move to NY gets canned due to budget cuts. I
armhat . 1y aus TV Got mail delivered to my house when she found out I was going to break up with her. Then wouldn't leave when I did break up with her. I called the police and since she received mail at my house they said it was officially her residence as well. I had to call my land lord and have him evict me to get her to leave. Once she left he rescinded the eviction notice and I moved back in. ... 11.4k


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