30 Hilariously Inaccurate ‘Facts’ People Stated With Confidence

‘Polar bears are rodents’
30 Hilariously Inaccurate ‘Facts’ People Stated With Confidence

If someone with a PhD blurts out a bizarre fact, you’re likely going to take them at their word. They’ve dedicated enough hours to higher learning that it makes sense they’d know some nerdy piece of trivia the rest of us are too busy having sex to be aware of. Unless the “fact” in question is that “polar bears are the biggest members of the rodent family.” No dude, they’re bears. Literal children know that, and it really makes you wonder what other kind of inaccurate information that person is spewing out into the world. 

Redditors have cackled and relayed the funniest times someone shared a wildly inaccurate “fact” with them, and it helps explain how misinformation spreads so rapidly.

spookyANDhungry - 3 3y My ex told me that a woman can't get a piercing or tattoo because the baby will be born with a scar in the same place. I explained that this was not the case. ... 101
InannasPocket . 3 3y Africa is one country. We had literally just finished a geography segment about the countries in Africa. ... 3.2k
psych_edelic_survey . 3y It's possible to breathe underwater. She then tried to demonstrate and snorted a bunch of lake water up her nose. She was 14 at the time. ... 8.3k
atlantis_airlines . . Зу I was talking to a guy at the bar and he was telling me how soap is unnecessary for washing your hands. All you need is a combination of hot water and cold water. Not warm. But use both cold and hot. I did not shake his hand. ... 1.9k
trowaway120 . . 3y Eating 2lbs of lima beans will kill you. ... 1.1k
maybebabyg . 3y You get twins by boning twice on the same day.
SmudgeZelda. 3 3y Unsweetened iced tea has no caffeine because it has no sugar. ... 730
ibbity . 3y smoking weed strengthens your lungs no, no it does not ... 1k
josiesdad . 3y Seltzer water will make you gain weight because it's carbonated meaning it contained carbohydrates ... 34
urinesain . 3y That nipples are regenerative. As in you could cut your nipple off, and a nipple would grow back. Like a lizard tail.
I_throw_socks_at_cat .  Зу The shape of the banana and the way it fits your hand so well are proof that god exists. Не stopped using that argument when one of our со- workers pointed out that dicks fit hands pretty well too. ... 2.3k
 . 3y An ex boyfriend once insisted that women can hold in their periods like we can hold our urine. Не did not believe me, a woman, when I told him that was absolutely not the case. What. ... 1k
iffyiffyyahyah . 3y My mum told me Michael Jackson died from eating too many potato chips, in an attempt to get me to stop snacking.. ... 1.6k
catsandcappuccinos . . 3y My roommate said very confidently at barbeque that Meat is a potato. When I asked his reasoning he told me that the substance to protein ratio was very high. ... 275
pm1966 . 3y A woman at a party I was attending over a decade ago insisted that the largest member of the rodent family is the...polar bear. I looked at her in absolute disbelief and replied that they weren't rodents, they were fucking bears. She had a PhD, too...smh ... 1.1k
a_guy_named_gai . . 3y Peacocks dont have sex. A female gets pregnant when it eats the teardrops of the male. ... 5.6k
rayalix . . 3y My ex-gf's mother honestly thought foxes were the offspring of stray cats and dogs. ... 10
chinodacrooked . 3y As a kid, someone had told me that coconuts were bear eggs and I had no real life experience to believe otherwise. ... 88
LotusPrince . 3y Someone in one of my college classes believed that we only use ten percent of our brains. ... 657
 Зу My dad told me that tongue piercings caused heart failure really commonly. My mom told me that writing on your hand was the same as ingesting poison. ... 714
Sal_Ammoniac . Зу My ex was telling me how, if a male lion has a broken leg and he fathers cubs, they will all have a broken leg when they're born.... Also, I had a coworker who claimed there was a human sized jackrabbit near the bus stop she used to take bus to work, and that she saw it all the time. Uhhumm... :| ... 2k
 . 3y Someone once told me that it never snows in the state of Washington because 'its on the west coast'. Same person also told me that she doesnt believe in gravity because if it was real, wouldnt the sun just suck up the moon?. She was 24 when she said these things to me. ... 960
TaintTickle86 . Зу That you can live off drinking sea water because Gatorade has sodium in it. I was telling this dude about a guy who was stranded out at sea for awhile and survived by drinking rainwater and shark blood or some shit, and dude was like why didn't he drink the sea water? Gatorade has sodium in it and it's fine. It's a myth that you can't drink sea water. Probably so they can keep charging people for drinking water. ... 609
Born_Slippee . 3y VOH Had a friend try to tell me and a group of friends that every single Red Robin was off an exit 3 from the highway. We tried to tell her that no, it was just a coincidence that she saw two like that or something. Then when asked do you know how exits work? she replied yes, every time there's a Red Robin, they make it an exit 3. Wtf? ... 324
Aviatrix92 . 3y A lady told me that if you drink coffee while you are pregnant you will burn the baby and thats how people got birthmarks. Lol She is in her mid 30s and she truly believed this.. ... 112
jboss1642 . 3y If anyone who knows me sees this I'm basically doxing myself, but a friend bet money that Japan isn't a country, it's an island. Не was convinced those were contradictory statements. This was in a prestigious high school. ... 37
onioning . 3y Goats lay eggs. A several minute argument followed, and I did not convince him he was wrong. I work in meat processing. Not that that's necessary to know that goats don't lay eggs, but it just made the argument all the more ridiculous. I'd literally seen goats born live countless times, and yet he argued.
PIsStayAnonymous1 . Зу The more you owe on your credit card, the higher your score. My ex had a $1000 limit and always kept $990 dollars on it, only paying like $10 a month. Не believed that he had a credit score of 990. ... 10
 3y My roommate tried to convince me that there are Chimpanzee-people in the jungle because isolated tribes are getting it on with the monkeys. I tried to explain how species reproduce and quickly realized he thinks you can bang a horse and get a centaur. ... 8.3k
USPSA-Addict . Зу You can get black lung disease from overcooking the marshmallows for s'mores. ... 3.8k


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