22 Funny Pocket-Dialing Stories

‘He’s not breathing!’
22 Funny Pocket-Dialing Stories

No matter how far technology advances, innovation has yet to overcome the power of the butt dial. Though the accidental calls are usually just indecipherable sounds, sometimes you’ll hear something wild, like a frustrated grandmother yelling, “You son of a bitch, shut the fuck up already!” at her crying grandchild, which means maybe it’s time to stop using meemaw for child-care. 

To that end, these Redditors have shared awkward, funny or wholesome pocket-dialing experiences that will, at the very least, remind you to lock your phone before taking a leak. 

wewere_infinite . 11y Also, not awkward but a couple years ago my grandpa butt dialed me while going through the drive through. I thought it was the most adorable thing ever, he had just gotten a cell phone and had no idea how to use it, I was so surprised when I saw I had a voicemail from him. It's just two minutes of him ordering a big Mac, fries, and a coke but he died a few months later and I listen to it sometimes when I miss him. ... 1.1k
f_for_GPlus . 4y Got a butt dial from some random number, not even in my state, and I faintly heard what sounded like oh shit get the juice basket ... 194
 11y My so once pocket called me while he was driving. I answered the phone to the sound of him singing his little heart out to the radio. Не was really embarrassed, but I about died of cute-overload. ... 921
yuzaname 11y Butt-dialed my parents while in a theater watching Ninja Assassin. I get out of the theater to a huge list of missed calls. I made contact with them right before they attempted to contact the police. The blood-curdling screams were apparently concerning. ... 332
GrowingUpSucks 11y After I was just hired for an internship at a large chip manufacturer I got a call from my hiring manager explaining what I would need to do the next day when I flew across the US for the job to get my badge and whatnot. That went well and all, after the call I went back to moving out of my dorm, a friend was helping me and the subject of a previous roommate came up. As we both started ranting about what an asshole he was, I leaned against my desk  . 11y Got a voice mail from my dad. It was just the sound of him peeing into a toilet/urinal, about 20 seconds of silence, then god dammit! click Laughed my ass off for about a week. ... 1.2k
wickity_whack 11y I once went to a friends house to borrow her penis shaped cake pans for a bachelorette party. We sat there for a few minutes talking about penises, she had two different sized pans so there were some jokes told... then I noticed I was sitting on my phone and butt dialed the Child Welfare Provincial Emergency Duty line. That was awkward. (It was on speed dial because I worked for CAS at the time) ... 274
 . 11y One of my good friends left a voicemail while he was masturbating and watching hentai. At the end of it he awkwardly said Hey.....I guess I pocket dialed you. ... 445
 . 4y My dad didn't hang up fast enough after I was calling him while having an anxiety attack. I heard him say to my stepmom that girl's so afraid to die she's afraid to live ... 146
redditorforthemoment. 11y Not necessarily pocket dialing but a few weeks ago I installed a new radio in my car which has bluetooth functions meaning I can take calls using the radio without ever picking up my phone. A call from someone I didn't want to talk to came in and while pressing a button I said to myself how do you hang up on somebody. The speakers piped up, probably not with the button you just pressed. ... 935
 11y Of all the possible 3-digit combinations, 911 had to come up. I'm sure they listened for a while as I played Xbox very vocally. ... 284
BigRedKetoGirl . . 4y My kids' dad accidentally butt-dialed me once when he and the kids were driving somewhere. I could hear the kids just cussing away, and their dad laughing, then he reminded them that they could only cuss while they were alone with him, and only in the van past a certain road in town. Made no sense. Years later, he apparently forgot that, because when I let my son start cussing in front of me when he was like 15-16 years old, his dad had a little bitch fit about it, saying it was disrespectful for our son
Siestasam 11y I pocket dialed a girl that I was semi-involved with while I was taking a piss. And it was the longest piss of my life. I didn't realize it while I was doing it. She called me later that night and was like Did you really just call me to piss? It was extremely embarassing but we still laugh about it. ... 480
teeth4brains 11y A friend was telling me about the first time she ever met her boyfriend. Не happened to be bare naked at a party and walked into the room she was in. She then went on and on about how large his ahem attribute was. We noticed her screen was lit up so she picked up her phone. The conversation with her father went as following: Friend: Dad?? Her dad: Yes?? Friend: What all did you hear? Her dad: Enough. Be safe. Не promptly hung up. Не has passed away since then, but we always talk about that story
Razor311203 4y I used to hang around with a girl that was a bit... Clingy. One day I got butt dialed by her and all I hear is clothing rustling and some muffled voice speaking gibberish, then, some faint inhaling, and some more talking. I'm really paranoid, and I said in a loud voice HELLO?, and I got no answer, the inhaling became louder and ragged, I tried 3 or 4 times again and whoever it was hanged because they probably heard me. Three months later, I find out she was keeping my used shirts and smelled them. ... 465
g4e5f3Qh4 . 11y Friend of mine was in an EMT class when he accidentally pocket dialed his mother. It was his turn to play Annie, so his mother listened in horror as they went through the whole act:  can you hear me?! He's not breathing!... And so on. ... 358


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