29 Weird Relatives Who Make Family Reunions Extremely Entertaining

Grab a plate and sit next to the arsonist uncle who built a guillotine
29 Weird Relatives Who Make Family Reunions Extremely Entertaining

There’s at least one straight-up weirdo in every family tree. Which is to say, you’re far from alone in having that one relative everyone stays as far away from as being family allows. If anything, you’re in good company. Because whether it’s a serial arsonist uncle who built a guillotine “just to see if he could,” or an aunt so addicted to Pepsi that her house is a necessary stop on the truck driver’s route, these Redditors’ family members certainly wear their weirdness like a badge of honor. 

Captain_Vegetable • . 7y Не smashed the heirloom china while raving that Richard Nixon (who was no longer even alive) had poisoned his medication. That was an interesting Thanksgiving. ... 2
blametheinternet . . 9y My uncle tried to exorcise me because he thought i was possesed ... 142
thewhitedeath. 11y I have an aunt who is addicted to Pepsi. 40 years now. She's now in her sixties and it started in her twenties. She drinks so much Pepsi, the Pepsi truck goes to her house once a week to deliver it. ... 3
corinneemily.1 10y My great uncle robbed a bank and then felt bad about it so he tried to return the money. Не also tried to jump out of his semi truck while driving. His son saved his and many other peoples lives that day. ... 2
Slothalotta . 5y My aunt accused me of stealing her spices when I went to visit her a few years ago. It's since become a running joke with the rest of my family. ... 7
ArchdukeLidl . 5y My sister was in an incestuous relationship with her cousin and they were engaged to be married. She called it off because he was fucking another of their cousins. ... 5.6k
Espy2600 . 10y My grandfather that passed in '99 was the President of the local chapter of the Grim Reapers all through the 70's. My mom still has his colors and jacket with the 'Prez' patch on it. They were running a lot of guns and drugs at the time. There are actually a surprising amount of pictures my mom has from then including my uncle sitting next to a 3 and a half foot tall pile of freezer bagged weed. They had a weird, interesting childhood ... 21
NTPrime . 9y I found my younger brother face down in the drained bath tub spreading his butt cheeks apart and sucking in air to make himself fart. ... 1.1k
kathrynallison . 11y I have an aunt who sent out an obituary for her cat ... 4
leeways . . 7y caught a monkey in the forest, brought it to family gathering and treated it like their kid ... 2
catbooble . . 10y probably my 17 year old male cousin that has been dressing up as a thai rent-boy for every single family gathering, including christmases, our grandparents birthday parties, and a funeral. i gotta admire his perseverance tho ... 15
treeborn_the_elder . . 2y We watched as my uncle unzipped the large diaper bag and pulled out a rattlesnake! It had been caught by my almost as crazy cousin who knew he liked snakes. ... 2
talibob . 2y Не decided to play with fireworks and lost four fingers. Не loved to terrify small children with his scarred up hand. ... 2
DiSiakPL . . 2y My mothers cousin is a priest who likes historical things like black powder guns, old military hats, ornaments etc and he made himself shooting range in basement under his presbytery ... 3
philanthropee. 10y My Great Aunt. Her home is plastered with professional portraits of her and her dogs dressed up in coordinating outfits. ... 79
mirrison_ 5y My aunt showed up at her sister's wedding about 10 minutes late, sat in the front row, and began to paint her fingernails ... 5
Havins . 9y My cousin was arrested with some weed, was bailed out and then broke back into the police station that night to try and steal his weed back. He's a family gem.
MushroomMountain123 . 9y My uncle sells corn on the cob on the streets for fun. I guess retirement is really boring. ... 4
tabbicakes . 5y Не dresses like Jesus and carries a cross across town every Good Friday. ... 1
nonamenad 6y Don't know exactly how, but convinced herself she was hosting an alien baby in her stomach. She lost her job and house during a bad divorce and was sleeping on our couch in the meantime. Everytime I would come downstairs for a drink of water, she'd make me with her and watch hours worth of conspiracy documentaries, most of them based from extra terrestrial life. Soon after that she started using the pronouns We and Us even when she was just referring to only herself. She sorta grow out of the phase but is still completely obsessed with
memorablePITA. 10y I have an uncle who has crazy Einstein hair, a crazy eye that doesn't move so you never knew if he was looking at you or not and was a bigamist. Не had at least three wives at one time. Не is also a doctor. ... 8
lizphotowalkerx. 1 1y I have another weird relative, my 28m cousin sniffs his aunts hair when he hugs her. Like deep breath in, weirdo ... 3
TehWildMan_ . 1 10y My mother believed she was god. Or at least, the ultimate and infallible truth-defining body of the universe. Marriage was tough for her. I can understand. ... 2
portrigged . 10y My great uncle john. Не lives in the woods, is a serial arsonist and thinks NASA stole his idea for space foil. Не taught advanced math and physics before one day dropping everything and moving to scotland because its the homeland!, which my family has not lived in since mayflower days. Hes bonkers but hes fun. Also when he was younger he built a guillotine just to see if he could. ... 7
psychosythe . 9y My step-father once kicked in my door at 4 A.M. and threw a live chicken on my head. All he said was Put that up when you go to school. Never found out what he was doing with that chicken. ... 867
Chandysauce . 140d The youngest cousin on my mom's side of the family, when he turned 18 he sold all of his belongings. Purchased camping equipment and just decided to live in the woods. His family was not pressed for money, they were willing to cover his school costs and an apartment, but поре he wanted to live in the woods. Не held a normal job and lifestyle outside of that. One day he packed up camp and just dipped, he calls his mom every few months, but no one knows where he went or what he's doing now. ...
urmthrshldknw . 5y My prison uncle (everyone has one right?) once ran from the cops and got away. From the way I remember the cops that showed up at the house that night telling the story to my grandmother he basically got some distance on um at the top of a pretty narrow uphill road, slammed on the breaks and put the car in neutral then hopped out and proceeded to run down the other side of the hill while his car rolled backwards towards the pursuing officers. They didn't catch back up with him for another week or two
kickassunicorn. 10y My Uncle. You will never see him without a gun in his pocket. Even when you think he's unarmed, you're wrong. When he gets drunk, he talks about Ronald Reagan in German and hands me money. ... 30
cats 10y A great uncle of mine. Не spent his life running a candy cart at carnivals and tries to do magic for kids that never ends up working out. Не shows up at family events uninvited and we always wonder how the hell he found out about it. Не pre-purchased his tomb-stone in the family cemetery and it has an engraved cotton candy with the words the candy man underneath. ... 40
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