16 Tattoo Ideas So Bad That Tattoo Artists Refused to Ink Them

One tattoo was three Deadpools too many
16 Tattoo Ideas So Bad That Tattoo Artists Refused to Ink Them

Though we typically scoff at old people who remind the rest of us that tattoos “last forever,” there are some cases where they’re right and they should absolutely say it. In fact, that mindset is so correct that some tattoo artists have turned away potential clients because their tattoo ideas were so painfully stupid that they couldn’t bear to be responsible for the ink. Take, for example, the guy who wanted a tattoo of one Deadpool tattooing a Deadpool on the ass of another Deadpool, which is like a fucked-up Marvel version of Russian dolls. 

Anyway, the ink masters of Reddit have revealed more of the dumbest tattoos they’ve refused to add to their portfolio. Just a reminder: Money may buy you happiness, but it can’t always buy you a tattoo of Shrek right above your log and musty swamp.

jgarcia18 . 4y Heard a story of an artist that was asked to do Minnie Mouse blowing Mickey Mouse on an elderly woman. ... 2k
CahkShlap.4 4y Elmer Fudd running into a dudes butthole saying I'm hunting for wabbits ... 14
 4y Once a young kid 21 came in and wanted shrek around his dick and balls (not on it). It would look like shrek was opening his mouth and his junk came out. That was the easiest no I've ever given.
chocovstra . 4y My friend from high school wanted bon appétit above her coochie after her 18th bday and the tattoo artist gave her a long lecture about life. ... 5
tinawww . 4y A tattoo of Deadpool, tattooing Deadpool on ass of yet another Deadpool. To recap; that's three realistic Deadpool's in one tattoo he wanted on his tiny arm ... 419
Petrosmine . 4y A Middle aged man just came in and asked 'Can you tattoo a tiger on my penis?' and I just responded with 'The door is that way' ... 446
Duke159 . 4y Have a friend who's a tattoo artist, once had a woman come into his shop and ask for a full sized ruler tattooed on her inner thigh because she was tired of guys lying to her. Another guy wanted his dick to have an elephant trunk tattoo with matching elephant ears on each thigh, buddy told him I'm sure you can get it done but I'm not fucking doing it This dude proceeds to ask every artist in the shop only to be turned down and sent out to look for another shop. ... 2.9k
bloodectomy . . 4y obligatory not a tattoo artist but I asked this of mine. he says he once had a guy want a tattoo under his thumbnail, like he was gonna rip the nail off, then come in to the studio so he could get a tattoo that would eventually be protected by a new thumb nail ... 4.7k
 4y Once I was waiting at a shop, and a family came in because their teenage son wanted a hatchet man tattoo. My artist begrudgingly agreed to do the ink and sent them back to get ready. Не walks over to me and tells me how much this kid is going to regret this stupid tattoo and he normally has morals about what he will put onto people. But he really needed the money and the whole family was excited about his first tattoo. While the kid was getting his future regrets permanently applied, the dad was super excited
lorepandatv. 4y Worst request I ever got. Extremely drunk college girl came in wanting her exs name tattooed around her asshole because apparently and I quote he was a God at eating ass. Told her to come back sober that I wasn't going to. Next day her friend came in and apologized and gave me $20 for not being a dick.
 . 4y She wanted an open asshole with a turd coming out of it. I shudder to think what kind of porn she watches. ... 129
 4y My buddy said a dude asked him to draw pubes in for him because he couldn't grow them. ... 7.5k
Leohond15 . 4y My artist told me he refused a to tattoo a woman who asked for a zipper along her pussy lips and a pull tab at the top, so it would look like it was unzipped as though her vag was some sort of grotesque change purse. ... 465
goodoldane . 4y A naked woman masturbating with a carrot, right to the left of his junk. I think he just wanted me to have to touch his dick. ... 612
ClassyFarts 4y It was much earlier in my career when I worked at a shop outside the city and closer to countryside. Got a request for a deer holding a hunting rifle with a tribal style cross in the background. Icing on the cake is he wanted the deer to be silhouetted, not with your typical black but with the Confederate flag pattern and colors. Have a vague memory of barbed wire somehow being in the mix. ... 1.1k MDKphantom 4y sounds like a shirt you'd see at walmart ... 233
BananaLlamaNuts . 4y My artist turned away a guy who asked for a giant graphic back piece of Satan fucking Jesus up the ass ... 953
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