23 of the Coolest Feats People Pulled Off Without Anyone Around to See Them

23 of the Coolest Feats People Pulled Off Without Anyone Around to See Them

If no one is around to see a woman get hit by a car, somersault over the roof and land on her feet completely unscathed, did it really happen? 

That’s the quandary many Redditors have found themselves in after inadvertently pulling off incredibly cool feats to absolutely zero witnesses. And sure, they could have called someone up and told them about the unbelievably cool thing that they just accomplished, but we all know that isn’t the same. 

Anyway, the accidental stunt people of Reddit have recalled the times they’ve defied physics, had amazing luck or straight-up experienced a glitch in the matrix without a witness in sight, and they all deserve a round of applause.

mahjimoh 76d My brakes were going out in my Camaro so it was basically all or nothing, I had to really stand on them to make them work, but still driving it because I was young and foolish. I was driving home from work on a basic city street and it had started to ice up. The cars ahead of me were coming to a stop, so I stomped on the brakes to slow down (knowing this was not an ideal situation!), and started to slide. I turned to go into a parking lot to my right, and my car

SolomonVandy3 . . 76d Was stacking cartons of eggs (12 in a pack) at my retail job when one carton fell off the shelf. Stuck my foot out. It landed on it, balanced perfectly, no eggs broken. Not a single person in the aisle. ... Reply 8.2k

Craigothy-YeOldeLord. 77d I belted a football that glided over the surface I was playing on and didn't touch the ground till it had hit a wall some 30 feet away from me. I don't mean it went up in an arch and came down, I mean it stayed the same height for the whole distance, about an inch off the ground, it was spinning the whole time it was moving (could tell as it was a black and white pattern) and it slightly curved. I'm 44 and I have never been able to reproduce the feat. ... Reply 133

Marcus_Talonius . 1 76d I was riding in my dad semi, going up mountain in Chattanooga, windows down. I had this batman toy where you pull this plastic thing, and this helicopter takes off. I pulled the plastic thing... helicopter gets sucked out the window... comes back in through driver window. Dad didn't even see it.... so I tried it again.... never saw the helicopter part again. ... Reply 962

janewey . 76d in 9th grade, i was the only person waiting in the bathroom. there were 5 stalls in there, all occupied. the toilets flushed at the same time and the 5 people all opened their doors and walked out of their stalls AT THE SAME TIME. all 5 of them, in perfect sync. none of them seemed to notice! i was shook. looking back at it now, perhaps it was a glitch in the simulation. ... Reply 560

Art3mis77 . 76d Fell through a folding camp chair once, with a can of rootbeer in my hand. Scraped my ribs and hips up but didn't spill a drop of my rootbeer ... Reply 27

reydolith . 76d Hit by a car. Rolled up the windshield and over The roof only to land on my feet, unharmed, on the other side. I was a stunt woman that day AND NO ONE SAW ... ... except the driver who didn't stop ... Reply 596

Bifferer 76d On a trail run with my son. We are cooking along and he is about 40m ahead of me. I trip on a root, go down and do a perfect shoulder roll, pop right back up with almost no change in pace or stride and keep on running. My son heard it and looked back, sees me running and says what was that? Other than a bit of dirt and leaves on my back, no evidence of what happened. I felt like a Hollywood stuntman but no one saw it t :( ... Reply 58

frozeneskimo02 . 7 76d Not something I did more just something that happened. When I was little I fell out of bed but my sheets were tangled in such a way that they caught me like a hammock on the side of my bed. ... Reply 2k

IslandsOnTheCoast. 76d Cooking in the kitchen. I dropped the spatula, and reached out to kick it. It spiraled right back up in the air, where I reached out and grabbed it right by the grip. I felt cool as fuck, but I was alone. ... Reply 91

Maggies_lens 76d I pet a wild moose in the backyard of my air bnb, not realising it was wild. Gave him a good scratch I, had him leaning into it groaning and everything. Went back inside to ask if it's be ok to feed him some carrots or similar. Host family were horrified and quickly filled this clueless Australian in about moose ... Reply 2.3k

sj_hernandez77.76d I was bored and practicing throwing playing cards in my cousins room when I was a teenager. My aunt called us to go eat so my cousin walked out of the room and I walked out to follow her. I had one last card in my hand so I turned and threw it at nothing in particular. It spiraled beautifully and went perfectly from horizontal to vertical and went right through the gap between my cousins wooden closet doors 15 feet away. Was probably only an 1/8th of an inch gap. My jaw hit the floor but when I

FlameBurner276 . 76d I was walking outside during a storm, suddenly a branch flew at me, and I caught it bare handed ... Reply 401

greyarchstone . 76d Went for a round of golf by myself and made a hole in one on a par three. I called people immediately, but it wasn't the same. ... Reply 2.4k

Snoo79474 . 77d I made this impossible pool shot when I was in high school, and I'm a terrible pool player. I was just messing around and the ball I was intending to hit bounced off the different sides and landed. And I was all alone lol Reply 563

Kindly_Ad7608 . 76d shot the head off a horsefly mid-flight with a b-b gun! ... Reply 210

jez4prez . 76d I once dealt myself a royal flush, but everybody was up getting drinks/snacks... SOOOO they all thought I was joking and called it a misdeal.

SuitableClassic • 76d I used to be a blackjack dealer, I was getting the cards ready to put in the shoe, and I dropped the cut card. It landed on my foot, I kicked it up, and it lands right back on the deck in the middle of the table. Six degenerate gamblers at my table, and not one was paying any attention. I'm sure surveillance saw it, but idk. ... 565

AuthorUnknown33 .7 76d Was in Venice at 16. Slipped on some wet stones and almost flew headfirst into the Grand Canal, but my hand made unexpectedly quick friends with the lamppost and i swung around like Gene fucking Kelly, and landed on my feet. Not a goddam person watching. ... Reply 234

PAdogooder 76d Imagine: I'm home alone. We have a weird closet that is about 30 feet long and about 5 feet wide, one side nothing but shelves and clothing. I am maybe 8 years old. I have a foot-long novelty baseball bat from Louisville slugger. I hear a fly. It's in the closet. I'm in the doorway, so it only has one way out. I can barely track with my eyes, I have to use my ears. I swing. I hear the smallest little thwack and then a little sound of something hitting a box in the back of the

Tayaradga . 76d Once I was putting away groceries and I put something on the top shelf. I turned around to start walking away but then I reflexively reached my hand out behind me and caught the thing I just put up on the shelf. I did it and I can't even believe I did it. ... Reply 932

poo4 . 76d Threw a paper airplane up in the air in my backyard as a kid - it must have caught some sort of air current and floated up high, drifted for probably 30+ seconds, then slowly came back down. ... Reply 886

bob-leblaw . 7 76d In the 4th grade I had a pencil in my back pocket. It was sticking up several inches above the pocket & my shirt was somehow tucked behind it. I stood up from my desk and the pencil had gotten caught on the back of my chair. It flipped out of my pants, broken in half, and both halves landed in the trash can. ... Reply 3k


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