26 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of February 19, 2024

Ah yes, the random fact known as Starbucks
26 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of February 19, 2024

It’s not uncommon to get a tattoo to commemorate a special person, feeling or memory, but rapper Machine Gun Kelly has chosen to do the exact opposite. His latest piece of ink, which he debuted earlier this week via Instagram, is a large blackout tattoo covering just about every inch of his upper body and arms. The work required 44 needles and blotted out the art the rapper no longer felt “connected” to. Many commenters were quick to point out how “stupid” and “dangerous” the new tat is, while another person very astutely opined that the shirtless rapper looks exactly like Spider from School of Rock. It’s a good thing MGK can manage to get by with his music career, because unlike Lucas Babin, he probably can’t pivot to a life in the legal profession. 

The rapper (and his heavily inked skin) weren’t alone in getting flamed this week, though. Other quality burns included those about a DoorDash customer going to great lengths for a refund, a teenager going through a Twitter Blue phase and the only way to handle the French.

HER of @da_zoeprincess2.3d too stunned to speak 1:53 Post в Follow @columbreonna I want cava. 3:14 PM 1/23/24 From Earth 188 Views в @columbreonna.3d I hate when yall get on here and soft beg... I want cava for lunch... . Go get cava then wtf 6.3K 55K 315 3.4M
Axel @herpert . 23h We show all the players balls aMC eb @ebusbar. 1d Replying to @GrantBrisbee @gggiants and @zakeshiba ANTS 24 20K 841 2.4M
Discord Messages With Threatening Auras 5d ... heute um 19:28 Uhr Someone is speaking French behind me what do I do heute um 19:29 Uhr Gun heute um 19:40 Uhr Gun heute um 19:40 Uhr Gun 88 2.3K 46K 1.3M
HL askeladd @BozoPack·1 15h GIVE -WAS WILL - - FLEE when it's career day and your dad walk in with his letterboxd reviews 2 21 200 13K
Case @Cactuscali1991. 1d 90's style insults need to come back. Been itching to tell someone they need to go to the clue store to get one. 64 218 1.5K 49K
femcel elaine benes @probablyalissa 18h ... No one on Hinge understands this prompt A random fact I love is Starbucks 245 1.5K 70K 6.4M
Zach Heltzel @zachheltzel 1d My niece deadass asked me if YouTube was in black and white when I was a kid. 6 14 151 8.8K
rose @roseyreelz.1 1d ... H if you ask a white person how it's going and they pause for a second before responding with a half-hearted eh, it's going, you better believe they're one minor inconvenience away from a month-long stay in the psych ward 259 12K 93K 2.4M
Kris @KrisSkulls 3d ur telling me you're 14 paying for twitter blue? ckay @ckayszn . 4d How old were you? I was -2! how old were you in 2007? 555 7.7K 188K 6.3M
30 @sydkeef . 21h this what i be wearing when my weed man say he outside BornFrontoDieGrabba @throwawaypt2.1d CC Do لم 0:19 613 7.8K 70K 3.8M
noah @pradachurch 2 2d great, i was looking for a work bag to store my lunch banana in JACQUEMUS JACQUEMUS @jacquemus . 2 2d THE SWOOSH BAG. THIS MONDAY - 26.02 JACQUEMUS + NIKE DISCOVER THE NEW COLLECTION AND FACE. JACQUEMUS.COM #Jacquemus #Nike JACQUEMUS JACQUEMUS 122 8.3K 80K 4.1M
paige @BonerWizard 1d They're gonna have to change the character's name to Chet once they start filming so he doesn't get confused V @Variety 1d Variety Chet Hanks has joined the cast of Mindy Kaling's new basketball comedy series at Netflix. Не will play Travis Bugg, a point guard who moonlights as an unsuccessful rapper. He's a huge distraction on the court and an even bigger problem off the court. bit.ly/ 317idHn tv 3 6 359 22K
@charliekclly 2d gender is such an interesting thing bc i think he's kind of hideous but if u changed nothing and instead told me this was a lesbian it would kind of change everything POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.3 3d Barry Keoghan looks handsome for W Magazine. 191 3.7K 58K 3.4M
The Mighty Quinn @misterj006.22h If I walked in and saw this in someone's home, I'd leave Mr. Wholesomething @footballguy82.1 1d This is dope. Body so addicting like a drug 463 7.6K 102K 4.2M
Corn @upblissed - 3 3d whats ya cashapp gang FLEA @babyibeenajoint - 3d Editing my pictures so I can get my money back on DoorDash The Saudi the a ١٥ SWEET BABY RAY'S The Sauc 3 the ١٥ SWEET BABY RAY'S 173 989 32K 4.9M
Rocco T. Thompson @roccotthompson 1d Barry Keoghan showing up for work on any given day THIS 80 5.4K 59K 2.2M
beer person @CantEverDie•· 2d ... biden looks like an animatronic they fucked his shit up soo bad ettingermentum @ettingermentum . 2d Easiest call ever x.com/ettingermentum... Absolute Trash Tier Joe Biden's Current Facelift (2019-present) is that ice cream cartons have actually shrunk in size, Ahhhhhhhh !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! 67 330 11K 320K
YEEHAWNCÉ @dwologist. 1 1d scrolled too fast and thought this was mariah carey and michael jackson Melian Refugee @escapefrommelos.3d women choose one of two paths when they are blessed and burdened by huge fucking yams 68K 169 5K 2.8M
mp @mp3f1les . 1d travis kelce definitely said rip harambe when they walked pass the gorillas 9NEWS SYDNEY ZOO 49 1.1K 30K 1.1M
manicpixiememequeen @mpmemequeen 4d ... BCG QUEEN raven baxter at 7am on a monday morning at school PS P E IBC CH E AV F P P NBC 166 12K 114K 3.4M
Gabrielle Drolet @gabrielledrolet - 1 1d this is literally just scrappy doo LeYap Triller Moth @legotrillermoth. 2d POOR THINGS (2023) 23 TikTok petshop6789 0:13 249 19K 10M 251K
brosaleigh @brosaleigh . 2d ... State of the Scene @SOTSPodcast • 2d Machine Gun Kelly shows new, nearly full upper body tattoo in photograph. 116 2.9K 50K 4M
Alex Bug (Mr. Reality) @SporeOrigins 2d Yeah I ain't listening to that GLOW Queercore Will Wood, Destroy Boys, Le Tigre, GRLwo... 802 9K 79 del 278K
FREEEE @ifeeelfreeeksg 3d Bros using Twitch Music I'm dying Wondo @Dondo223.3d GOOD (DON'T DIE) BACK IN DEEZER LFGGGGG!!!!! 11. VULTURES E feat. Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign 12. CARNIVAL E feat. Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign 13. BEG FORGIVENESS E feat. Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign 14. GOOD (DON'T DIE) E feat. Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign 15. PROBLEMATIC E feat. Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign 16. KING E feat. Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign 34 20K 614K 370
Polo Kimani's Dad @TiskTusk 5d Another day to remind you that if your fingers look like this, of Fri please see a doctor. You might be dying. Certified Trapper @ImCertifiedTrap - 5d acia 505 10K 96K 14M
Chanel @chanelly37.21h Shirt by Fanatics POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.21h Ricky Martin looks handsome for @GQMagazine. 5 279 10K 514K


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