31 Funny Things People Have Seen Their Moms Do

‘She punched a nun in the face’
31 Funny Things People Have Seen Their Moms Do

Sometimes when moms do something funny, it has a “Marge Simpson having a nervous breakdown” vibe. For example, if your mom impulsively buys a kayak and sets off into the water with no previous kayaking experience or idea where she’s going, that’s definitely cause for concern. It’s just displayed in the funniest way possible. Other times, moms are fearless in overtly hilarious ways, like the mother who punched a nun in the face for spanking her child. 

In that vein, Redditors have sounded off about the funniest things their family’s matriarch have done, and all I can say is that Mother’s Day is in a couple of months, and none of them better forget it.

 . 5y One summer my mother impulsively bought a kayak, took it to the stream across the road from her house, and with no previous experience put it in the water and traveled a good distance without any real idea where she was going. ... 1
eejaaylee . . 5y Walked into the garden to find her casually juggling batons of fire ... 3
shortasianandbroke . 5y My mom got sick of getting calls from telemarketers so one day she decides to answer back. She proceeded to act weird as hell and sing Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Idek man. ... 2
nevaraon . 5y She threw a vacuum cleaner out the backdoor, went out, grabbed it again, went back to the backdoor and threw it again. Because it didn't go far enough the first time ... 2
sneakybadg3r. 5y One time because I didn't tell my mom what was making me upset, she literally hulked out and ripped her shirt off. I still didn't tell her what was wrong, but there was now an additional problem of seeing the angriest half naked woman in existence. ... 3.3k
HappinesslsAPotato . . 5y Grab a kitchen knife and go crazy stabbing this mattress to force my dad to throw it out.
fishtank . 1 13y My mom lifts the mouse occasionally if she wants the cursor to go up ... 281
LisbethBathory1 . . 5y She decided to give knife throwing a try. She's blind. ... 1.2k
ArchibaldStovepipe . 5y Watched my stepmom throw a taco at a woman's car who cut her off in traffic and I respect her greatly for that. ... 2
epidemica . 5y I've never heard my mother use any profanity in my entire life, not as a child, or an adult. We had a retirement party for her, and a lot of co-workers showed up. She was her usual pleasant self, and at the end of the night, she got up from the table, called her boss a fucking worthless piece of shit and left the restaurant. ... 5.2k
UnApprovedActivities . 5y My mom once got out of the car at a stop light to walk up to the driver's side window of the truck in front of us so she could scream bloody murder at him until the light turned green for intentionally swerving to run over a box turtle along the side of the road. ... 8.6k
sidnehwt 5y When I was around 5 my mom and I were in the women's section of a department store. I hadn't been feeling good for a solid 10 minutes and made it known to my mom that I was definitely going to throw up and soon. She rushed me to the checkout counter and asked for a trash can (the nearest bathroom was too far) but the woman behind the counter cut her off and said she was currently with a customer and we would need to wait our turn. My mom then knelt down to me in front
w4ntsm0r3 . 5y My mom once vacumed the grass with the house vacume (not the shop vac). She was angry my step-dad got saw dust on it when he was cutting wood. ... 1
DontCommentMuch . . 5y When I was a young chap, maybe 12 or 13, she had a few too many drinks. It was a rarity for her to get drunk. I would assume this is why her inhibitions were lowered significantly which led to the topless pool table dance. She is not a slight woman. ... 1
theganjaoctopus . 5y We were driving down the road once when I was younger. My mom suddenly pulls into a random driveway and jumps out of the car and starts walking down the street the way me came. She bend down to pick something up. She comes back to the car with a coin in her hand and says 'I knew I saw a quarter on the sidewalk.' ... 6.5k
IMAFullOnRapist . 13y My mom tags pictures on FB with people who are not in them. For instance, a picture of my nephew will have all my brothers and sisters tagged, but because we are not in the picture she tags the bush, tree, grass, etc with our names. It's pretty funny. ... 155
Breadcrumbsandbows . 5y My mum puts all of the bowls of catfood in the oven in winter so they don't have to eat cold food. We have nine cats. - 1.8k
CatzAgainstHumanity . . 5y She gets bored, and suddenly she has built a new deck, added an addition to the house, a handmade rock wall, and it looks like a pro did it. My friend's mums see a movie or something my mom builds awesome artistic shit entirely self-taught. ... 3
 . 5y She pops her shirt collar every day. Every. Day. ... 1.8k
 . 5y Kicking a lethal snake a meter in the air. We were walking along the beach when a Dugite slithered over her foot. She couldn't see what it was because she was carrying two large bags, but instinctively kicked it to the side as if it was a tree branch or something and kept walking. Meanwhile everyone behind her was trying to process what the fuck just happened. ... 2k
stonesets . 5y Oh, my mother. Love her to bits but she definitely has shaped her own category of how to be a parent. First off, she works and has worked 60-70 hours a week my entire life. She loves her job, and that's why she's there so much. Wasn't really around the house, but when she was she was drinking Coke by the can and watching Forensic Files. Stopped using a babysitter for my younger brother and I when I turned 8. Set no house rules or curfews. Said, Rules don't make men, mistakes do. Then sips her soda
toworkortoreddit 5y When I was growing up there was a spring when a bear was coming around our yard and knocking over the bird feeder and eating the seed. Не must have ruined like three feeders before my mother stopped buying new ones and started taping/gluing it back together. So one morning im sitting at the table with my mom having breakfast when she looks out at the feeder, then stands up and rips the slider door open, storms out onto the deck and starts screaming 'HEY, GET OFF MY FEEDER!'. At this point I peek around the corner and
chet- 5y When I was in second grade (1994) I went to Catholic school. I learned about other religions through tv and asked my mom if those other people who follow other religions would go to hell. She told me honey it doesn't matter what you believe in as long as you are kind to others. I was so stoked. I went to school and told my friends what she had said and they all got super excited. Well the news got around the school and I was called into principle Sister Gene' S office. I she spanked me for
marlynn 5y I was having a fire in the back yard W a friend. Early in the night I saw a shadow of someone in a yard over, told my friend. Не said nah, I don't see anything. Yes. There's a man there. A couple hours later I see the same man, only this time from another neighbor's yard. Friend gets to take a look and scares the guy off. We decide to call it a night. Our dogs (who had been inside) bark when they hear the side gate as I let me friend out. Mom wakes up, askes
 : 5y I was half asleep late at night, and I woke up with a gasp, | can't even remember if it was a nightmare or anything, but it was loud enough to alert my mum. She came charging into the room, completely naked, holding her prized machete, looking around for danger. Yeah that was memorable, as I'm half asleep adjusting to my surroundings. Nice to know she's quick on the reflexes though. ... 2
 5y A monkey entered my house through the back door and went straight into the kitchen. It started breaking things and throwing stuff around. My mom tried to shoo it away but it wouldnt budge. So she took a stick to save herself incase it attacks and started shouting at it. The monkey started making these sounds trying to scare her. This went on for about 10 minutes. I guess the monkey got tired and it left but ill never forgot the sight of my mom who is usually kinda calm trying to duel with the monkey. ... 1.8k
R_radical . 5y she got us ejected from a car wash. A bunch of blood (deer, so don't call the litlit), was in the back of her Escalade. As you can imagine, we wanted the smell and stain out. she walks in sign out front says you get blood stains out yes mam, but how big is the stain oh, about body sized (the exact words she used). obviously he told us to leave and that he couldnt help. Of all the things to say body sized ... 2
OliverRock . 5y we were at a red light and we needed to take a left. After waiting for too long, my mom just decided to take the left. Unfortunately as we crossed the intersection we cut off a cop car. The cop turned his sirens on. Suddenly my mom hits the accelerator and speeds into a random road and then into a random apartment complex. She parks the car turns it off and sits there in silent. Then after a sigh of relief she looks at me and says don't tell your sister that happened ... 2
 5y When I was around 14, she went on a blind rampage calling us (myself and 2 brothers, ages 13 and 11) lying little shits, that no one would ever trust us and we'd get nowhere in life, that she hates living with us and she wishes she could pack up and leave like our father did (he left to escape her, and is still very much involved in our lives). Why? Someone ate the last biscuit in the packet and no one would own up to it. ... 2.1k
Naskr . 5y She sat down to play 2 hours of Tomb Raider on the PS1. No real reason besides just curiosity of what it was, and never want back to it. I got alot of respect then, that a parent would take that much of an interest in their kid's hobbies. It doesn't take alot of effort or time to get an idea, even if only small, of what younger generations are into. Not really that crazy but still not something I would ever expect. ... 480
cmach86 . 5y My brother was misbehaving so my mom wanted to hit him with the slipper. I was in the bathroom pooping so when I came out I was surprised no one was home. I looked out the window and saw my brother running across an empty field and my mom chasing him with the slipper in hand. Funniest fucking sight I ever had. ... 3.1k


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