24 of the Funniest Situations People Woke Up to After a Night of Partying

‘I woke up in my parents’ bed, between my parents’
24 of the Funniest Situations People Woke Up to After a Night of Partying

Waking up after a rager and piecing together what happened the previous night is probably exactly how the dude in Memento felt, except his predicament was decidedly less chill (and vomit-filled). Regardless, you occasionally get to be a hungover detective and deduce how the hell you woke up in your neighbor’s bath tub. Or, there are times where witnesses are at least in the vicinity while you’re being the drunkest moron at the party, and can tell you why you fell asleep halfway inside of a refrigerator. 

Redditors have tried to recall the funniest situations they opened their eyes to after a night of partying, and we definitely want to hear more from the guy who woke up and saw Rob Schneider passed out on the couch.

 10y This hot girl I was friends with threw a small party with a dozen or so friends since her parents were out of town and everyone got exceptionally shitfaced. The parents were coming home early in the morning so she asked everyone to leave at about 2am. It was thought I had caught a ride with another friend, but no, I was passed out cold in her parent's walk in closet after throwing up in their bathroom. I wake up, realize where I'm at, freak out, and stumble out into the kitchen where her and her parents are
Naranjas1 . 10y In college, I ended up crashing on a couch in a house I was unfamiliar with. When I woke up, I saw some dude standing on the other side of the dimly lit room. I said... oh man, what a crazy night. Thanks for letting me crash on your couch. We'll have to do this again... yada yada yada. I went on like this for 10 minutes. Turns out I was talking to an oscillating fan with a hat on it. ... 2.2k
shArkh. 10y Woke up cuddling a crowbar. Not one of those stupid lunk sized ones, the mid-sized for-bashing ones. No idea where it came from. No obvious signs of damage. It took up residence in my dad's garage & remains there to this day, 16~ish years on. Не never asked, either. ... 19
Pepsipowah . 1 10y Woke up in a random bed next to a naked guy and I had like half a can of Nutella smeared on my pants right above the crotch. I can't remember what happened, and I'm not sure if I want to. ... 22
drain65 . 10y Halloween. A few people were dressed as Jedi knights and I passed out holding one of their lightsabers. I remember waking up in the middle of the night at the same time as one of them, suddenly breaking into a full on lightsaber duel, then passing out again five minutes later. ... 204
Bird_Flu_Sandwich . 10y Woke up in the trunk of a car. So glad that I was wise enough to leave it slightly open and not shut.... ... 316
DrumkenRambler 10y I woke up hiding in the bushes outside the barracks. I was wearing a ghille suit I had made, so I can only assume I was the ultimate winner of a hide and seek game.
JaDinklageMorgoone . 10y One time I woke up with a bouquet of flowers tied to my penis while in the middle of my dorm hallway. probably not as weird or crazy as these other stories, but it was pretty weird for me! 406
Barrel_Maker1 . 10y I once woke up in an abandoned building. Windows were boarded up, it was almost pitch black, and the flooring was cold concrete. My first thought that I was kidnapped from the club I was at. ... 41
BridgeHammer . 1 10y I once went to the pub for a cheeky pint, woke up 8 miles away in a completely trashed house. I came to on a sofa bed with around 20 people slumped all over the room. I sat up and a dude the other side of the room looked me in the eye, laughed and said you're crazy man. No one at the party knew who i was before or how i got there and neither do i. Still see them sometimes. ... 1.7k
futebolkid99 . . 10y Woke up in my friends living room wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito. Took the blanket off and to my surprise I was only in my boxers, which were covered in puke by the way, and had no clue where any of my clothes were. His whole family, including his little sister, were home. ... 97
ITpeon . 10y I woke up alone in my own bed after a night out wearing nothing but a leather jacket, an army helmet and with a pocket full of shotgun shells. None of which belonged to me. ... 196
 . . 10y I blacked out and installed my window AC and woke up in a freezing room with the last 5 seconds of Auld Lang Sine skipping on the record player. It was now the 5th of July. ... 85
 . 1 10y Once woke up in a Vegas suite with a passed out Rob Schneider on the couch. ... 1.8k
KC X AZ adidas jayhawk1 . 1 10y de 00 I woke up half-way in the refrigerator. My friends said I got hot, cleared out the bottom shelf and stuck half my body in there. Good times. ... 635
WalkedCircle. 10y Woke up in a 100 year old bassinette in a pioneer village, i thought i went back in time ... 888
hellnolo . . 10y Started drinking in London, woke up on a building site in Tampere, Finland.
haggisforthesoul . 10y Not me but my friend once woke up with the toilet tank lid under his pillow. ... 615
nevik86. 10y My friend passed out on the couch. While the party was still going on, he woke up to go to the bathroom. Не walked into the kitchen, opened the dishwasher, and proceeded to piss over all of our clean dishes. When we yelled at him to stop, he slowly looked up (mid piss) and said just let it happen. ... 1.8k
chrischulz . 10y I woke up in a blanket fort on the floor of my friends dorm room on my mattress that I apparently dragged up two floors. ... 745
zeqh . ' 10y I woke up to Chicago. I started drinking three hours away and apparently joined some dude on his trip to Chicago. ... 160
UncensoredChef . 1 10y I woke up in my neighbors bath tub... I had never been in their house before and have no idea how I got in there. ... 471
toddmcnugget . 1 10y In my parents' bed, between my parents ... 372
 10y I woke up on a small island in the lake near where I live. I was completely dry and no boat in sight.. ... 33


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