31 Truth-or-Dare Scenarios Gone Wrong

‘I will not go to jail!’
31 Truth-or-Dare Scenarios Gone Wrong

It’s hard to imagine a game of Truth or Dare turning out in anyone’s favor. Either you’re in front of the proverbial gun, forced to choose between revealing an embarrassing truth or following through on a mortifying dare; or you’re an observer who will be mentally scarred by whatever you end up witnessing. In one Truth or Dare scenario, for instance, a guy dared his girlfriend to make out with another girl (because of course he did). Unfortunately for him, the girlfriend ended up going home with the other girl, and dumped the guy weeks later. Tough break! 

Redditors have recalled the most memorable times Truth or Dare went awry for them, and it’s very clear that this is a game where there are no winners.

PapaSteel 6y It was at a girl's birthday party, super conservative religious parents. She had been talking for weeks about how she got a tattoo without her parent's knowledge on her butt, and was dared to prove it to us, her skeptical friends. She agreed by bending over the card table we were at so everything waist-down was out of view, dropping her pants, and told me to come confirm. I was standing behind this girl with her pants around her knees, bent over a table while the other people were laughing and cheering, when her mother came downstairs and
billbapapa . 6y Uni - all drunk. Friend dared his girlfriend to make out with another chick. She did. Awesome. She likes it. They flirt / talk a lot during drinking. End of night comes, they go home (back to her dorm room) together. My friend / the boyfriend isn't invited. Weeks later, girlfriend actually leaves him to be with the other girl. ... 16.2k
 . 6y Way back in high school, a girl was dared to go up behind the boy she fancied and put her jumper over his head. She did but he turned his head instinctively so ended up with his face buried in her tits. Great tits, Sarah! Не exclaimed without thinking. Win for him but I've never seen a girl genuinely look like a tomato before. ... 4.3k
Butthole_Pleasures . . 7y During a game of truth or dare, my wife picked truth and they asked her what was the nastiest thing she ever did in bed and she answered, My husband. To be fair, it was a pretty suck burn. ... 519
PluggerOfButts . 6y I was 10 years old, hanging out with my brother and his friend, a random truth or dare session came about, and I thought it would be fun to join in. When it was my turn I picked dare and and my brothers friend told me to spray cinnamon spray on my ass. Like right at the hole. and I did, dropped pants, squatted and sprayed, I remember the moment it started to burn, to this day I tense up. I ran around the house looking like Zoidberg until the pain stopped. ... 3.4k
aajiro . 6y Ex asked me what's the nastiest thing I have done sexually. She clearly expected me to ask her back and impress me with some story she had in mind. We never got to that point. I'm a nasty dude and she didn't want to play after I answered.
SheZowRaisedByWolves 6y Truth or dare at a friend's house after graduating high school. Everyone was drinking and truth or dare popped up. One of the lads was particularly mad enough to pretty much do whatever we suggested even when sober. The bottle lands on him and someone says, dare you to skinny dip in the pool. Within a flash, he's out of his clothes and running towards the pool. Не jumps and overshoots it by so fucking much that he goes stomach first into the diving board. Maybe he was holding in the burgers we ate, maybe the alcohol had
lifelessonunlearned . . 6y Two girls ending up in the shower, covered only by ez- cheez bikinis. Just looking at that quantity of ex cheez was enough to ruin an otherwise glorious moment. It still makes me mildly nauseous to think about. ... 102
facial_feces 6y In Uni. T&D and my buddy gets dared to streak across the grounds at the student housing. Middle of winter so, more than just propriety at stake here (we all supported a footwear caveat, so not completely naked). Shitty little balcony attached to the 'apartment' we were drinking in. Не strips down, slides open the balcony door (on the second floor) to hop the rail onto the ground and go for his 'dash'. As he's going over quickly he pauses sitting on the rail (facing where he was going to make a short jump to the ground). His
CobaltArkangel . 7y Conservative Christian school. Truth or Dare App. Task: Dry hump the person to your right for 30 seconds. Teacher was there. Needless to say the game ended quickly. ... 3.4k
omfgimsocool . 6y So right after high school on a trip with 3 friends. We end up playing truth or dare and somehow I was dared to swallow a tablespoon of salt....now this is way before the cinnamon challenge and I have no idea what made my friend dare me this. But I am no bitch and swallowed that whole spoonful. I thought I was going to die. My throat instantly dried up and I could not figure out how to breathe right. After about 15 minutes and a ton of water I lived. I was dumb for doing it.
mrsheikh . 6y Back in college, bunch of us got together and played. Much liquor was involved. One guy dared the other fart in the face of another. Well, it is not easy to fart on command, so the guy is there trying to fart. Well, after much pushing and stomach squeezing, he said OK, going to fart! Bent over, pointed his ass as the other guys face...and sharted all over his face and head. Like not a log, but a freaking sprinkler of shit. ... 3.5k
djchuckles . € 6y Middle school. Buddy was dared to go into closet and kiss this girl. Long time goes by so we check on them. Не was so nervous he pissed himself and they were trying to clean up the mess with the clothes that were hanging up. ... 10.4k
 7y My friends little brother (9 or 10 years old) came in and dared one of the girls to slit her finger open, put a paperclip into her finger then stick that paperclip into an electrical outlet while it was still in her finger. After we told him no he offered a replacement dare, which was to go down the street and burn down the church. ... 4.9k
MoredhelEUW 6y Some drunk guy in a bar dared me to do a shitty thing that I don't even remember (I was drunk too) I said no. Не punched me in the face and went back to his drinking, leaving me on the ground. To this day I have no idea why he did that, but I remember that it was hurting a lot despite me being drunk too ... 2.9k
 . 6y At family and friends Christmas party, everybody was pretty tipsy and they start playing truth or dare. My aunt dares my uncle to do a lap around the house naked. Не does. She locks the doors and leaves him out there. ... 1.4k
sunlovecats . 6y played truth or dare with my friends in high school, I was dared to go around my apartment building selling underwear. One guy opened the door and was actually genuinely interested in buying a 16 year old girl's underwear until his wife came out and started yelling at him. me and my friends quickly left but I'm petty sure I caused a huge fight between them.
heartigan03 . 6y Truth or dare resulted in a mild-orgy in my apartment at Halloween 2? 3? years ago. I went into my room to use the bathroom, left after making out with some people & everyone had their clothes on, came back out maybe 10 minutes or so later (drunk!peeing is hard) & some people have vanished, roommate had a 3-some, two people banged openly on the floor, other people just making out & dry humpin all over the damn place... I went to bed. ... 1.8k
blazebot4200 6y Playing truth or dare as a freshman in high school. We did weird double dares to make two people do shit. The group dares me to let the pretty senior girl gargle some sprite and spit it in my face. Honestly I was kinda into it lol. Definitely better than the time I had to suck the hairy dudes nipple. But not as good as the time a girl motorboated my girlfriend. ... 1.9k
NewsiesOnAMission . 7y When three of my friends, all straight males, wound up laying on the floor trying to see who could get a full raging boner first. One of their girlfriends walked in on the competition. We don't play Truth Or Dare anymore.
 . 6y Just watched my crush vomit into a cup, drink his vomit and proceed to vomit it out again on a dare. Weirdly enough, I still like him. ... 166
 7y Girl I had an interest in at the time knew I was into her and dared me to stop being attracted to her. Still hurts. ... 793
PrayingForJetpacks . 6y Senior year in high school. Was dared to kiss the girl I had a crush on. She was a very shy person to begin with and her friends totally set the whole thing up to get us together because she liked me a lot. Go in to kiss her and she blushes furiously, farts loudly, and then scrambles to her feet and runs away crying. ... 7.3k
gdawgdacko . 6y Friend and I are home from college getting drunk, 16 yo sister walks in with her girlfriends who want us to play truth or dare. Friend and I agree as we are already intoxicated. Not even 3 dares in, one of the girls is dared to kiss my friend. Не gets up and walks out of the room exclaiming I will not go to jail!
tFalk . . 6y Girl picked Truth, her BF ask who was the best fuck she ever had. She named his brother. She was drunk and told the truth, but he was super pissed. We got to watch the whole thing. Turns out it was before she was dating him, but he was still upset. ... 11.7k
 . 6y Friend of mine told me about a TorD game she played during high school. One of the girls was dared to take off her shirt and run down the street topless yelling Fire. She accepted the dare and got arrested for indecent exposure. ... 248
 . 6y I hugged someone because I was dared to, it was then banned at my school. ... 304
Salonqualitymustache 7y Bet you can't jump that ditch, 4 hours later the guy had dislocated one of shoulders the doctor told us. ... 2.6k
l3ane . 6y Got dared to french kiss a girl I had a huge crush on and somehow hit her nose with my tongue and from then on it was remember when l3ane put his tongue up whats- her-name's nose?... 25 years later and it still embarrasses me. ... 882
SilverEyepatch . 6y Had to do a body shot off a random girl. Ended up slipping and headbutting her in the chest... ... 3k
 . 7y I was dared to touch a cow pie. Put a finger on it and the person who dared me shoved my entire hand in. Grabbed a handful and flung it at her ... 2k


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