30 of the Funniest Times Students Spotted Their Teachers Outside of the Classroom

‘I saw my English teacher shoplifting underwear’
30 of the Funniest Times Students Spotted Their Teachers Outside of the Classroom

When you’re a kid, it doesn’t occur to you that your teacher has a life outside of the classroom. But like anyone else, they have an array of interests and hobbies that have nothing to do with their profession. Like one Redditor, who was at the store and saw their English teacher shoplifting underwear. You never really know who’s a panty thief in their spare time, but you definitely don’t expect it from the person teaching you about iambic pentameter. 

To that end, Redditors have cackled about the funny, awkward or shocking times they spotted their teachers in the wild, and a lot of these educators know how to party.

tangent573 . . 7y Saw my English teacher shoplifting underwear from Primark. ... 1.5k
susiesamscott. 7y My guidance counselor was also our exterminator. Не came by to do his 6 month spray right after my parents called him to tell him they wanted to send me to military school. ... 134
That-girl-you-knew7y I saw my high school history teacher standing in front of a refrigerator, in his underwear, eating a chicken wing. (I'm dating his son, and I stay at their house all the time. Though, if I wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder, I hold it!!!!) ... 12
Shawaii . 2y I was in the Tokyo airport thousands of miles from home checking out the skin-mags and my old HS English teacher suddenly said hi. ... 1
Zs2k . 7y This is going back almost 10 years. When I was a sophomore I ran into my math teacher at a spencers, it was awkward because she had a dildo that had to have been almost 2 foot, she was a tiny lady, I felt bad for her vagina ... 1.3k
Viconahopa • . 7y I am the teacher, but half way through a tattoo session and some discussion, found out the artist was a former student. ... 21
 . 7y My mother once told me the story of how, when she was in high school in England in the 1970s, she saw her teacher in a pub toilet, drunk, slumped against the wall. My mother was around 15 at the time and shouldn't have been drinking in a pub on a Saturday night. The teacher recognised her and drunkenly said I won't say anything if you don't.. ... 6k
frozen_flames . 7y This was a few months ago, I was out with my friends and was telling them how much I hated this teacher (so much that I compared him to satan). I turn around and see him sitting in the table behind us ... 139
Tokenofmyerection . . 10y My buddy ran into our very Mormon very married high school principal at a strip club (my buddy was still in high school and had his older brothers ID). Apparently the principal pretended not to see him and left right away. ... 96
 7y Not a student, but the parent of one. My daughter was clothes shopping at the mall, and she didn't notice at first that the woman fitting her at Victorias Secret was her science teacher. ... 2.3k
ThePotatoHose. . 10y I ran into my drama teacher at a gaybar. I was underage and he was very much not out of the closet. Не said I didn't see you here if you didn't see me here, ok? ... 517
nickasummers . 7y I had a college professor who was a massive dick. Не would mark down your grade for asking questions if he thought the question was dumb. One student got up and left in the middle of class and apparently walked directly to advising to change majors. One day he drove past us in a restaurant parking lot and he stopped to have a perfectly pleasant and normal chat as if he wasn't crazy. ... 973
ClubberLang12 . 7y I smoke a lot in the treehouse at my parents house. One summer after college I looked out the door as I was taking a fat bong rip and made eye-contact with my old high school English teacher walking her dog. Gave her a casual head-nod and slowly closed the door ... 2k
izzytheleprechaun . . 7y I saw my married middle school science teacher at as gay bar with a guy who certainly wasn't his wife ... 5.9k
 . 7y When I was in high school I went to my friends house to smoke some weed. We went to the shed in his backyard and we walked in on his dad and our Physics teacher smoking a bowl. So we stayed and smoked their weed instead of ours. ... 868
Geno_Whirl . 7y Found out he lived in my neighborhood when his dog bit me and I had to get stitches. ... 1.6k
MacGyver387 7y I worked at a local Target store after high school. My band instructor came in and bought a pack of condoms and came through my checkout. Не chatted me up for a bit and it was weird. Since band went on trips for parades and festivals, his family came with us a lot. His wife was friendly, but his kids were mostly terrible. Glad he was using protection. ... 259
iamkuato . 7y It's never awkward for me. But one of my favorite times it was awkward for them was at a local music festival. This was one of those 3-day-weekend things where everyone is enjoying some sort of mind-altering experience or another. I ran into a group of students who were just blazed (tripping on something) - I mean barely functional. I let them try to play it off for a while before I showed mercy and moved on. They tried so hard to seem sober. Freaking hilarious. ... 1.2k
nigrplz . 7 7y Just saw him at an Arby's. Had him for three years and all he could say to me was I don't remember you but you don't look like you need to be eating Arby's ... 106
bonercollexor. 7y I was out of class sick for the day back in fourth grade. My mom had to go to the store for something, but didn't want to leave me home alone, so I went with her, despite my 101(F) fever. We're at checkout and I see my teacher, and he's seen me. Panicking, I told him that I'm sick and not playing hooky. Не laughed and said he was.
MachinePress 7y When I was in 4th grade, after my parents divorced, my Aunt came to live with us for awhile. One night I was watching tv and procrastinating doing my homework. There was a knock at the door and it was my teacher Mr I was so shocked that I blurted out I'm just about to start my homework, I swear! Не laughed and said No, MachinePress, we're hear for your Aunt. Is she ready? That's when I noticed he was with his wife and some man who was to be my Aunt's date for the evening. The four
bossdawgshelp. 7y Bumped into an old teacher at the urinal while being completely intoxicated at a bar. Opened up to him about how much his class meant to me. The class was gym. ... 5k
TheHighFlyer . 7y My GF met her teacher in holidays. Не was having his honeymoon and had the hotel-room directly above the room of my GF. Не wasn't too pleased, when he noticed that. ... 594
miss0tique . 7y 17, senior year. Snuck into a 21 and up bar with some friends that were not from my school. Get to bar and wait to order drink, bartender is current Art Teacher. Something she likes to do on weekends I assumed. We stare at each other for 2 seconds then she asks what'll it be for all of us. Order gin and tonic, she serves me drink, and we go about our night. School was the same, so 10/10 would drink with art teacher again. Gin and tonic was good too. ... 3k
CuseHuh 7y I was baby sitting for one of the high school teachers probably when I was in 10th or 11th grade. Him and his wife get home and I call my dad to come pick me up and I was just hanging out in the kitchen waiting for him, chatting with the wife about the kids. Then all these cars start pulling up and people flood into the house with cases of beer, bottles of booze. It was all teachers from the high school that taught me or we're currently teaching me. They were all so drunk and would
JebediahKerman42 . . 7y In elementary school, I ran into my band teacher trying to get people to by in to a pyramid scheme at the flea market. ... 97
 . 7y When I was in high school, I ran into my middle school history teacher at the movies. Не was with his boyfriend, who happened to be my high school art teacher. It had long been rumored that they were gay/together and this confirmed it. They tried to act as if they had simply bumped into one another there. Super awkward. ... 2.1k
 . 1 10y I met a 4 year old kid I taught to swim at the time in Tesco. Не asked me why I wasn't in the swimming pool. His mum had to tell him that I don't actually live in the pool. Can't say it was that awkward. ... 106
Feeling_Ad_2354 . . 2y I have a reverse situation - my high school English teacher was my older brothers good friend and I saw him play strip poker in my garage once - fast forward a couple years, head into junior year English and he was now my teacher. ... 2
keepitupbuttercup . 7 7y My sister was in a fender bender right after getting her license. The guy who rear ended her was her driving teacher. ... 5.5k


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