25 Wild Experiences People Had While Test-Driving a Car

25 Wild Experiences People Had While Test-Driving a Car

While it makes sense that people should be able to test drive a vehicle before buying it, the concept leaves room for a lot of things to go awry. Like the guy who gave a fake I.D. to take a BMW out for a solo test drive, robbed a gas station and ditched the car afterward 

To that end, car salespeople and potential buyers kicked things into high gear over on Reddit and shared the craziest experiences they’ve had on a test run. Most of these stories are a testament to the power of four-wheel drive and the determination of the human spirit.

Black_Cat_5 . 8y Friend's story: a customer took a Mazda sedan for a test drive and midway pulled over and asked to swap with the salesman to experience the car from the passenger seat. Just as they were about to drive off again he says he feels sick and can't go on, and thanks for his time. Turns out he just wanted a lift into town. ... 4.8k

X-3 8y Not a dealer but I had my wife do this. It shocked me and the dealer. So we're looking at full size cars and we look at the trunk. My wife says, Wow, you could hide a couple bodies in there! Не says, Yeah, maybe. Without warning she climbs in, lays down and says, Yeah, you sure can. We'll take it. I looked at him and said, We're newlyweds. His shocked face lost all color and became even more exaggerated. he said, oh, uhm, well. Looks like you got you a winner. The entire time my wife is

 . 8y Former salesman here. Most outrageous would have to be almost killing me getting on the freeway and not yielding right of way to an 18 wheeler. This old bag was so close I had to grab the wheel to prevent my death. ... 2.7k

dick-nipples 8y I was showing a car to a guy one day. When I went to go get something, he had opened the hood to look at the engine bay, and he had closed it before I got back. Well, while we were driving on the interstate, sure enough - the hood flew open because he hadn't latched it all the way. It smashed into the windshield, shattering it. We were going really fast, and all of the sudden we couldn't see anything at all. I thought we were goners... But somehow he made it off the road without any further

joblo619 . & 8y Had a guy show up on a fairly nice Harley Davidson w/ out a shirt on. Nobody helped him so I offered to. Не wanted to drive one of our top end cars ($320K Rolls- Royce Ghost). I got a service bag (the ones that protect the seats from the mechanics grime) and let him drive it. We got up to about 140 mph on a public road before I told him he needed to buy it before hitting 150 mph. We went back to the dealership, he went to his bike and wrote us a check. We

moses1424 8y Former sales person here. Probably the craziest would be this guy suddenly yelled LETS TEST OUT THE 4 WHEEL DRIVE!!! Не veered off the road near the dealership and cut donuts in a muddy field. I didn't really give a shit if he damaged the truck because that's what insurance and lawyers are for. I just felt bad for the underpaid guys in the back who had to clean it back up. The only time I ever got upset with someone and told them to pull the fuck over was this old man was test driving a brand

 . 8y My uncle owns a car dealership in the U.S. and a guy came in and took a bmw320i out for a test. Turns out he took it to rob a gas station, get away and just ditch it. The Id was of some dead guy that looked like him ... 20

idledrone6633 8y Current Nissan salesman here. On my 2nd month selling, I had a young lady with her ~6 year old son come in to look at a Pathfinder. The child kept crying saying he was sick and wanted to go home but she seemed very determined to drive a new Pathfinder. We get the carseat into the back and drive away. The kid is being whiny as hell the whole test drive. As we finally start pulling into the dealership the kid VOMITS all over the back seat. The woman was so embarassed she practically ran to her car

rhysmoe . 8y Thankfully this did not happen to me it was one of my salesman I hired in the past. Не had a guy test drive a S500 Mercedes, only a few years old at the time. Не let the gentleman and his wife have it alone which happens frequently at high line dealerships. They returned 45 minutes later a bit of a long test drive. They said the check engine light popped on and the ABS light and they were scared of the car and left. Come to find out they removed some $2500 worth of parts to

TheB47M4N . . 8y I am a lot manager at a dealership. We have a jeep test track that people love rolling and getting jeeps stuck on. No idea why we trust everyone with a license on it. ... 55

Boxdog в 8y I had a car salesmen start crying on me when I told him I was still looking and not going to buy the car that day. Не broke down and cried, a 30 year old man. Не excused him self and went to see his manager came back and cried some some more. Не said he thought we connected and was sure I was going to buy the car. ... 409

Whose_ear 8y I had a dirty looking guy with long, greasy hair want to test drive a Cadillac. We had a pre-planned route for test drives, but he turned the opposite way out of the dealership and told me he wanted to go his own way. At this point, he was acting somewhat strange, like nothing specific, just odd mannerisms. We drove a couple miles and I started getting a bit scared that I was going to be on the 6 o'clock news, when suddenly he pulled into an ice cream place. Не bought us both ice cream cones and

Rock2Rock . . 8y Not my story but at a local Nissan dealer in Queens two very large and intimidating men took a test drive with a salesperson and drove him to The Hole an area off the Parkway that is literally a hole. They told him to get out and the car was never recovered. Не never got ID before taking the drive and lost his job as a result. ... 1.1k

DatArabGuy . 8y Took the car for a test drive, Made a music video with it.. ... 3k

The_Zooman . 8y I was a salesman at one time. The most outrageous were a girl and her boyfriend on a test drive and he proceeded to drive a BMW into a ditch thank goodness nothing was damaged. Best test drive was an old van with two ladies from rural Alabama. They were loud, talkative and hilarious. She proceeded to ask me questions like, If the kids are loud in the back can I get S special removal device and things of that nature. ... 279

foofenpuss . . 8y Took a woman on a test drive, she backed into a fence while turning the car around to go back to the dealership, and when I had to go report it to management when we returned (there was damage) she DENIED it, and quickly jumped into her car and left. That and the guy who just pulled out SLOWLY into 4 lanes of traffic without looking. I've had some fun ones but those two stick in my memory... ... 1.2k

idkhur . 8y A few years ago my dad went to buy a Nissan and during the test drive he got this brilliant idea. Не pretended the car was malfunctioning and stopped it. When the salesman got out to see what the problem was my dad sped away as a joke. When he returned to the dealership 10 min later there were two cop cars and nobody was amused except me ... 4.7k

fist_is_also_a_verb 8y I work at a used dealership. We sell all types of vehicles, but our most popular vehicle in this area is a full size pickup. We always have at least 5 or 10. Early December 2 years ago, we had a dude come in and he was looking around at our cars. Не said he was interested in a Focus wagon and wanted to take it for a test drive. No problem man, have a good time. Не came back about 45 minutes later, said it wasn't what he was looking for, and rushed off. I went to

SaucyFingers. 8y I test drove a sports car once and the salesman kept telling me to step on the gas so that I could get a good sense of the power. After ignoring him a couple times, he put his hand on my thigh and pressed my leg down into the accelerator. I instinctively back-handed him with a closed fist and gave him a bloody nose. The rest of the test drive was pretty awkward. ... 4.2k

isthisonealsotaken 8y A year or so ago an old man was test driving an F150 and when we got back to the lot he insisted on backing it into the parking space himself. There was a BMW behind us and it looked like he was going to hit it, so I offered to get out and move it. I'm not gonna hit it. he said. Sir we're getting awful close, put the vehicle in park for me. I'm not gonna hit the damn car! crunch I basically said Well there it was. and hopped out. Showed him the damage and

roflcopterswtams 8y Not a salesman but once I went to a Mazda dealership to test drive an RX-8. The salesman was a talkative dude, and to make conversation I asked him what was the craziest thing he's seen on the job. Не told me he let a guy test drive an RX-8 as well and that the dude absolutely loved it. Before buying it though, he had to go show his mom to see if she would approve. Dude asked the salesman Can I go show this to my mom to see if she approves? Salesman said Of course. The

i_think_therefore_i_ . 8y What about vice versa? Years ago I had an old truck that I wanted to trade in on a new vehicle, and the salesman took it for a test drive. When he came back, he said What's that noise? I said, What noise? Не mumbled something vague, gave me a ridiculous offer for my truck, then promptly disappeared for a long lunch. When I tried to drive my truck off the lot I realized what the noise was. The car salesman had put my vehicle up against a curb, revved the engine, and dropped the clutch to test it.

Fxckyorkcity 8y Used car dealer in NJ here. I was selling a 2006 Honda odyssey EX-1 and the only info i get before a test drive is a drivers license and a phone number. The guy said he knew the area so I let him go alone cause we were short staffed, I told him to keep it short. This jackass is gone for 3 hours, and ignoring my phone calls. I was about to call the police but I decided to give him another half hour, he finally came back and the van was filled with groceries and some

WhitePartyHat. 8y A couple of years ago I go to buy a car. At the beginning of the drive I can tell the car salesman isn't looking so well, he's looking a bit loopy and pale. About halfway through the drive he yells for me to pull over. As I stop he opens the door and pukes all over the ground and the inside of the door. The last ten minutes in that car were the most awkward and worst smelling moments of my life. ... 714

sarahws3508 . 8y I had a pregnant woman, in early stages of labor, come in for a test drive. Her husband was recording her contractions. They bought the car, a 2013 VW Passat. ... 16


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