22 Funny Things Witnessed On A Golf Course That Were Way More Entertaining Than Golf

‘I saw a guy drink Gatorade out of the cart girl’s shoe’
22 Funny Things Witnessed On A Golf Course That Were Way More Entertaining Than Golf

If movies like Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack have taught us anything, it’s that golf can get a little goofy. Just ask the guy whose ball got snatched by an alligator, which prompted an entire discussion about the rules. Or, ask the guy who got matched up with a dude who felt comfortable enough to lift his shirt to show off a lower back tattoo that read “PROV1.” I mean, I guess he’s really into it, huh? 

The golfers of Reddit have climbed into theirs proverbial carts and described the funniest things they’ve witnessed on the course, and some of these tales are better than getting a hole-in-one. 

laserdr 0 7y #14 Crystal Springs NJ Buddy of mine on the High School Golf Team preferred to hit 3-wood off the tee. Не hit so far under it one time and popped it up and the ball hit a tree limb just in front of the tee boxes and it ricocheted right into the garbage can next to the ball washer full of empty glass bottles and broke a few. ... 3
M1nn1m0use.2 271d My friend's ball landed near a pond right in the middle of a huge gaggle of Canadian Geese. The cobra chickens didn't even flinch when it landed. Не tried yelling and flailing to scare them away but they started hissing and going on the attack so he didn't get too close. I can still see the anger in his eyes every time he sees one on a course ... 1
jpm1188 . 1y I have a friend that has a super over the top swing. Every few rounds he hits one backwards. Gets me everytime ... 119
Interesting-Ad-2093 . 2y I was playing golf in Mexico one time and some guards were walking around in the jungle, which was 10 yards off the fairway, and they had German Shepherd. We were told after the round that there was a Jaguar spotted and they were scaring it off. ... 56
shanked5iron . 1y I once saw a guy drink gatorade out of the cart girl's shoe, before his round had even started ... 130
imrgamecocksandman . 1 1y 2/Rhode Island Watched a guy snap a club....after a bad PRACTICE SWING ... 868
dangerdannnnn . 1y Guy on our golf trip literally shat himself on the first tee ... 278
futurepassedpast. 7 7y A couple summers ago I was playing with some friends. My one buddy goes for his second or third shot on a long par 5. Right in the middle of his backswing we hear this Tarzan- like yell come from the woods. We never saw anything, but we died laughing. Still makes us laugh to this day. ... 3
ToastMmmmmmm . 271d When my ball got stuck in the windmill blade and my husband had to climb up 10 feet to unwedge it. ... 1
brch01 1y Fairway Jesus Two middle school kids were behind my group during an evening round. They kept hitting into us, being loud, etc. They were in a big rush to finish the round, we just kept with pace of play. While me and my buddies were putting on the green, we see them run full sprint down the fairway after teeing off. Unfortunately one of their pushcarts hit a bump and he absolutely eats it. The other one's still running like nothing happened ... 11
iamtehfong 1y Hit small ball far feel good. At a charity night golf event I played at, an extremely drunken, fairly hefty bloke thought it'd be funny to put the rest of the group off their swings by farting mid-swing, and ended up explosively shitting his pants. Best part was the closest bathroom was 3 fairways away, so he had to power waddle hundreds of meters with it dribbling down his legs. Never saw him again after that ... 227
GuyOnTheMike . 1y Once was golfing in Phoenix. The course's pond was probably the only body of water for 30 miles so there were geese EVERYWHERE. On one waterside hole, I hit a 3-wood flush. I mean perfect contact. My shot proceeds to absolutely nail a goose right in the side about 40 feet in front of me with such force that the ball ended up behind me. As for the goose? The fucker didn't even FLINCH. Like, he didn't move. Just stood there minding his own like nothing happened. ... 33
motowoot 1y I got teamed up with another walk on and we had the exact same outfit on from hat to shoes. We still golf together weekly. ... 69
Lampmonster1 . 7y Friend goes to tee up on a par three. Puts his lit cigarette down and tees up his ball. Hits his shot and hits it well, leaves himself about a four foot birdie putt. He's excited and chatting about it as he grabs his tee and lit cigarette, so he doesn't notice for a second when he puts the tee in his mouth and the lit cigarette in his pocket. ... 3
 - . 2y A kid on my golf team hurled a 9 iron at a squirrel and killed it. Carried the dead squirrel for like 6 holes. That guy played a few seasons on the PGA TOUR. ... 157
rutlander . 1y A group of 8 frat bros having a full on brawl, hole #7 at the charleston municipal golf course ... 355
Tink2013 . 2 271d An alligator came out of the pond and snatch up my ball and went into the pond with it and we had a huge rules discussion. ... 2
alittlelateforthat . 35d Actual funniest was some old bloke who was watching his family at the range, saw me hit a stupid high slice trying to send it and he leans over and goes you want to know what went wrong? just be better I fucking love that old man ... Reply 204
davidz70 . . 1y Back in 1996 I was playing with a buddy of mine, who was a club thrower. Не chunked a wedge shot and proceeded to turn around and throw his club. It got stuck high up in the branches of a pine tree. Played the course last year for the first time in about 20 years and the club is still up there. ... 244
btl1984 . 1y swing by Hogan, body by Hoagie Coming back into the clubhouse during a hailstorm: dudes shorts fell down while he was sprinting, tripped him up and he face planted into mud ... 307
klondike16 . 1y Golfed an early round with my dad once, and there was a couple foxes running around. My dad hit a shot just short of the green and as the ball was in the air a fox came out onto the fairway. The ball landed just behind it, making it turn around and look. I jokingly yelled, get it! And the fox looked down the fairway at us, then turned and grabbed his ball in its mouth and took it over into the bunker 20 yards away. So cool and so funny all at once ... 16
LovelsLove75 1y My buddies and I got paired up with a guy twice in a span of a month. We had good conversation both times. I guess the 2nd time he felt more comfortable with us and pulled up his shirt to reveal a ProV1 tramp stamp. I mean, I love golf and love me some ProV1's but.... ... 251


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